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Will the C’s be players in the 2010 sweepstakes?

Wyc Grousbeck seems to think so.

Speaking with “Dale & Holley” Monday, Grousbeck did not give
specifics, but he reiterated this fact by saying “there is a situation
under which we could do that.” Several high-profile players who would
command a max contract are currently set to become free agents in 2010,
including LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Amare Stoudemire, Dirk Nowitzki,
and Chris Bosh

Say what?  How is that going to happen?  What does he know?  Is someone going to retire?  Are they going to buy someone else out?  I'm confused. 

(via CelticsBlog)

Here's the full transcript of what Wyc said today… including this tidbit on KG's recovery:

“We are extremely excited. He’s been in the facility everyday, and most of the team’s been there as well.”

Sounds like our boys are hungry.  They should be after watching the Lakers hoist a trophy last night.

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  • I think the way it would happen is pierce opts out of his deal, they sign someone and then they resign allen, rondo, and pierce via there birdrights
    but i think that situation would put us over the hardcap for sure
    i dont see any other way we could get another max guy other than that happening, or through ridiculous trades

  • Wow… that would be an Auerbach-esque way around things.

  • Rest assured, nine titles now is far more impressive than nine back in Red’s day. Ten ends the argument.
    Auerbach always groused that coaching was so much easier today. This was flawed and, deep down, he knew it. Talent scouting in Auerbach’s era was as sophisticated as an envelope of newspaper articles an old buddy clipped and mailed. At the time, Auerbach had complete control of his ballplayers. There was no free agency, no arbitration. Auerbach was judge and jury on your job. Want a raise? He gave it. Want to work next season? His call.

  • How does this happen? Ray Allen’s $19 million salary comes off the books.
    Didn’t we already know this?

  • Danno

    I would have thought this was obvious knowing Ray’s contract ends.
    I don’t know that Ray will be resigned though. Paul will, and KG will likely end his career here, whether it be this contract, or one smaller vet one after it.

  • Mo

    Because there’s a cap hold on recent free agents, unless you renounce them. If you renounce free agents, you only can offer them the minimum. From the CelticBlog free agency FAQ:

    assuming we renounce all of our free agents other than Giddens and Walker. If we let Giddens and Walker go, that brings our available cap space to $4.85 million, or still less than the amount of the MLE.
    In summary: Assuming a salary cap of $60 million, a roster of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Kendrick Perkins, and Rajon Rondo leaves us with less than $5 million in cap space in 2010, which is less than the amount if we utilized the MLE. Even worse, reports are suggesting that the cap may be as low as $55 to $57 million in 2010, meaning we’d be right at the salary cap with only four players under contract.
    22) Do we have any chance of signing Lebron or any other big free agents from the Class of 2010?
    See above. The only way we realistically could gain cap space is if Paul Pierce opted out of his contract, and immediately signed with the Celtics for a vastly reduced amount. (An immediate signing is necessary to eliminate his cap hold). Working under the overly generous projection of a $60 million cap in 2010, we could gain approximately $25 million in cap space if Pierce re-signed for a minimum salary. That would be enough to sign Lebron to a max salary deal (which would have a starting salary of between $18 and $19 million per season).

    If anyone thinks Pierce is going to opt out for a minimum deal, I would like some of your drugs please.

  • fish

    personally (comming from a die hard celtic,lebron and wade fan) i think that we can get ray out maybe giddens and walker (ray 20 mill) (giddens and walker Idk) anyway that opens up room for us to get lebron or wade. But, now u need to think about the other team they arnt just going to let there all star go they want something and that thing is ray allen with an expiring contract. I really want lebron/wade but im seeing slim chances but i think if the celtics somehow or the other pull this off they get wade or carmelo, lebron seems 2 high class for us to pay he culd go to anyteam that is offering like a 30-40 million dollar contract but idk time will tell, but also if u want to look up on the teams with the all star that is going to be a free agent and if their team does bad that culd be enough to drive them out
    KG-ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!