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The “Blogs with Balls” weekend

Why am I talking about the Blogs with Balls weekend on Wednesday?  Because it took me until today to recover.   It was one hell of a weekend, and I'd like to thank everyone involved for putting it together.  Special thanks to the HHR crew for not only launching this endeavor… but for allowing me to jump over a guy on a trike.

In a nutshell.. we had a few hundred sports bloggers all in the same place in New York. We listened to some of the people who hit it big in the blog world, some members of the mainstream media, and some of the heads of big blog networks. 

i'd like to especially thank the sites that had me on their shows this past weekend.  The Dugout Sports Show was broadcasting live during the event.  You can check out the show here.  I come in at that 120 minute mark.  But there were a million guests on the show.  It's worth checking out.

I was also on the Spurscast.  Those guys were REALLY cool.  We're definitely having them on to talk C's/Spurs.  I think I hopped into that podcast around the 22 minute mark, and then it was about 15 minutes of ball busting.  I had so much fun.   The last half hour of the Spurscast is a big drinking contest.  There's video of that coming.  I'm told it's awesome.

And I did manage to win an award:  Most retarded candid photo:


I'm sure in this one, I'm explaining the intricacy of the defensive rotations in Tom Thibodeau's schemes… but I look like I'm asking where to find the short bus. 

It was a great time.  They served free beer starting around 12:30 pm.  There was a ton of free food.  And I met a ton of great people that we will be bringing in to help add some quality content to our site.  It really was a fantastic weekend.  I think the next one is in Vegas.  I don't think I'll be showing any pictures from that one.

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