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Another reason to love Eddie House

Eddie's son Every so often, we find some great non-basketball reasons to love our guys.  This is one of those days. 

Eddie House sat down for an interview about a new show with his son… which is part of a collaboration between the NBA and the Cartoon Network.  In it, you see that beyond Eddie being a great shooter… he really seems like a great dad.

How do you make sure they stay kids being kids?

We try to raise them the way I was raised, try to raise them right. That's it
try to instill all the positive things that you can. Everything else will take care of itself.

How does being so family-centered affect you as a player?

It gives you motivation. When you look and see your kids in the
stands or when you leave and they say, "Have a good game!," it's extra
motivation to go out and perform to show the best of your capabilities.

You like having your kids at your games?

Yeah just looking up at them and seeing them watching me, seeing them taking in everything that's going on.

So is he going to be a basketball player when he grows up?

It doesn't matter. Whatever he wants to do, as long as he likes what he's doing, I'll support him.
Whatever it is.

That last one is most telling, I think… because it shows Eddie isn't going to pressure his son to be one thing or the other.  He seems very supportive.

All too often, stories of parenthood in the NBA involve how many kids a guy has with how many women.  I think it's important that we have a guy like Eddie around as an example of what being a family man is all about.  It's a good example.

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  • big fan of eddie great sat morning post. Hey where do we figure he fits into our plans??? I see him as Steve Kerr, Craig Hodges (if you don’t know google it) type player on any team he goes to including the C’s. just kinda wondering what everyone this his role/value is?

  • Great stuff. I was fortunate enough to have postgame access to a few games last year and noticed a camera-crew following EHouse closely after every game. I guess they were filming for this show…? I notice that when Eddie, Perk, Ray etc. come out of the locker room after all the postgame hub-bub, the 1st thing they do (if not cornered by autograph seekers) is go over & hug/pick up their kid(s). Very dedicated Dads. It must be extremely challenging to raise children as a professional athlete. Games not ending ’til sometimes 10:30pm, then all the postgame stuff, and next thing you know it’s Midnight before they leave the Garden. It takes very dedicated men and women to successfully raise a child who’s parent is a professional athlete. I look forward to reading the whole interview after work…

  • FSantos33

    You are right Jester – He is our “Sniper” every championship team has one. Long to mid range shooters that puts in that last nail in the coffin when you need it most. Celtics Ainge/DJ, Lakers Cooper/Scott, Bulls Hodges/Kerr,Pistons “Vinny “Microwave”, Spurs Horry/Finley, Celtics House/Posey, ETC. Bottom line we need House back – He is an important part of our team. Ainge should know this because he himself played House’s role in the 80’s with the origainal Big 3.

  • I absolutely love eddie house and will be a big time fan for the rest of his playing career, period