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The Favorites for Next Year?

Here are the current odds to win the 2009-2010 NBA Championship:

  • Lakers: 5-2
  • Cavaliers: 3-1
  • Celtics: 5-1
  • Magic: 7-1

Anyone who'd place a bet now on next year's champion is a moron, because there's a ton of uncertainty surrounding all four of these teams. Let's take a look:

Lakers: Two key role players, Trevor Ariza and Lamar Odom are free-agents. Does LA have the flexibility/finances to give big raises to both? There's a good possibility that coach Phil Jackson will retire. And Kobe Bryant can opt-out, but no one really expects him to leave the Lakers.

Cavaliers: With LeBron James one year away from free-agency, the Cavs could make some desperate moves in order to win now and appease the King, i.e. the Shaq trade. Anderson Varajeo is a free-agent and coach Mike Brown's future is shaky.

Celtics: Can the Celtics Big 3 stay healthy? How will KG look after knee surgery? Glen Davis – a key role player – is likely looking for big dollars as a restricted free agent. The entire bench needs to be rebuilt.

Magic: The centerpiece of their offense – Hedu Turkoglu – is likely to opt out and seek a big raise from the $7 million he made this season.

FWIW, here are my odds for next season:

  • Cavaliers 3-1
  • Celtics 4-1
  • Lakers 5-1
  • Magic 7-1

Here's what Doc Rivers told Marc Spears about free agency:

On what exactly he wants during free
agency, Rivers said: "I'm not going to tell you. I want to get better
and we will. We have areas where we have to improve in. We can in free
agency. We'll be aggressive. That doesn't mean we will come up with

Rivers said that two needs are backups at point guard and small forward. When asked if free agent guard Stephon Marbury is
being considered, Rivers said: "Absolutely. I thought he will be great
and better next [season] through training camp. He'll look and see what
he can get at this point of his career and see what he can do."

On free agent forward Glen Davis,
Rivers said: "We want him back. I hope he's back. He's taken steps each
year. He improved his jump shot. We need him to get even better at it.
We need him to become a better rebounder."

Nothing surprising there. We keep hearing (from Doc, Danny and Wyc) that the Celtics will be aggressive in free agency. That's got me thinking they are going to load up for one more run with the Big 3. Don't let us down….

After the jump, snapshots of classy Lakers fans "enjoying" their championship…




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  • FSantos33

    First of all I have Blogsmanship so congrats to LA. (Unlike LeThong walking out) LAL Fans had 39 reasons coming in here to talk trash. I don’t blame you guys. I am not going to go there with Championship Counting you have 10 or 15 or we have 17 shit is old. It would be great if LA and Boston can meet again in the finals again next year. We want to take it away from you and we will do just that in 2009 – 2010.
    Ego freak Phil Jackson came out with a bright gold “X” hat celebrating his 10th title. I bet the most jealous person is Micheal Jordan watching all this unfold with his former coach.

  • i guess they should be the favorites, why not?
    highly irrelevant though

  • oh, and why when your teams wins a championship do you pick up a railing and smash it into a bulletin sign…really doesnt make a whole lot of sense, and neither does jumping on/off cars…
    smart and real laker fans are few and far between, but these types of losers deserve to be shot

  • I cannot believe I put that photo of Fish and Kobe with the trophies on the site. I might just replace it with a pic of Adriana Lima.

  • I know this will sound seems that every time the Lakers win something, it’s the same thing: pictures of drunk Mexicans smashing stuff. I’m sure there probably are some “normal” Lakers fans that don’t act stupid, just not the Mexican ones. And no, I’m not racist, it’s just a fact of life. So you Lakers trolls, get your Mexicans in order!

  • noticed that too kobewearsapurplethong. same thing happened with the rk riots in early 90’s if you look at the footage. hope mexico never wins the world cup or we could be toast here, not to be racist either, just has more to do with the demographics in l.a. now.

  • rod

    lol at these “classy” celtics fans. your own fans were just as pathetic as those la fans last year. they threw rocks at the lakers bus and i believe there was a reporter stabbed as well.

  • Danno

    No, there wasn’t rod. No reporters stabbed. No car fires or car smashings. None of that. There were a few broken bottles and stupid drunken fist fights and one window on Canal Street.
    No rocks thrown at the Lakers bus either. the Hotel the Lakers stayed at (Rowes Wharf Hotel) is less than 1/4 mile from the Garden. They didn’t take a bus, they took their own individual privately hired limos. they all arrived separately.
    Congrats to your Lakers winning the 2009 NBA season ending injury lottery. You won’t be so lucky next year.

  • Lakerhater

    The reporter was Marv Albert and he actually requested to be stabbed. Then slapped. Then bitten. And finally, raped by Kobe. Its just kinda Marv’s thing.

  • rod

    yes there were.

  • very true..very true.

  • I was at Game 6 and outside the Garden area afterwards-their was only that one window breaking incident (and consequently enough, the window that the moron broke belonged to an office that helps poor people). That’s the best you can do Rod? “yes there were..” what a putz.

  • rod

    are you wearing that thong on your brain?

  • SydneyCeltic

    Is that the best you can do? Disappointing.

  • rod

    well my lakers sure as hell did better than your celdicks.

  • John (Muahahahaha, still laughing)

    oh please Baaaaaston, when your Sox won the Series in 2004, you guys had your fair share of rioting:
    at least here in LA, our riots are started by drunk illegal alien Mexicans. Your riots are started by drunk Bostonians.
    illegal alien Mexicans = Bostonians
    Congratulations Boston. If you’re in LA, you would be waiting around Home Depot as day laborers.

  • Fuck Boston and everything associated with Boston, especially the bandwagon fans and KG, Pierce, and Perkins.
    Orlando beat you in 7, LA beat Orlando in 5, meaning LA would have beat you in 3? LMAO

  • Danno

    Actually, the “rioting” in Boston was transplant college kids from all over the country, Not native Bostonians.
    You know douchebags from places like Orange County.
    People come to Boston to go to our world class colleges and universities.
    People go to LA to be in porn or to do undocumented landscaping work.