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Bucks send Jefferson to Spurs

ESPN Reports

The Milwaukee Bucks agreed to trade Richard Jefferson to the San Antonio Spurs for Bruce Bowen, Kurt Thomas and Fabricio Oberto a Bucks source told ESPN.com.The two teams have agreed to the deal in principle. A trade call to make the deal official is coming later Tuesday.

Sounds like the Spurs just traded a bunch of crap for a decent player.  Interesting move.

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  • FSantos33

    Nice trade for the Spurs if RJ can stay healthy. Isn’t he injury prone? Also, Spurs can get Bowen back if the Bucks decide to release him.

  • Looks like Spurs finally realized they weren’t getting any younger. Maybe we could get Bowen and sick him on ‘Bron 4 times a year…Probably not..lol

  • great trade for spurs, no question about it…if timmy d and company cant stay healthy they will be right back in the mix
    more on rondo though…the thing thats bothering me more then anything is this kids character constantly coming into question, and now live on national sports TV and radio..
    Um…this kid is as mature a 23 yr old ive ever, I have never heard anything about him getting into trouble off the court, he doesnt seem like a clubber or anything like that, hes a family man, always does charity work, very respectful, soft spoken and calm on the basketball court and seems to me that he actually has good chemistry with teammates, and stays about as level headed as anyone on our team.
    so why is it that this kid in a league full of thugs, slackers, club goers, rapists and pot smokers is he coming into question?
    lmao, its ridicoulous.

  • thetitleisours

    Anyone catch John Salley downing a tarantula shake last night on “I’m A Celebrity”?
    No wonder why that team was nasty

  • The Bucks know they have no chance this year– they’ll get the chance to play some of their younger players (J Alexander, Ramon Sessions…) and free up some money.
    The Spurs just made the West THAT much more interesting. Assuming they can stay healthy, we are looking at one hell of a WCF matchup between the Lake Show and the Spurs.
    Sounds like a great trade for both teams.

  • just throwin this out 2 years ago we had a pre draft call in show and we won the title LETS DO IT DRINK HEAVY BOYZ

  • someone posted a rumor on the realgm forum board that has a rond/scal/giddens for conley and gay from memphis
    now i know the stuff with out a link from a reliable source there is usually garbage but this guy said that it was reported on a local tv station? and one of the comments indicated that he too had seen the report on local tv
    anyway im just wondering if anyone knows what station it was supposedly reported on, because according to the report from tv the deal is likely to soon happen
    i dont believe it but im just curious to where it was reported to see if there actually is any validity to it
    it would be shocking to me if that deal went down; i think we would be getting hosed unless the 2 pick is included