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Report: Ray Wants to Return, C’s Not Interested


Via Yahoo!:

Celtics guard Ray Allen has expressed a desire for a contract extension, league executives say, but that isn’t happening in Boston. … Stephon Marbury is telling friends he believes that the Celtics want to re-sign him. …

I'm really gonna miss Ray. The guy has been more clutch and tougher than I ever imagined. Is there any way they can bring him back at, say mid-level numbers, and still pursue a max contract guy?

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  • Lakerhater

    Find a way Danny, reduced price and let him finish out a Celtic.
    Lakers would absolutely HATE that.

  • John you got to post a pic of clutch Jesus

  • who da guy

    i believe ray will take a contract cut to remain a celtic. Why wouldn;t he? He would have to take a contract with any team if he want’s to play again, and so why not stay in boston? He is already loaded, rings are the only thing that interest’s him now a days.

  • RayDaMan00111

    I hope Ray stays for midlevel or some sort of price cut. rumors are Jason Kidd is a FA and hes gna sign with the Lakers!!!

  • FSantos33

    Where did you hear about this rumor RayMan? Do you have the link? If Kidd signs with them it will make them even better I think.

  • I’m willing to bet this is a cap thing. I’m certainly no capologist….
    … but if the C’s extend Ray now… even if it’s for $5 mil a year… it would count as part of the total overall cap.
    But if they let his contract run out, can they use the space to sign someone else, and then re-sign him without cap ramifications?
    Am I wrong about that? It’s the end of a long week… so I’ll have to look into that in the morning.

  • End of a verrrry long week. Between work and fighting off trolls, this has been exhausting. I would really like to see Ray stay as well. With his son Walker’s medical issues and his wife getting ready to deliver another baby, I think Ray (and his family) really want some stability right now. By the way, props to John, Tim, Chuck and all of RedsArmy for sticking to your guns and fighting off multiple troll attacks this week. RedsArmy soldier for life..KWAPT.

  • thebleeptruth

    Losing Ray Allen will be very disappointing. I mean so what now? The whole Big Three thing is over? Is that it? It really sucks just knowing that there’s a possibility of him not returning. Without Ray Allen, the Celtics are not gonna win another championship again.
    Oh and who cares about Marbury. I say let him go. Let him stay only if he doesn’t demand a lot of money. I really don’t like that guy.

  • or course he wants to stay here and have a contract extension…who the hell doesnt?
    his expiring contract is too valuable, so why would we give him an extension? i love the guy, but I dont have the emotional attachment to him like pierce, and his best days are past him…

  • jmoney

    wish you never gave them the link to their website, thats why theyre getting the traffic. no other reason.

  • FSantos33

    This report doesn’t sound good at all. If John is right about the “Cap” thing then I will feel better because we can resign Ray and sign someone else after next season. My concern is if the “Cap” thing isn’t true then how will this affect Ray’s play next season (If he doesn’t get traded)…. Humm. I don’t think Ainge will do him like that and I tend to agree with John its a “Cap” Thing so no worries….. I hope.

  • so many things get mixed up in this type of rumor, there is no way in hell danny or anyone else on the celtics say they wouldnt at least consider extending ray’s contract after next season, it just wouldnt be a smart thing to say
    What i would expect more likely to be the case is that ray has expressed some form of desire to get a extension done THIS summer and the celtics have already ruled that out, which is a pretty easy decision because that isnt the way smart business is done in the NBA
    also the only way i think we would be able to sign a max contract is if pierce opts out, but there might be some complications to even this, as someone mentioned that a portion of pierce’s contract would be on the cap until he signed, they would have to keep under the hard cap after they signed a max contract, which might be a tall feet considering they have to re up rondo and re sign pierce and i guess possibly allen

  • i did some research and paul opting out of his contract would not seem a likely way to get a max free agent next year
    2 main reasons for this 1. his contract would still count against are cap until one of three things happen a. he resigns with us, b. signs with another team, or c. we renounce are bird rights for him
    this means that opting out doesnt financially benefit pierce, he likely would not be able to receive as large of contract as he has now, because we could not renounce our bird rights to him, sign a max guy and then resign him staying under the cap
    the catch is that until we resign ray, another team signs him, or we renounce his bird rights, his max contract also counts against our cap, as does around 3 mil for the current contract that rondo is under
    so we we would have to renounce ray’s bird rights to have any chance of signing a max guy, while also somehow getting rid of pierce’s cap hold
    the real problem would be convincing to opt out in order to almost seemingly take a lot less money
    to me, and im not entirely sure this is correct, there does seem to be one way of getting a max guy on this team and resigning ray rondo and pierce although it seems extremely unlikely
    have pierce opt out, and renounce his bird rights, renounce rays bird rights to
    sign x player to max deal
    sign pierce for around 8 to 10 million for a LONG time to make up for the money he is losing from opting out
    sign rondo to proper deal using his bird rights
    bring back ray through mid level exception, although any team under the cap has its MLE and its LLE count AGAINST them, so either we would have to give up each of those options in order to try to sign a max player and re sign a free agent pierce, but this would mean not being able to resign ray for anything more than the vets min, unless we could fit a deal under the cap
    or we could try to wiggle around and fit a max deal and a generous deal for pierce under the cap and the 7 mil that those options would count against us for being under the cap, and then use the option to try to resign ray for the MLE
    this would also require us not signing any free agents this year to more than one year deals

  • Uncle Leo

    First of all, Ray or whoever wrote that he wants an extension is incorrect, because players with contracts for four years or shorter aren’t eligible for an extension. What he/they mean is that he wants to resign with them after his current three year deal is over, and he wont be getting a new one at the same salary because it would be ridiculous for the Celts. They will be at the luxury tax of 70 mil at the start of next season and that is WITHOUT resigning Powe, Davis, Marbury, Moore and no other free agent signing.
    Back to your question, since Ray’s contract is over after next year and since that year the Celts will have four other players in the last year of their contract, it really depends on if they resign all four plus Powe this year. Assuming they do, and that the cap stays around the same due to revenues being stagnant, Ray’s expiring contract doesn’t do much for us in terms of free agent room. The question of when to sign him becomes moot since, they will pretty much be limited to giving out middle level contracts or signing free agents with bird rights.
    What I see happening is the Celts doing a sign and trade with Davis for draft pick very soon.

  • I dont think it will effect his play one way or another…if he wants more money he will play like it

  • good write up. thanx

  • Ah, who cares if they get traffic? It’s actually pretty funny stuff.

  • Ray may be ready to leave basketball. He may want to stay out of operating rooms. I don’t think Ray likes the Pierce owning the Celtics routine. I am glad he got one ring(he earned it). If he can’t stay in Boston, I hope he rejoins Lewis in Orlando for two seasons. Ray can come off the bench and help a team. Money should not be an issue with Ray. Winning a second ring should be top of the list now. What if the Lakers got him? Then again I don’t know, he and Kobe had some real battles when Ray was in Seattle. Maybe he can go to the Blunder or are they named Thunder? What’s the name of that Oklahoma squad? Sternettes,Bennet and the Jets or Clay Pots? I don’t know, the team that left Seattle. Maybe Ray can go to the Cavs and the Celtics can get West and Wally back. Marbury is finished. His skills are gone. Go Sonics.

  • Pop,lock,and drop

    Ray is great and fantastic. So i say “keep him, give him an extension”. Then he’ll be 1 player off the list for the 2010 free agency. Danny and co. should at least show a lot of interest so he will sign wit Boston next year. But wat the Celtics SHOULD be doing is getting RONDO an extension. He is 1 of the BEST point guards………and deserves it. Especially to make up all those rumors `bout his bad attitude in the lockerroom. Rondo is a great player, one the CELTS cannot afford to lose!!