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Chuck - Red's Army June 12, 2009 Uncategorized 22 Comments on Superchoke


Courtney Lee is off the hook. Dwight Howard is the new goat of this series.

Yes, I know he sucks at free throws. But if Howard makes one of the two freebies with 11 seconds left and Orlando up 3, the Magic win this game.

There's no second-guessing Stan Van Gundy for not-fouling the Lakers. There's no wondering why Jameer Nelson played defense like he was daring Derek Fisher to take that three.

Howard choked. Period.

Spare me the everyone-knows-he-can't-shoot-free-throws defense. All Dwight had to do was shoot his average. When you fail to do what you normally do, under pressure situations, that's a choke.

After the jump, one guy who never let me down.

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  • I liked seeing hogan at the game with BuBBA the Love sponge and both of their hot women. The hulkter will never let you down

  • right on brother

  • Orb

    Don’t forget Turkey-glue missing three of four down the stretch too, that was the start of the “uh-oh” where you felt Orlando folding. I don’t even know why I stayed up last night, my wish for both teams to lose the series in 5 was never going to happen.

  • This was just a repeat of last year’s Game 4. The more experienced, defense-orientated team outlasted the younger, inexperienced team. The Celts did the same thing to the Fakers last year. Only I don’t think Orlando will win Game 5 and force LA back home. Honestly-I’d prefer LA to not get the satisfaction of winning it at home-maybe seeing the Lakers celebrate on his homecourt will be a good learning experience for young Mr. DHoward…

  • rulo

    I couldn’t agree more…

  • I dont think Howard choked…. its been more or less a fluke the amount of free throws hes made…and we all know this guys game is flawed, but he played with alot of heart out there
    the real choke came with playing jameer I cant even guard derek fisher Nelson in the game

  • I am a Diehard Boston Celtics fan who lives all the way in Oregon. I have loved the Celtics as long as I can remember. I am friends with frequent commenter “KobeWearsAPurpleThong” We actually run our own basketball website. He told me about RedsArmy, and since I am such a big fan of the C’s, I thought I would check it out. You guys have a great site, and I will definitely check it out more often.

  • Boston Three Party

    Okay. He had to shoot his average, but that is an incredibly small sample. Sure, he should have made one of two free throws, but if he missed two free throws any other time throughout the game (which I’m sure he did) then no one would have batted an eye.

  • headline that made my day: tim donaghy beaten up in prison

  • word, if only he would have taken “Gentleman” Jim Conway advise “never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut.”

  • rod

    this site = fail


  • rod = dbag

  • Hey rod…. more like ROWDY RODDY PIPER.

  • I heard that chad ford reported that danny is dangling ray allen’s expiring deal to try to move into the lottery to snag tyreke evans, with the most likely trading partner being washington, the word is danny loves tyreke
    he also reported that even if the C’s can’t get tyreke, they will still probably move into the first round
    have yall heard anything about this?

  • except last years celtics werent experineced as a team…it was there first year together…they had individual experience (although with 2 very young starters)
    I understand the theory, but not fully, because we were one of the most inexperienced teams as a unit to ever win in there first year

  • martin

    haha bitter. all of you are fake. Cleveland, kafe. Boston, fake. Orlando, big fake. haha I guess you ran out of armies just trying to beat LA. sorry.

  • Kafe? Didn’t finish your GED class I see-tool.

  • Yes-apparently by some Mafioso types. Perhaps he didn’t call a foul when he was supposed to and caused them to lose some money..? Unreal when I really think about it.

  • punk

    know whats more pathetic? u care about spelling on an internet forum…..

  • The cerebral assassin

    This site=EPIC Fail

  • martin

    non of your armies did their job. haha ahte all you want the fact is. LA are the CHAMPS. haha