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Rumor: Ray Allen to Minny for Mike Miller, Randy Foye & Ryan Gomes

Via the Minneapolis Star Tribune (courtesy Celticsblog):

There’s another trade rumor floating out there seemingly even more
far-fetched than the Al and No. 6 to Phoenix for Amare: This one says
the Wolves send Mike Miller, Randy Foye and Ryan Gomes to Boston for
Ray Allen.

Since Kahn (T-Wolves president David Kahn) lamented Friday how nobody in the media business calls
anymore for confirmation and denial of such rumors, I texted Kahn about
this one and asked if there was possibly any truth to it.

He sent back a one word answer:



I'd hate to see Ray go, but this deal would be a steal for the Celtics.

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  • Yeah, it’d be a great deal for us but I don’t know if I could exactly stand behind it. My first reaction was that it was so lopsided in our favor, then I got thinking…3 seconds left on the clock. I don’t even need to finish the thought. A player like Ray Allen belongs on this team. Hold on to him for this next year then don’t pick his contract up for the next (or sign him as a fairly cheap 6th man…wouldn’t that be great?). I really don’t think ‘sota is a good fit for Ray and definitely don’t think that Ray is a good fit for ‘sota.

  • everyones opinion is different
    a steal for us?
    no thanks…dont like the deal at all

  • Randy Foye is a talented young player and Miller brings a high basketball IQ and a great outside shot, but sorry-neither of them are Jesus Shuttlesworth. I think they are both talented, and Gomes is a solid bench player, but I like the C’s chances of getting Banner18 with the Big 3 together in 2009-10. I could only see trading Ray for another “top tier” player.

  • I dont to trade anyone in the starting lineup, unless we are getting dwyane wade… thanks

  • I don’t know, I’m puzzled. I don’t think we’re going to win banner 18 without Ray, but on the other side he’s probably going elsewhere come next summer, I don’t think he’s going to stay here for the just the MLE, and all replacements are going to be f’kin overpriced because of teams like the Knicks who’ll have tons of money to throw away (and who’ll anyway screw up everything). So, after all… I’d probably do it.

  • I mean… if you’re gonna trade Ray, this would be what you’d want in return.
    But doesn’t make any sense for Minnesota.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    How bout Ray, Rondo and BBD for Miller, Al and Foye. That’s pretty fair? Shooter for shooter, PG for PG, PF for PF.

  • Hibachi_style

    Man, do the Suckdics really like to steal from Minnesota?
    What is with you Minnesota, Frankenstein McHale is no longer there, quit being the Suckdics b*tches.

  • AMP

    I keep on telling myself to put sentiments aside when considering trading Ray Allen, but I must say, it doesn’t seem to make much sense. For the role he plays, I think he is our best option. Trading him would change our strategy and chemistry and next season will be a “rebuilding” year…or a losing year, as I like to say.

  • AMP

    Also…everyone here seems to be screaming for veterans! Why trade one of the best???

  • Uncle Leo

    He’s still one of the top 5 shooting guards in the league behind kobe, wade, roy, redd, and tied with joe johnson. There aren’t other sg’s that would fit well as a starter on this team so let’s not panic with the “gamble ray allen away” thing until he’s showed us that he can’t take care of business anymore, so far he hasn’t.
    They need ONE more solid bench man for the next 2-3 years and that is ALL. End of conversation.

  • Fisher’s Muscles

    That’s not fair. Ray Allen and Rondo would leave the T’Wolves at the first chance and Big Baby isn’t that good. Al Jefferson would love to stay in Boston and is going to be one of the top 5 PF’s in the league soon. Minnesota would be trading their 3 best players for Big Baby Davis. Allen and Rondo would be gone come their free agency.

  • Would you guys trade Paul Pierce and Ray Allen for Kobe Bryant and Trevor Ariza. Not that L.A. would ever consider doing that, but I just want to hear your opinions.

  • Shawn-cvd

    That’s like asking us if we’d trade Varatek and Mike Lowel for Poseda and AROD. I got nothing against Ariza but like AFraud I couldn’t imagine Kobe in green. I also couldn’t fathom Truth in Purple and Gold. That’s what matters with rivals… the laundry does matter.
    Also two future hall of famers for one is not a good deal.
    And that’s my two cents sir…

  • Shawn-cvd

    In fact I think PP should do what seldom happens in the NBA today… play his whole career with one team.