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Russell: “was Michael Jordan as good as me?”

Russell rings

Q: I read that your grandchild once asked you if you were as good a
basketball player as Michael Jordan, but I never read your answer.

A: I told him, that’s the wrong question. The question is, was Michael Jordan as good as me.

And so begins the interview of Bill Russell by  It's full of classic Russell lines and answers.  For some reason, this one struck me:

Q: I notice you’re wearing a big ring.

A: Well, this ring is from NBA commissioner David Stern, who’s a
friend of mine. Years ago, everybody used to ask me, “Which rings do
you wear?” because we won 11 championships with the Boston Celtics. So
David had this ring designed for me. It’s one of a kind. It has a
cloverleaf, for the Celtics, with a six—my number—and on the side it
has all 11 NBA championships. So I don’t have to make that decision
anymore about which ring I’m going to wear.

Q: David Stern did that?

A: Yeah. For my birthday.

Great stuff… from the best ever.

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  • Wow, I wish we had just ONE ring. 11?? I can’t imagine. I think I would go crazy if we just one championship….baseball, basketball, or football.

  • Doesn’t get much classier than Bill. Just a great guy and has such a laid-back attitude. He doesn’t seem to stress about anything. Some of these older, retired players are basically miserable and couldn’t be bothered with anything. He is always jovial, spends alot of time with guys like KG, DHoward etc.

  • what’s “DSS”..? just curious..thx

  • The link in his name points to:
    I hope it’s not Department of Social Services

  • The best indeed. Presence, character, the cred, the stats, the personality. One of a kind, and that’s unfortunate.

  • thx Bantam..

  • By the way..this has nada to do with Bill Russell, but what if Tyrese Rice is still around when the Celtics pick in the 2nd round..?? He may not be NBA ready, but he would be some instant offense off the bench…

  • Yes… I was on their show during Blogs with Balls. Good group over there.

  • AMP

    I think it is

  • I’d be all for it. He’d be a real cheap replacement for Eddie House if Eddie chooses to leave.
    He shouldn’t have a problem adjusting to NBA range given where he shot it from in college.

  • G4L

    Thats a great Point KWAPT. I like Tim would be all for it!

  • Yeah-TRice would be a cool pick-up. I saw a mock draft on with him going a few picks before the Celts' pick in the 2nd round which made me think of it..

  • 11rings

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Boston needs to put up a statue of Bill Russell, the greatest winner in all of team sports. Not only does he deserve it but it would also certainly help reconcile things between the people of Boston and him. Red Auerbach and Larry Bird have statues. Bill Russell deserves one also, more than Bird in my opinion, and especially because the city has a lot to make up for in how it treated him. Money is in short supply these days but I think a lot of people would ante up and it doesn’t have to break the bank. It’s the principle. There should be a statue of Bill Russell.

  • thebleeptruth

    Bill Russel was an outstanding Celtics player. One of the best players in NBA history no doubt. But of course, Michael Jordan is still the greatest player who ever played the game. 🙂