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How the Celtics got Paul Pierce

The Sporting News' Baseline blog passes along an interview in which Larry Brown explains why the 76'ers passed on Paul Pierce.

Basically, they made a promise to Larry Hughes… whom they selected with the #8 pick.  Since the Bucks had worked out a trade with Dallas… that left Paul Pierce just hanging out there at #10. 

Thanks Philly.  How's that for a kick in the sack?

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  • Lol they passed on Julie Landrum’s husband for Julie Landrum’s ex.

  • HAHA! I love to hate Philly.

  • Sal

    I guess I don’t understand why a “promise” is worth anything when your #2 ranked player is sitting there at #8. God forbid you burn your bridges with Larry Hughes. Were they retarded?

  • G4L

    Thank you Mr. Brown

  • pretty much everyone in that draft that picked before the celtics, other then maybe the mavs (Nowitzki) have regretted for quite some time not selecting paul pierce