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Red's Army has arrived!

You know, when you start a web site, you have a couple of ways of figuring out if you're hitting it big.  The most obvious is readership.  And we thank everyone out there who reads our site.

Another way… is when sites like this pop up:

I present to you:

one of the reasons we wanted to start this site is to expose the
everyday goings on at a site where radical hate filled Celtics fans
meet to keep their hate alive.  Our research has shown that many people
that we call ‘Freedom Fighters” frequent their site to stand against
the hate and hypocrisy that takes place on an everyday basis.

preach on, brother!

Question: Do you hate this “hate” group?

Answer: No not at all, we actually think there is still hope for
this group. It is our hope that if we are able to provide a mirror for
them to look at they may actually see the error in there ways. This may
be easier said then done but we can have hope right?

"….Amaaaaaaaazing Grace…. how sweet… the sound… that saved….. a site….. like this!"

When sites pop up to rip your stuff apart…. THAT'S when you know you've made it.  You should all be honored too.  This is a person (claiming to be a Celtics fan… but who probably isn't) who feels the need to take time out of his or her day to read every little word we write… and then slam it on his/her own website.  That's a tremendous compliment.  We have inspired passion in another human being. 

*sniff*….. I'm so touched. 

— one note about how we know this isn't a Celtics fan, even though that's the claim:  the Twitter name is @Kobe (sorry, his twitter name is @redsarmyisajoke.  the name he used to make the twitter page is Kobe).  If you're gonna pretend to be a C's fan… at least pick a Celtics name for twitter.  Jeez.

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  • lol, very nice
    I hope to see some hate sites soon

  • damn kids these days have a lot of free time

  • That’s the first time I have ever been call “right-wing”

  • You’d think @Kobe would be more happy about winning the chip than mad at a “hate group” of Celtics fans…

  • But @DinoRadja was already taken…

  • Classic! It’s almost like that feeling you get in 6th grade when you learn Martha Wigglesworth has a crush on you. Let’s invite him/her to the Red’s Army basketball game-he/she can sell popcorn.

  • What a waste of time whoever made that. Seriously…. making a blog just to make fun of another blog is ridiculous.
    In the words of T.I.:
    “People hate it when you’re better than them/They ain’t hatin start worrying then”

  • Danno

    I can’t believe you gave those idiots free airtime here.

  • G4L

    haha.. you’ve got to be kidding me.

  • I was mentioned by name. So I must be a real

  • Are you kidding? I love it! I want them to keep that site going. It’s really cool to have an entire site dedicated to trashing you.
    Hey… chuck and I put ourselves out there with this site. some people aren’t going to like it. You gotta have fun with the people who don’t like you… or else you’ll drive yourself nuts. All my other blogger friends are jealous. They all want their own hate sites too.

  • G4L

    Thats awsome… I guess You’ve made it in the blogging world man!! LOL!

  • Two-Buck Chuck

    A Kobe ballwasher posing as a Celtic fan to trash the Celtics and their fans?
    These guys are thinking two steps ahead of us. We’re through the looking glass here, people.

  • another tim.

    this is fantastic.
    seriously, congratulations.
    “once they hate it, you know you made it”
    – the truth

  • I bet we can out drink um

  • big nose bird

    it is pretty lame that he made that site to counter your site.
    and it is equally lame of me to come to a celtics fan site and gloat in a laker win on your grounds.
    but i dont really care. delete this all you want.
    i see you as the lowest of low losers.
    i hate you.

  • I can understand all the hate man. You’ve got 17 reasons to hate us. We only have 15 (or 10, depending on how you see it) reasons to hate you.
    Catch up.

  • Lakers fans have a lot of inner anger. They are viewed nationally as a bunch of front-running, show-up late, don’t really watch the game only want to be seen at the game fans. If I carried that burden, I would spew venom all over the web too.

  • So I’ve skimmed through about a month’s worth of archives after the ‘Buzzsaw’ post last year, (24 minutes until a world championship) on the big night last year.
    I noted close to 50 posts. For Laker ‘Hate’, I found 1 post, and MAYBE a couple others.
    There was ONE post, that talked about hating the Lakers while the other 45+ posts didn’t even MENTION the Lakers.
    You say it is lame to criticize your grammar? How about your accuracy? And hypocrisy? Seems like the hate is coming from you bud.

  • That’s dedication to the army. Give this man a medal.

  • Orb

    Actually that was KobeWearsAPurpleTHING. Totally different guy, obviously. Although I’m getting the sense you can’t trust the grammar or the spelling over at the Joke, so you may be back on the hook.

  • Yeah-pretty scary.

  • Seriously. Props to you, Bantam.

  • Is this guy talking about the news posts or the comments made by folks? Because the posts are generally fine…

  • Like I said Dre, Accuracy; the condition or quality of being true.
    “run by a guy that can only be described as akin to the Head of the National Republic Party. He is filled with hypocrisy and hate towards all others”
    So, the guy that runs RedsArmy is full of hate. Yet you assert that the Posts are generally fine.
    Please, keep giving us ammo. I have no hate, just objectivity.

  • Nate H

    haha that guy sounds like a jehovas witness of basketball

  • good stuff

  • Lakerhater

    Embrace the Hate!
    Its funny how those that look to tear you down never seem to realize that all of the traffic and hype only makes you bigger.
    Congratulations guys, you’ve earned the hate now bask in it.

  • A theory being floated on the Celticsblog forums:
    “I am putting $100 on the table right now placing my bet that this site is actually written and operated by good friend John (of This is not a criticism, but recognition of his true genius!
    Schizophrenic as it may be, it’s a move that rivals the Brilliance! of Guinness…”
    John? Please respond….

  • ESPN says the Jefferson/A’mare trade is bogus..the beat goes on.

  • When I asked “is this guy…” I was speaking to the guy who runs that RedsArmySucksBlowsWhatever it is.
    For me, the stories here are fine. They sometimes run the angle of a tabloid, that’s entertaining. But some of the comments here are just plain angry and dumb, quite frankly. Dumb about sums it up.
    Laker trolls… Celtic trolls… just dumb stuff.

  • Lakerhater

    After reading the blog I sort of suspected this as well. The site contains grammer,punctuation, and a lack of rambling incoherent arguments about why you shouldn’t hate Kobe and the gang.

  • Ahh…

  • G4L

    If I had to pick someone, I’d pick totheruins.

  • Nate H

    i wouldnt trade al jeff for amare anyways… that deal makes no sense to me

  • Same here Nate. The Suns were saying something about going in another direction, but I don’t think the Wolves want to move Big Al-that kid has a future. A’mare on the other hand, very talented, but I just don’t see him as a leader..

  • Scott

    He’s got a great future as long as he stays healthy…and that has always been THE question with Big Al. I can see why the Wolves would want to move him now.

  • Yeah, I guess health could be a question for both of them-I read that Mr. Stoudemire's eye injury is pretty serious and Al has already missed some significant PT. If I had to choose though, I'd take Al.

  • Nate H

    not only that but stoudemire had that knee injury before… hes been just about as injury prone as Al Jeff

  • Yes-that as well-it’s a gamble either way

  • i just want some trades to happen…. the nba needs to mix it up and some new teams need to make the jump from terrible to contenders

  • domz

    like what happened when you traded for Gay Allen and KG was given to you as a present.

  • more like all star and bitch pau gasol to the lakers for 2 of the biggests busts in the last decade in kwame brown and darko…

  • lil dez

    if numbers determine greatness, and in your case it does. than you must be saying phil jackson is a better coach than red. correct?
    just wondering.

  • JD

    HEY, its domz the freedom fighter!!! Don’t display hate or else your leader will be angry Domz.

  • Shawn-cvd

    That was NOT a gift. Boston traded away 80% of it’s team to get those two. It was certianly to our favor considering the title we won but that experiment easily could have not panned out. We were VERY fortunate to be injury free last year.
    Huge trades happen every few seasons such as Shaq to Miami, Vincent Carter to Jersey, Nash to Suns, KG to Boston.
    Pau Gasol was a gift. There is proof that the Bulls offered much more for Gasol. Chauncy to Nuggets was a gift (to a MUCH lesser extent). Salmons to Bulls was a gift.
    If your a Lakers fan (and I believe that the case considering previous entries by you) you should never volunteer ANY trade as a gift…

  • NineSevenEight

    I thought Pau Gasol went to the Lakers in exchange for a rack of basketballs and a seasons supply of chewing gum, no?

  • redsarmydoesn’tsmoke

    Upset ’cause Kupchak ain’t on your team?

  • It’s definitely not me. I don’t know who runs that site.
    I’m sure you can prove it somehow.. in which case I’ll take the $100 in singles. I’ve got a big night planned.

  • well the basketballs and chewing gum were the main pieces in the deal but they had to add darko, kwame and crittenton to make the salaries work… cuz u know gasol makes all star money because hes… an all star caliber player

  • I feel especially lucky because I got a shout out about the “Our Guy” clause– our guys can do whatever they want because they are on our team– they’re our guys.
    But when someone else does something stupid, we just pounce. It’s part of sports.

  • NineSevenEight

    No..not at all, actually.

  • Ah my bad.
    I agree. Most comments on most sites are ridiculous. I actually find niche sites like this one to have a better balance of good chat vs. dumb comments but they still exist.
    It’s the ‘main stream sites’,, herald, nytimes, cnn, etc. that have the awful signal to noise ratio.

  • What is you guys’ over under on how long that doucebag will keep posting on that blog for?
    I give it two months MAX. And that might even be pushing it!

  • The links and meta data and RSS feeds on the redsarmyisajoke site are intresting!!!!!!!

  • Amazing!
    Congrats! How do I get my blog a hate site??? lol.
    Also – by the looks of the comments on this site, next years Boston/L.A. finals is going to be CRAZZZZYYYYY!!!!

  • Yes it will Nick, yes it will! Gotta go to work, but 1st, have to pour my dog Kobe a big bowl of HaterAide. I forgot to tell everyone, I found this 3 legged dirty dog on the street and named her “Kobe.”