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Team Source: Rondo Won’t Be Traded

Mark Murphy of the Herald has the latest on the trade rumors:

Amid trade rumors that he is offering everyone from point guard Rajon Rondo [stats] to center Kendrick Perkins [stats] to move up in next Thursday’s NBA draft, Celtics [team stats] general manager Danny Ainge didn’t sound like a man particularly encouraged by the possibilities yesterday.

“I think it’s unlikely,” Ainge said of trading up. “It’s possible, but unlikely.”

Though Ainge declined to discuss the rumors involving Rondo, a team
source sniffed at the speculation involving the young floor leader,
saying, “Rondo’s not going to be traded.”

As for the speculation that the Celtics are trying to make moves now
that will clear space for a shot at a member of 2010’s highly
anticipated free agent class, Ainge said, “We’re trying to win a
championship next season. That’s my goal this summer.”

Only reason why Ainge wouldn't discuss the rumors involving Rondo – because there's some truth to them.

Ian Thomsen of Sports Illustrated appeared on Comcast last night and didn't put much stock into the Rondo or Perk rumors. Thomsen, Mike Felger and Gary Tanguay speculated that Rondo's ego might be getting too big, and the Celtics are sending him a message by floating his name around in rumors.

As rumors swirl about the Celtics trading up to #2, read this quote in from one NBA executive:

"I'll just tell you this is the worst draft in
decades. People are going to get excited about guys. But this is a
terrible draft. Guys are going to screw up big time." He meant his
peers. "A number of my colleagues are warming up to it," Mr. Sunshine
continued. "I think they're making a big mistake."

The Globe's Marc Spears reports Al Jefferson might be traded again:

An NBA executive told the Boston Globe today that the Minnesota
Timberwolves is working a deal with the Phoenix Suns that would send
former Celtics forward Al Jefferson and their sixth pick in next week's
NBA Draft for All-Star Amare Stoudemire.

I might be bias, but I prefer Big Al's skills over Amare Stoudemire's game. Amare does bring a lot more flash to the table, and maybe that's what Minnesota is looking for. FWIW, the guy who made up the Rondo and Ray to Phoenix rumor says Spears is wrong.

Looks like John's post about Kobe's t-shirt stirred up the gang-bangers out west. My two cents: the X hat worn by Phil Jackson is the ultimate it's-all-about-me symbol.

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    Man, I wish we could find a way to squeeze Al Jef back.