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Rumor: Perk, Walker for #2 Pick


This latest rumor comes via Michael Felger and Gary Tanguay of Comcast:

“We heard a rumble today, just a
little rumble. Danny’s throwing a bunch of stuff against the wall as
he likes to do. Memphis sitting there at number two. Perk and was it
J.R. Giddens?” (Tanguay clarifies it’s Bill Walker).

Please, I’m praying this rumor is pure garbage. You don’t take a 24 year-old tough as nails defensive minded center who makes just $4 million per year and trade him for the #2 pick in an average draft class. Even if the Celtics draft the 7-2 Hasheem Thabeet – is he ready to become the starting center on a championship caliber team?

Bill Simmons has some good analysis on Kobe Bryant and the Lakers:

Did they deserve to win the title? Of course. But they didn’t win
because Kobe “really wanted this” and “trusted his teammates” and
“finally figured it out” and all that revisionist crap. Check out the
relevant per-game numbers from the postseason:

    2008 Kobe (21 games): 30.1 pts, 5.7 reb, 5.6 ast, 3.3 TO, 22.0 FGA, 9.2 FTA, 47.9 FG%, 81 FT%, 30 3FG%, 41.1 MPG.

    2009 Kobe (23 games): 30.2 pts, 5.3 reb, 5.5 ast, 2.6 TO, 23.0 FGA, 8.6 FTA, 45.7 FG%, 88 FT%, 35 3FG%, 40.9 MPG.

Am I crazy … or do those numbers look EXACTLY the same? He brought
his turnovers down a little, did a little better from the charity
stripe, and that’s about it. Ironically, “Unselfish And Finally Getting
It” Kobe averaged more shots in the 2009 playoffs than “Selfish And
Doesn’t Get It” Kobe did in 2008 AND made less of them.

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(hat tip to Celticsblog on the Perk rumor)

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  • G4L

    Ummm… I think I’ll shoot myself if that trade goes down.

  • What do you guys think is the best site for rumors?…. for somebody who doesn’t have insider?

  • Josh

    it would be a sad day to see perk go in a trade like that.

  • Reds Army…
    I don’t pay for ESPN Insider..too cheap.
    Hoops Hype is really good though…

  • thanks. hoops hype looks good.

  • FSantos33

    Perk and Walker for the #2 Pick… Hmmm….. Need more inside scoop on this rumor… Ainge must have more in mind than just the “#2 pick”. Perk is our “Rock” hate to lose him to a freaking Pick. Overall it just doesn’t sound right to me.

  • Hoops Hype has rumors that Monta Ellis wants out of Golden State. Now that is one deal in which I’d be willing to give up Ray Allen. I think Ray would fit in that system so maybe a straight-up trade would be a possibility.
    The only way I’d trade Ray is if you get a proven star like Ellis in return and not a wild card draft pick.

  • Yahoo’s NBA page is pretty decent-I hope this is garbage-I am a big Perk hear that Ainge..?!

  • Yahoo’s NBA page is good.

  • AMP

    I don’t believe any of it! Each day, another scenario, and none make sense! Tomorrow, it will be Pierce. I hope Red’s Army can handle the traffic

  • all these dumb rumours could end up hurting this teams chemistry if they dont go down…its getting annoying

  • Joey M

    I think Ainge is in love with Rubio. Haha, think small white guy point guard syndrome. The plan is to dump Perk, and Walker for the #2 pick and someone like …hmmm arthur? Antoine Walkers in shape and Miles is coming back for memphis…maybe they’d just do this trade and sit for the 2010 class? Maybe mephis makes this trade and uses some of their cap space…finally?
    After that trade goes down, boston deals rondo to washington for the #5 pick 😉 and JaVale McGee. No way Rondo gets paid in boston…ever. After next season Ray Allens contract is up i believe. Scals too?
    So Boston gets far enough under the cap for a max player in 2010.
    Rondo is exactly the type of player washington would love to have. They have shooters. Rondo loves to pass and plays stellar defense on the perimeter. Perfect fit for washingtons wishes for the offseason and he can play with Arenas.
    Mcgee replaces Perk…sorta. Garnett grooms the #5 pick and Mcgee in the ways of the Ninja and by playoff time they’ll be in decent shape. Rubio fills in just as well in rondo’s place. He wins rookie of the year. 🙂 haha
    Memphis has needs addressed and gets good value back for the #2 pick.

  • Joey m

    oh..and maybe in my fantasy land the C’s could pickup kidd for the midlevel to help groom rubio.