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Rondo Wants Big Money?

Chuck - Red's Army June 17, 2009 Uncategorized 17 Comments on Rondo Wants Big Money?


A few weeks back, when the Rondo trade rumors first started, I gave two potential reasons why the Celtics would move the guy; he's got a bad attitude or he wants max money.

Last night on Comcast, Ryen Russillo and Chris Mannix offered up their opinions of the trade rumors, and it appears I was right on one front:

Russillo: Yeah I think there’s a bigger chance that
they’d move him than maybe Boston fans would think. I think when it was
originally rumored, whatever that Phoenix deal was with Amar’e
Stoudemire, I heard a lot of people say oh the Celtics would never
trade Rondo. But based on what I’ve heard the last couple days, I don’t
think that’s true. Look, I don’t think they’re trying to move him, but
I think they’re trying to throw some pieces around and let basketball
people know that they’d move some of these guys to avoid maybe having
to pay Rondo all the money they’ll have to pay and then pair him with
guys that are going to be two years older than they are right now.

Mannix: Well they don’t like his contract demands
first of all. Rondo’s not the kind of guy who’s going to take a
hometown discount to stay in Boston. He’s going to sign with whoever
offers him the most dollars at the end of his contract, whenever it’s
up. He’s going to be a guy who’s going to go out there and try to get
the most money.

(thanks to Jess Camerato for transcribing)

I'm not sure what point Russillo is trying to make, but Mannix is crystal clear. We've debated the Rondo contract before and most of us thought $10 million per season (see poll results) would be a fair deal for Rondo.

I love the way Rondo is progressing and hope the Celtics keep him around. While I trust Danny, I don't want to go into next season with a question mark at the point guard position.

I've been toying with a new feature on Red's Army – the photo gallery. You'll find them on the lower left side of the site. You'll find pictures of Celtics dancer Alison Preston, photos from our NBA dancer madness, and the lovely Adriana Lima. We'll probably continue putting pictures in actual posts, but this allows you guys to easily visit them any time.

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  • FSantos33

    Ainge really has his work cut out for him this summer. Rondo, Baby, House, Powe, Marbury, Moore and Ray’s expiring contract, ETC. (Not in that order) In my opinion we must extend Rondo’s contract and give House a pay increase. Big Baby might be the odd man out if he wants max dollars. Trading up to get a top five pick in the draft may not be a great idea (Weak Draft)unless Ainge has something else under his sleeve by trading the top five pick and get an All Star Player in return.. Who knows? I don’t…. Like most people have said on this site we must keep our starting five intact(I agree) and work on signing Vet Free agents to improve our bench then we should be good. Two guys I would target would be R. Wallace and G. Hill. These two guys might just be the last two pieces of the puzzle for our 18th banner.

  • Are you kidding me? Of course Rondo wants more money. The guy has turned from “great potential” to “great point guard” in the association in just a season. What will a few more seasons do for him in this system? He has all of the ingredients to be a premier point guard and has shown flashes of them all this past season. And yes, there is no way the Celts make it out of round 1 v. CHI without Rondo’s near triple double average across 7 games.
    I spill my heart out about Rondo here.

  • I actually don’t think we should offer House money, and we can still get b=him back. Who on earth is going to give an under-sized shooting guard more than $2.8 million for the next season? Teams are saving their money to sign the big dogs in summer 2010, so they’re not about to pay up for an undersized shooting guard who has been streaky his entire career. He fits so well into our system because of the chemistry and his ability to now get open and free. I think he’ll come back mainly because he knows it’s the best situation for right now– he won’t see any more money and probably won’t see more years anywhere else.

  • idaho_jim

    dancer photo gallery? i knew you guys were traffic whores, just throw up some ronaldo posts once in a while….never mind the three extra open tabs that are loading up

  • Not sure if I made this clear: the Celtics need to lock up Rondo now. Give him 5 years, $60 million. Make the last year a player option. Easy as that.

  • us and every other web site on the internet. if you don’t like photos of chicks, don’t look at them.

  • All these rumours will hurt this teams chemistry, book it

  • idaho_jim

    joking….i did mention something about loading tabs right? No love for the old school soccer post reference? Nothing like getting my daily celtics fix and being confronted by ronaldinho’s ugly mug..but that’s all in the past with the NESN love right! keep up the good work fellas.

  • Celtics!

    Your site just replaced redsarmy as my default home page. Everyoneelse should either do the same or at least boolmark it. Good stuff…I like it a lot.

  • thetitleisours

    They might need to use RA’s money for him

  • Chuck – this is unrelated but could you send me your email address by any chance?

  • Whoa. I don’t know if I would replace Red’s Army as the go to– they break some great news and have too many good stories. How about just making mine the SECOND stop after Red’s Army?
    Thanks for the shout out. Feel free to spread the word.

  • I’m fine using Ray’s money for anyone. I am not fine with using Rondo as bait to get someone older and past his prime or someone younger who isn’t proven. The Celts have a chance to lock up a point guard that will be amongst the top PGs in the league for the years to come. Folks on WEEI were talking about the idea that Danny may just be throwing his name around to get Rondo to see that he’s not untouchable. That’s fine– talk is just talk. Just don’t move him.

  • “Look at all these rumors, can’t take it no more, my best friend said there’s one out now ’bout me and the girl next door..” That was a great’ll be glad when the draft happens next week-alot of this stuff will wither away…Speaking of rumors, here’s an interesting one just reported…

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  • Chuck I tried to shoot you an email at but it keeps getting bounced back saying “there is an error with the recipients mail box”

  • aaron

    Now i don’t know if it’s just me but what’s the problem with all these people thinking the C’s cant resign Rondo?
    He may want big money, but with the F/A class he’s in next year, there’s no way anyone’s going to give him more than 8-10 mil(unless he learns to hit from the 3pt line at 50% or more this coming season)
    So with Ray’s 19mil coming off the books, rondo’s 1.3mil, Scals 3mil, TA’S 2.5, and Giddens 1 mil, plus another 2.8 mil from Eddie House if he reups, there’s about 29 – 30 million that the C’s can use to resign Rondo at 8-10mil and get Ray back at a discount(since he’s said he wants to end his career with the C’s) and it also would leave plenty of money to sign other guys. What’s the big deal?
    Rondo’s not getting the 15mil or more that some people think, there’s no way. Not in this economy, and not with the class of (Wade, LeBron, Bosh, Joe Johnson, K. Durant, B. Roy, D. Rose, R. Gay, M. Ginobili, R. Allen, R. Stucky, A Horford, M Beasley, J. Howard, S. Nash, TMac, K. Love, L. Aldridge, G. Oden, M. Miller, A. Brooks, M. Camby, A Thornton, Thadeus Young, Jeff Green, Russell Westbrook, and the great Patrick O’Bryant)
    Most of those guys will resign, taking up any money that their teams may have to offer Rondo, leaving only a handful of BAD teams that Rondo could go to, and still for nothing more than 11mil at best.
    Now would he really go to a horrible team over the celtics for one million doolars? I think not
    relax people, unless Danny can get an equal player or a slightly lesser one with a longer contract and a draft pick then nothings happening. Rondo will be back and they will resign him.