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Holy Crap It’s Quiet….

Chuck - Red's Army June 19, 2009 Uncategorized 7 Comments on Holy Crap It’s Quiet….

I can't find any Celtics news…no rumors, no speculation, no nothing. In fact, the big headline around the league is that Mark Jackson might be the next coach of the Timberwolves. I will miss his analysis and Kobe foot rubs on ABC.

While every purple-and-gold fan west of the Massachusetts border continues to bash us for our Kobe bashing, I found comfort in this recent Deadspin post


Bottom line: If Deadspin can do it, so can Red's Army.

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  • rcry

    It’s not that quiet… Rondo on weei this morning:

  • Yep rondo was on weei… nothing special but worth the listen and I also heard Bill Laimbeer is in the running for the Twolves job…makes sense because he just left the defending wnba champs
    who cares about lebron and kobe

  • FSantos33

    Silents is a deadly weapon… I smell something brewing in the C’s war room… hmmmmm.
    Don’t worry ABC there are plenty of Kobe B.J. Poll hugging commentators out there to replace Marc Jackson – “Mama there goes that Moron”!
    Nice T-Shirts Lebron and Kobe! There’s no “L” or “K” in “Team”.

  • I missed Rondo on EEI. Too busy at work. Will catch it later-thx for the link. I could see Mark Jackson as a head coach. He knows his basketball. Oh yeah, almost forgot. Kobe bash Kobe bash Kobe bash. Hate hate hate hate lol…

  • John or chuck,
    Do you want me to get a pick with Hondo holding or wearing a RedsArmy t shirt or something this next friday? I will be a golf scramble with him.

  • That would rock JesterOO-have fun by the way..

  • Sure! That would be the best thing ever.