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My Father’s Day Wish List

Since it's Father's Day, I'm feeling a bit entitled. So after cracking a Labatts with my eggs and giving my kid a chocolate bar for breakfast, I've decided to write up my "dream" Celtics roster for the upcoming season.

This is a realistic wish list. In other words, if Danny builds this team for next season, I will be very happy.

Here goes:

  • Rajon Rondo
  • Ray Allen
  • Paul Pierce
  • Kevin Garnett
  • Kendrick Perkins
  • Glen "Big Baby" Davis
  • Stephon Marbury
  • Eddie House
  • Anthony Parker
  • Antonio McDyess
  • Leon Powe
  • Bill Walker
  • Brian Scalabrine
  • Gabe Pruitt

No real big splashes, but I don't think this team needs big splashes to win a title. I believe bringing Baby back is key for the bench and insurance for KG. McDyess also helps the front court. Parker and Marbury (who will be better next year) provide backcourt depth. Leon's return at mid-season will be the equivalent of Danny making a deal at the trade deadline. There's another roster spot and that might belong to J.R. Giddens, but he'll make little impact. Under my scenario, Tony Allen is traded for a package of headbands. Is this team old? A bit. But it's all about loading up and winning next year.

FWIW, Rondo's agent (Bill Duffy) told Marc Spears via text that all the wild trade rumors were simply “not true.’’

After the jump, a Father's Day gift for our readers….you could even grab your kid and play connect the dots with this one.

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  • Wiggs Dannyboy


  • Double P Reppin the B

    Do you really think it would be possible to assemble a roster like that with the money we have to work with? If so then great I mean that would be an awesome feeling going into next season with those players but I don’t think we have enough money unless everyone takes pay cuts again to play here.

  • I wouldn’t mind seeing Matt Barnes’ or Tyrese Rice’s name on that list. Emir Preldzic is the guy the C’s may pick though according to some mock drafts. NBAtv is replaying all the old Drafts leading up to Thursday. It’s pretty fun stuff to zone out to on a rainy Sunday. Alot of high-top fades and Craig Sager with a quasi-mullet. We could’ve had Tim Hardaway or Shawn Kemp in ’89….

  • I didn’t think it was unrealistic money-wise. Big Baby $4 million, Eddie House $3 million, Marbury and Parker $1.5 – $3 million, McDyess – hmmm…maybe it is unrealistic.

  • im not sure that mcdyess would be a good fit on that team any way, he is only 6’9 so he wouldnt be ideal height wise, cheaper options for another post could also be gooden, wilcox, nesterovic, joe smith, zaza, or some other guys
    im not sure i wouldnt rather have barnes than parker

  • I doubt any of those guys, except for maybe Smith will come cheaper than McDyess.
    I think Parker brings more outside shooting than Barnes…someone to help space the floor.

  • yea my bad i didnt mean cheaper options as much as i meant better fit for the celtics; i hate gooden and wilcox so i would probly prefer dyess over them too, and im not sure about rasho’s foot speed to be able to properly rotate in our defense
    i agree with you on parker being able to spread the floor, id be happy if they signed him; but id also be happy with them signing barnes
    and it would be great it they could sign kleiza for cheap, the only thing with him is that he cant really guard shooting guards, he is more of a small forward who can also play pf, rather than a 2/3 type
    what do you think about villuanuva though, he could play 3/4/5 and shoot the three he is taller than mcdyess, and also more athletic, i think signing him and parker would be great for this team

  • also id like to trade tony for nathan jawai, the guy is made in almost the exact mold of perk, give him a couple of years to work with cliffard, he could be perk #2
    and he wouldnt be a bad #3 center for the present to sit at the end of the bench

  • Shawn-cvd

    Help me out here… Anthony Parker will be our back up for PP? Isn’t he a shooting guard? We need Truth his rest during the regular season.

  • and Kevin Pittsnogle to fill the 15th spot an overwieght big who shoots the 3

    I had to Google Jawai. The way Colangelo talks, they aren’t going to want to trade him unless the return is big.

  • I love Villanueva-great player and a great guy.

  • Parker is 6’6″-he could spell P2 when Doc has his small lineup out there, but you;re right-his true position is the 2 guard.

  • Joe Kleine-pissah!

  • Shawn-cvd

    Nice find with the video.

  • Villanueva would be great, only problem is that if he’ll have to do with the kind of money we can offer him, he’ll surely re-sign with the Bucks, which he has said he want to several times. I really can’t see him coming here, unless we trade for him.

  • Yes, thx- I don’t know how I lived without search engines as a kid, lol. We had to either go to the library the next day or try to call someone on the phone hoping they had some info. Today you can get what you want, when you want.

  • bigmck

    Who said anything about Parker as a backup point guard?
    He plays the 2/3…and can shoot.

  • Nick

    Y don’t you dumbasses realize that we NEED Matt Barnes.. The guy can D up Kobe and Lebron and make them work! Anthony Parker is garbage and plays no D. I’de rather keep Tony Allen than sign Parker! And while Im at it, I’de like to sign Chris Wilcox and Antonio McDyess. Let Big Baby walk and keep LeonPowe waiting 4 when he gets healthy. Lets draft Jeff Adrien out of UCONN and he can be a steal and a productive player 4 years. our roster should be.. Rondo,Pierce,Allen,KG,Perkins,Barnes,McDyess,Wilcox, Marbury,Powe,BillWalker,J.R Giddens, Jeff Adrien, Tony Allen, Tyrese Rice. that equals 18th title. Peace Bitches.

  • Whew!!