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Why doesn’t Kobe just pay for the parade?

Kobe trophy
California's finances are a complete mess.  Everyone everywhere is broke.  So there was some concern about having enough money to cover the costs of a Lakers championship parade.  But private donors have stepped in.

LOS ANGELES — An aide to City Council president Eric Garcetti says
private donors have agreed to cover all of the nearly $1 million in
city costs for the NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers' victory parade.

Wong said Tuesday that donors are providing enough money to defray all
the expected costs for police and traffic control. She didn't have the
names of the donors but they're expected to be released at an afternoon
news conference.

The mayor and other officials had sought
donations after critics blasted the idea of using city money when Los
Angeles is considering layoffs to close a half-billion-dollar budget

The Lakers and the company that owns the Lakers' home court will cover another $1 million for Wednesday's parade.

Hmm… $2 million for a parade?  Kobe's got that in loose change.  The Lakers payroll is $75 million!  You mean to tell me Kobe ($21.2 mil last season) Pau ($15 mil) and Odom ($11.4 mil) couldn't have chipped in to cover the costs and thank their fans?  How much is Nike paying Kobe?

These guys are swimming in cash.  You'd think that maybe in this economic climate, a few guys who get paid a gazillion bucks could scrape together a goodwill gesture and maybe really win people over.  Hell.. they'd probably get twice what they paid by sponsorships they picked up just because of that.

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  • This guy makes a pretty good case that quinton ross could be a guy the c’s could bring in to play the back up sg and sf
    nick might kill him for not writing the article about matt barnes

  • hoopsworld has a rumor that the cavs could acquire antoine jamison for sasha and ben wallace, that would not be good for us
    hoopsworld actually has teh audacity to ask whether the wizards would have to give up there number 5 pick….? what let me get this straight they would be trading their all star forward for expiring contracts and might have to give up a top five pick? how is that even possible, did chris wallace suddenly take over the wizards?

  • 2 million is nada to those guys…pretty lame. The Celtics players would cough it up quick..

  • We don’t give a shit.

  • joke right?
    lol why would they pay for it, noone in the NBA would

  • they couldve gotten antawn jamison this year at the trading deadline…never happened…these rumours are just rehashing old rumours

  • celt

    i know your so stupid.. if you were in his shoes you wouldnt even pay for the parade your all talk just shut up making a fool out of yourself

  • Two-Buck Chuck

    What a douche!

  • Alot of those nitwits in L.A. don’t deserve a parade. Look at what these idiots did to this poor guy’s business: http://www.sneakerfiles.com/2009/06/15/shoe-store-looted-during-los-angeles-lakers-riots-update/#comment-327544
    f’in aholes……

  • rod

    boston fans should keep quiet

  • celt
  • Do pregnant women pay for their own babyshower? Do men pay for their own bachelor party? Why should these guys pay for there own celebration? They work there ass of to get to this point and now you want them to pay for the parade?
    You gotta be kidding me!

  • I know your so stupid.. if you were in his shoes you wouldnt even pay for the parade your all talk just shut up making a fool out of yourself
    So ironic.

  • They work there ass of to get to this point and now you want them to pay for the parade?
    You gotta be kidding me!
    And it keeps going.

  • Kobe only pays for—- well you do the math.

  • Wow…those might just be the two worst comparisons ever.
    I’m assuming you don’t have a job and don’t pay taxes and news of the recession hasn’t reached your parents basement.

  • You know… if I made $21 mil the last year alone, had a gigantic sneaker deal, and wanted to give my fans a chance to celebrate a title with me…. yeah, I’d happily give up $2 mil. Like I said… some company would probably see that a such a great PR move… I’d get that $2 mil back and more.
    What’s so wrong with suggesting a mega-rich guy fork over pocket change to him so we can save the hard working people who support him…. and make it possible for him to even MAKE that money… from paying the bill?

  • Do you know the story behind that…? I didn’t think so dumbass. That was one drunken idiot who broke one window and was caught the next day. Your idiotic fans looted and pillaged a store taking everything,racking up over $140,000 in damages. Not to mention terrorizing people just driving thru a neighborhood minding their own business after Game 4. Do your homework next time troll.

  • So explain to me at what time frame in that clip is the “rioting”..lmao..or violence, window breaking and looting..?? I’m waiting…moron.

  • rod

    lol kobe cant win against his haters. he finally wins a ring and now they scold him because he hasn’t paid for his own freakin celebration. should kobe do it? yes. does he have to? hell the f*** no. and by the way, the parade has already been paid by “private” sponsors.

  • I owe you an apology “Rod”. At 1:53 there is a kid eating an apple-that’s pretty out of control dude..wow. You tool. I was there-their was one window broken-that was the “riot.” Now go home, your mommy’s calling you.

  • lmao..do men pay for…you’re joking-right?

  • NICE. lmao….

  • Guess what else, no one here cares-go celebrate on the highway and do your family a favor.

  • celt

    you guys obviously care…making blogs about it. “no one here cares” LOL

  • celt

    is he a boston celtics fan? did he threw something at the window and it broke? doens’t matter he was drunk. its like saying if a drunk guy fcuked up your car, you would just say “oh hes just drunk”. douche

  • Nathan

    He said it. Why be such a hater; to go to the point of the victory parade. LA was the best team this season. Done. Period.

  • Nathan

    ahaha this ones good

  • Uncle Leo

    bah the celts would never shell out and it’s not fair to ask any player to do so. Shit the team probably doesn’t know they’re having trouble paying for the parade.

  • haha

    Why are you guys so Hypocritical? You guys act like Celtics would pay for their own parade. Why didnt they pay it Last year? idiots. Stop letting your hate get to you, it makes you look stupid.

  • haha

    your all talk red. IF/WHen the time comes, and you had that money, you wouldnt be forking it over.
    Talk is Cheap

  • haha

    hahah KobeWearsAPurpleThong Got OWNED LOl…NICE one

  • LMAO! So instead of arguing my point, you attack me? Typical internet e-thug.
    Actually, I’d be glad if they took some of my tax paying money from this parade. Los Angeles will be making at least 15 million dollars from the parade.
    And no need to freak out anymore, buddy. Donors have step up and taken care of it: http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/news?slug=ap-lakersparade&prov=ap&type=lgns

  • first off, the biggest question i have right now is has doc developed a larry brown like symptom where he wont play rookies? or were JR and bill just that bad?
    if he hasnt my second question would be, why not try to revamp our bench through the draft, we could easily fill our backup wing, and pg options for cheap through this supposedly weak draft, where teams are practically giving away picks
    I would feel pretty comfortable adding anyone of these guys and keeping either walker or giddens as potential backups to pierce and allen
    1. Terrence Williams
    2. Dajaun Summers
    3. Earl Clarke
    4. Wayne Ellington
    5. Chase Budinger
    6. Sam Young
    7. Dionte Christmas
    8. Danny Green
    9. Jonas Jerbenko
    10. Jodie Meeks
    although i would recommend danny sign a reliable free agent option
    perfect scenario; Grant Hill for vets min and danny trades into the 1st round and takes terrence williams while getting rid of tony allen, and JR Giddens or Bill Walker, id base this decision on who would want either of these guys, and what type of guard you add to your team, if you add a shooter who doesnt play strong D (a la chase budinger), i would keep walker, if you add a athelete or guy who is converting from playing post, (sam young, dajaun summers, earl clark) i would look to keep giddens
    now on to the back up point guard position, actually not as important of position now that we are sure rondo is the guy and can handle the playoffs
    its not two years ago when sam cassell was viewed as being desperately needed to win a title, and its different than when we added stephon last year
    this is mainly because last year we didnt need so much of a backup point guard as we did scoring off the bench, since we could not fill that void by getting a guy who could play sg and sf like we really needed we were forced to settle for getting a scoring point guard, and the plan was for him to spell either pierce or allen at the 2 guard while matching up with smaller guards that teams like cleveland tend to play
    my point is having a rookie at backup point would not be the end of the world, in fact it might even be beneficial
    the main question most would have would be why take a rookie point, late and in the 2cd round of the draft (not necessarily with our pick) instead of handing the rains over to gabe pruitt, a guy who has spent two years in the system, has good size, a good shot, and plays fairly good D
    my answer would be that a. gabe has not shown anything in his two years here b. he has lost some trust with off the court incidents and c. (the most important) he hasnt had a full year of running a team from the point guard position
    lets skip to c. gabe came out of USC as a combo guard, he didnt play point full time there, combine this with the his troubles to produce in his time in boston, and you would have cause for concern with him running your backup spot
    from his in game play it has looked to me like his ball handling coach is eddie house, not good news for a aspiring young point guard
    but with that being said i would exercise his option and let him compete for the backup job, because he has enough talent to do so
    these are the guys i would look to grab in the second round to try to fill the backup point guard spot:
    1. AJ Price, the thing i love about price is that he would be the perfect change of pace point for rondo: his strengths center around much of rondo’s weaknesses – height, shooting ability, also he has valuable experience of running an elite college basketball team, in an elite conference, there is no reason to think he could not be successful backing up rajon
    2. pat mills, played great in the olympics, in my eyes would be a steal anywhere in the second round, knows how to score, him and eddie together would definitely be a strong scoring 1 2 bench
    3. Tony Douglas, could be a sleeper, carried florida st the whole time he was there, good ball handler and shooter, and plays good D
    4. Jerel Mcneal, good ballhandler and has the size to allow eddie to guard the point why he guards the 2’s, really good three point shooter, experience playing in the big east
    any of those guys would do extremely fine its just up to danny to find which ones would fit our team the best
    anyway, id like to here what the boys at redsarmy think about this?
    matt barnes-(this is my new signoff after each comment so nick cant say he is the only one who gives him love around here anymore)

  • Even after the defending champion Boston Celtics got bounced in the SECOND ROUND, here are there fans talking mad shit. That’s just unbelievable. When LA lost last season, we took it, no excuses, EVEN though Bynum and Ariza were non-factors/didn’t play. Inuries are NEVER an excuse, but when Boston loses, it was because KG was injured. Give me a fucking break.
    Fuck the holier-than-thou Boston fans who can’t give credit where credit is due, and the ones who makes excuses on why they lost. I do give props to the true Boston fans who still watched even though there was a 22-year title drought. Those are my kind of fans, not most of you bandwagonning pieces of shit who can’t name any other Celtic players aside from the starting 5.
    LA won, plain and simple. Truth is that it’s better to lose the first year, then come back and win the next year, then win the first year, and have everyone else catch up to you and get better, and see you get bounced in the 2nd round.

  • Fixedgearkid

    gdaaaaaaaaaamn. This site should be called redsphilarmy. Coz you be always be havin laker info everytime. Shows that the bummy ass bitch owner of this site has Laker feverr also!

  • rod

    haha what a douchebag. exposed!!!

  • rod

    wow you just took the words right out of my mouth. great post.

  • No… I'm just a good person.  Kobe dropping a couple million bucks on a parade is like me giving the girl scouts 10 bucks when I leave the supermarket.

    But keep defending that guy.  You guys buy the tickets and you buy his gear…. you've already given him the money.  In this economy… it would be a great gesture. 

  • Danno

    Two Questions:
    1. If Injuries don’t matter, do you honestly think the Lakers would have won the Championship this year without Kobe?
    2. Why do ALL of the Lakers fans who come here to troll have the language skills of an autistic 7 year old on a sugar high? Is it really that hard to write in complete sentences and use proper spelling an grammar? Honestly, it’s like watching a bunch of retards fighting over a cookie. You’re an embarrassment to humanity, and more inportantly to the English Language.

  • “Kobe dropping a couple million bucks on a parade is like me giving the girl scouts 10 bucks when I leave the supermarket.”
    Unless $10 is 10% of your salary, J, I don’t think your analogy works here.
    I cringe when I hear people makes judgments about how people don’t spend their money on charity. It doesn’t feel good when a girl scout takes you $10 and says, “Hey, c’mon! You have more than THAT?!”
    Kobe is a glorious ahole and I dislike him, but he has every right to hold onto his salary as you and I do.
    In the case of this parade and him having to pay for it, it’s tantamount to your employer throwing a huge party for the achievements of the business. Business is booming and it’s time to celebrate. But… YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THE PARTY. I don’t think that would go over well.
    I am just thrilled that I don’t have to pay for the parade, as a L.A. resident. I had hoped they would just cancel the event as a result of the rioting that went on. Our mayor said we needed a reason to revel about ourselves… no we don’t.

  • oooP

    1. no.
    2. because no one gives a shit about spelling or grammar. “more inportantly to the English Language.” theres no need to bitch about a posters spelling and grammar when it looks like you could have done some double checking yourself.

  • Lakerhater

    LMAO #2 – rod got OWNED!

  • Lakerhater

    Look, I’ve found a solution that should make the Lakers and their fans feel more at home and at the same time save the taxpayers some money.
    Just have the Lakers wait until the annual gay pride parade, they can march in it with their trophy. And with those ugly f#cking purple and gold uniforms they’ll right at home with the rest of the flamers.

  • Danno

    There’s a big difference between a one letter typo, and just not knowing how to spell or write correctly.
    It’s called education. Something all your Vatos from Venice and Receda seem to be sorely lacking.

  • ” Something all your Vatos from Venice and Receda seem to be sorely lacking. ”
    It’s “Reseda.”

  • “And with those ugly f#cking purple and gold uniforms they’ll right at home with the rest of the flamers.”
    Brilliant solution! And when I say that, I mean, not really intelligent and mostly ignorant.

  • Lakerhater

    I understand if you don’t want the Lakers in your parade, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • Fixedgearkid

    “…And more INPORTANTLY..”
    Look who’s talk .. fag

  • Yes, because in grade school, insinuating someone was gay is an insult.