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Josh Smith on the block?

Josh smith The Atlanta Hawks are a young, athletic, exciting team.  But they don't seem to be on a championship path.  So now they're apparently starting to think of pieces they can trade… in an effort to bring in some more stable players that might be able to help them move forward.  One of those players:  Josh Smith

The Hawks have a
few other key players whose contracts are about to expire (starters
Mike Bibby and Marvin Williams, and reserves Flip Murray and Zaza
Pachulia), and they feel that Smith will bring something of real value
in return (they're right about that).

ESPN reported
"the Hawks have been working hard the past few weeks to see whether
they can find a taker for Smith," but that trading Smith won't be easy
because he has a "$6 million trade kicker attached to his contract." In
other words, if you trade for Smith, you're giving him a cool $6 mil
right off the bat

That means the Celtics are going to have a hard time dealing for him.  He's got $50 million left on his deal… which runs through 2012/2013… so you're making a big commitment.  And where do you play him?  Do you somehow work a deal involving Ray's contract and slide Pierce to the 2?  I just don't see it.

But I do see potential for some of our competitors. It depends on whether the Hawks are trying to acquire a star player now… or whether they're also looking for expiring deals so they can hop into the 2010 sweepstakes.  Cleveland's got Ben Wallace's deal that they can work with.  Or, of they'd prefer, maybe some kind of sign and trade with Orlando for Turkoglu.  Atlanta would get the playoff experience… and Orlando would get a slasher to compliment their shooters.

So while I doubt the Celtics could swing a deal that makes sense financially and for the team, I'm wondering if someone who stands in our way next year can.  A young, athletic guy like Smith could be a big matchup problem for Paul Pierce.

Wanna play GM? Go ahead and use the Real GM trade checker or ESPN trade machine and give it a whirl.  But I warn you – if you try a trade and post it in the comments… you open yourself up to ridicule if the trade makes no sense.

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  • NOOOO!
    Nobody even likes Smith on his own team (Mainly the coach).
    And he’s a power forward…. which we don’t need. Hopefully he gets traded out west somewhere.

  • FSantos33

    Is Arisa an unrestricted or restricted free agent? Anyone? My opinion changed on T. Arisa since the start of the season. He has shown everyone that he is the Lakers version of James Posey. He made numerous cluch plays that mirrors Posey’s play in 2008 for us. Wouldn’t it be great if we can sign him off the free agent market? Too early to tell right now because you know LA would love keep both Odom and Arisa. So, we’ll see……

  • FSantos33

    Perk, KG, and Josh Smith…. who dares to come in the paint? Block shot party all season long.

  • AMP

    I think you meant to post over there.

  • thetitleisours

    I do not think Big Bay will be as hard to sign as it looks. I still think teams will not fork over the big bucks for an undersized player.
    He really is more of a role player than a starter IMO
    I think we retain him

  • G4L

    Does anyone know if Charlie Villanueva is a free Agent this year? I think He’d be a good fit.

  • he is a restricted free agent, its been rumored that the cavs have interest in him, mostly because he said he would be a perfect fit there
    the bucks won’t likely match the offer he gets because they have said they want to cut some salary, and dont want to pay to keep him and ramon sessions around

  • G4L

    Call me crazy but I’de rather have Charlie V. over BBD, I’ve always liked his game & feel his game is very under rated. He could be a good option off the bench.

  • All the Celtics have to do is find Danny Manning, sign him to the league minimum, and offer him up to Atlanta for Josh Smith.
    The Hawks have a wonderful reputation for giving up key players for Danny Manning.