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Old Big Men Who Blew It, Yet Still Want To Play


Old friend Vin Baker is still playing professional basketball, I think. According to Marca.com, he's signed with Marinos de Anzoategui of Puerto Rico. I wish I could share more details but I can't read Spanish.

I'm guessing Baker is doing this for money and not for the love of the game. His $2.5 million dollar home was foreclosed on last year.

Another waste of talent, Oliver Miller, is also itching to play basketball again.

"I miss it a lot," Miller said. "But I hate watching. I can’t watch
it. The first thing you hear them talk about is the lack of a big man.
Here I am a big man and I’m unemployed."

Miller, 39, is unemployed because he literally ate his way out of
the game, being rejected by teams from the NBA and even the Harlem
Globetrotters because of his inability to curb his appetite.

Ha! You're big alright, Oliver. In the article, Miller says he once weighed 415 lbs.

These guys really piss me off. They're born with incredible talent, only to piss it away, blaming one thing (alcoholism) or another (food). Just go away, you've tainted the game enough already.

First person who suggests Oliver Miller can help the Celtics gets a lifetime ban from the site.

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  • Are you seriously mad at Baker for being an alcoholist? Man, it’s a disease. Hate the sin, not the sinner. You guys are promoting alcohol quite a lot on this blog yourselves, maybe you should drop that shit instead of hating on a great athlete with great problems. I feel genuinely sorry for Vin Baker. I hope he can overcome his addiction and set his life straight.

  • Mauritz AS an heavy drinker/borderline alcoholic I say um you can control it!!!! guess what? If you booze and can’t do you your JOB you either need to quit boozing or you will lose your JOB, i.e. Vin Baker. As far as it is a disease go hug a tree. Cancer is a disease. He is weak minded yes, but it is no disease. If I was 6’10 and played D1 ball instead of being 6’2 and playing D3 ball I would most likely drink a hell of a lot less. As far as this can quit stuff, F it, here’s what I will do To PROVE that is all in your head I swear to RedsArmy and it readers I will not have drink alcohol from June 27th 2009 (after the draft and golf Scramble) Till August 21st 2009. mind you I am not being paid millions of dollars to play B-ball like Vin was. I loved vin baker game then he became waste of Talent. Sorry all that post just fired me up.

  • no kidding

    That fact is, we all have talent that has gone to waste. Churchill had it right when he said something to the effect that there’s nothing more common than unfulfilled potential.

  • Here is the whole story in English, thx to Google translator. You’ll notice the last sentence is a bit nonsensical. I think it means Vin is competing with a current starter for said starter’s spot:
    Vin Baker, who was a major player in the NBA in the 90s in the ranks of the Milwaukee Bucks and Seattle Supersonics, has returned to play three years after his retirement and overcome his problems with alcohol. He has signed for Marine Anzoátegui Venezuela.
    Baker, whose last NBA team was the Los Angeles Clippers in 2006, returns after three years without playing and has serious economic problems. A few months ago it was revealed that he had his house seized and that seems to be the reason for so strange return to the courts.
    For now, Baker has his debut with his new team, which is immersed in the ‘playoffs’ in the title of the Venezuelan league. He is waiting to see if it recovers from the former Murcia Hector ‘Pepito’ Romero, who plays his position.

  • Lakerhater

    Well Vin, if this doesn’t work out there’s always Pros vs Joes. Toine was on there the other day.

  • I feel sorry for him too. He had all the resources to get help, but obviously didn’t want it bad enough.
    There are people all over the world who overcome alcoholism…people with less of a support structure than Vin Baker.

  • CFH

    Oliver Miller can help the C’s! They could make him a ball boy and require him to stand next to Glen Davis’ locker wearing a t-shirt that says “do you want this to be you in 10 years?”
    Oops. Guess I’m banned now.

  • I saw Shawn Kemp and Eddie Jones too..lol..poor guys..

  • I have to agree with Mauritz and Jester-like Jester says, there are those heavy-drinkers who can just sort of stop, but once you become an alcoholic, you’re addicted and it just overtakes you. Some people have no will whatsoever. Then Mauritz has a point: It’s obvious if you have gazillions like Vin had, fame, women, and STILL can’t stop drinking, it is a disease. We wouldn’t hate a guy for having cancer or diabetes, so why should we hate one for being an alcoholic…?? Just my 2 cents…

  • Oliver Miller can help the C’s………… get rid of the leftover food from the concessions after each game

  • I don’t hate anyone, except radical terrorist who kill people just for who they are. It just frustaing to have god given talent and waste in a bottle, this post really helped me evaulate my own drinking though. So I’m glad it was brought up. can’t wait for the call in show though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Agreed bro-agreed. Look forward to hearing you on the call-in show!

  • The Celtics should sign Oliver Miller and then him and Big Baby can sumo wrestle for the halftime entertainment at the games. 🙂
    I’m a genius.

  • There are loads of people who don’t overcome, but at least learn to live with alcoholism and lead their lives sober. And there are loads of people who die from it. It’s a psychological disease, part of the definition. It’s not about “wanting” to get rid of it: you could as easily talk about how people have to “want” to get rid of cancer or whatever. One out of ten who starts drinking actually becomes an alcoholic eventually.