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Rumor: Tyreke Evans, Adriana Lima to Boston?


Finally, a legitimate reason to post pics of Adriana Lima. There's a rumor that involves her husband – the Grizzlies' Marko Juric – coming to Boston. It all revolves around Danny Ainge's love for Memphis guard Tyreke Evans.

Chad Ford of ESPN has the details (courtesy Celticsblog):

While the Celtics have shot down a rumor that they were talking to the Suns about an Amare Stoudemire for Rajon Rondo swap … we keep hearing their name more and more in conjunction with a
top-to-mid first-round draft pick — a sign that Danny Ainge must see
someone he likes up high.

While various sources have different
players pegged, there seems to be some consensus that one player in
particular — Memphis' Tyreke Evans — is an Ainge favorite.

If the Celtics are going to get Evans, they'll have to get somewhere in the top 10, most likely the top five.

The Grizzlies, Thunder and Wizards all have picks in the top five and have been open to swapping their picks. While it's doubtful that Rondo is their bait, Ray Allen and his expiring contract could be.

The Celtics could trade Allen to Memphis for a combination of Darko Milicic, Greg Buckner and Marko Jaric.
That could save the Grizzlies a little money now and a lot of money
next year … but that seems like a stretch. The Grizzlies don't need
Allen and I'm sure he wouldn't be thrilled to play there.

Thunder aren't great partners either. They don't really have any bad
contracts and while Allen would give them a nice veteran perimeter
presence, they're not giving up the No. 3 pick in the draft to get him.

The Kings
have also reached out to the Celtics and would be willing to deal the
No. 4 pick if they could get Rondo in return. The Celtics would likely
want more than just the No. 4 pick for Rondo — and the Kings might be
willing to throw in either Jason Thompson or Spencer Hawes to make it happen.

leaves the Wizards, who are really intriguing. Allen is a fit in
Washington. The Wizards are a veteran team that is looking for another
piece to make it a contender. Allen also is in the last year of his
contract, which means the Wizards could get some long-term cap relief
if they put together the right deal. Would trading Allen for Etan Thomas, Mike James, Darius Songaila and the No. 5 pick make sense for the Wizards and Celtics?

If Boston can't find a workable deal in the top five, several other teams including the Nets (11), Pistons (15), Bulls (16, 26), Wolves (18), Kings (23) and Grizzlies (27) are open to moving
their picks. While those wouldn't be high enough to land Evans, it
would get the Celtics a solid pick in the first.

Out of all those proposals, I find the Washington deal most intriguing. But does it make sense to trade a star for 3 role players and a pick? It seems like most of these deals never pan out. And can't we get more quality for Ray. Didn't anyone watch him play against the Bulls? He's money.

Let us know what you think in the comments.. While you ponder your comment, check out these pics of Adriana.





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  • Very intersting stuff….And I actually like Tyreke evans myself, but for people that think rondo isnt mature (which is utter BS) Evans has a scorers mentality, hes all about himself, while very talented…I dont see him being able to play with these celtics…
    I definetly want to keep the starting 5 intact myself, add better bench pieces…thats where I am, and would be utterly dissapointed to see rondo or ray go
    Adriana Lima is the hottest women on the planet…although shes definetly slipped recently, I believe shes pregneant right now

  • She is un-be-lieve-able. WOW.

  • yea im not sure tyreke is the guy to tear up the big three over, all this team needs is to revamp the bench to make another run at a title

  • Tim – I was asking for your comments on the deal, not Adriana!

  • Danno

    We don’t need to trade starters/superstars for junk/kids/hacks.

  • I vote for keeping the Big 3 in tact for one more year, unless you can get a proven player and a solid bench player for Ray.

  • Nick

    MATT BARNES….The missing piece for our squad, if I can see that Danny Ainge better see it too, I wanted him last year and we would have beaten Orlando with him, he coulda locked up Turk and Lewis, Fuck all the crazy trades just sign Matt Barnes, Antonio Mcdyess, and a PG Thats it!

  • brain dead

    couldn’t agree more nick. barnes dice & pg ( ANYONE BUT STARBERY).

  • zauer

    I don’t like any of these offers, Ray is still good and what’s more important – he fits our system. I liked this rumor with TA for Green and i’d love to have Tim Thomas

  • What i’m more interested about is the report that the C’s are looking to trade into the later first round even if they cant get into the lottery
    that seems better suited for us because we wont have to give up a main piece to get into the first round, and we could still potentially get back a player that could help off the bench
    if i was danny, the my main position of concern would be acquiring a backup that can play sg and sf, matt barnes would be good, there is a couple of other guys in free agency that could fill that void, there is not a lottery player that could fit this mold for us; guys such as terrance williams, earl clarke, wayne ellington, danny green, dionte christmas, dajaun summers, chase budinger, that could POSSIBLY fit this need, but they are slotted to go anywhere from mid first round to the late 2cd round
    i see this draft as being point guard heavy so the best way to add a back up might be through the draft,
    the hardest void to fill for danny might be at backup center, there really arent any in free agency, and not too many in the draft so the way i see it is danny might have to settle for a taller power forward or a project center, unless he makes a trade

  • G4L

    First of all I take it back when I said The Eva Longoria post was the best post ever.. This by far is the best post ever! She is so damn HOT!!
    Second, Ray Allen is not going to be traded unless the players contract the C’s get in return is off the books by the 2010-2011 season because Rondo & Perk’s Contract expire that year I believe & I suspect they are the Future for this team after the big 3 so they have to be signed.
    Third, Nick is convincing me more and more the Barnes would be a good player to have. The single biggest need for the C’s is a back up Center who can defend. A back up PG is a little easier to find, A guy I would like & I know Doc loves as a back up PG is Tyrone Lue, But I’m not sure if he’s a free agent.

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    I think I’m going to need to stop reading these blogs over the summer….I just can’t take all this rumor stuff….Are we really considering trading Rondo???
    I can’t bear the thought…

  • Do you really think Matt Barnes is that good? ask suns about, they did a fair share of complaining about him all year…his effort is slim to none, he takes bad shots and shoots a bad percentage, and they can absolutely not lock up turk and lewis…he could help, but im not sure if youre the one who said barnes is better then posey or pietrus….no hes not better then either.
    That said id take him too, because hes better then tony allen

  • Lets go PENS………… it’s a burg thing

  • mike

    do not trade ray allen, he is filthy…trading him is rediculous

  • I can see why Ainge loves this kid. He has a great group of people surrounding him. Here is a piece E60 did on him and “Team Tyreke”. Also, don’t deal Ray or Rondo for picks and scrubs, please. The Big 3 is far from done.

  • stoolsArmy

    Don’t trade Rondo period. He is already a consistently solid PG and on the verge of being an all-star. Unless Danny can get whoever he is aiming at in the top 5, I would hate to see Ray go. Especially if it is to a bad team since he had to deal with those for almost his whole career. I would love for him to finish his contract here, even if we let him walk for free agency. Shows a lot more respect for how he helped us win a championship by not trading him in my opinion.

  • Thanks for the Lima pics… delish
    All I heard last night was ‘when healthy, Boston is the favorite in 2010.’
    That said, keep the big 3 together and win #18. Figure out a temporary big backup and pg backup. In a year, there will be plenty of options for the future when half of the league is up for free agency and the draft is a little more solid.

  • Hylas

    1. Mike James & darius Sonalgia have already played for the Celtics. I like Darius a lot but he’s not our answer.
    2. We went for years without a Point Guard (that was when Mike James cycled through here). Do we reallly want to go back there? and then try to win while breaking in a rookie question marek? Don’t let Rondo go. That’s crazy.
    3. On the other hand, I’d trade the starting five for Adriana.

  • Adriana Lima zieht sich auch immer noch selten komplett aus, und mir kommt es so vor, dass sie noch leider nicht ganz frei ist. Aber es ist ausgezeichnet und menschlich, keine Scham zu haben! Warum hat sie so wenige Geschlechtspartner? warum hat sie immer noch wenige maennl. Partner? Es ist doch auch so menschlich, sehr, sehr viele Partner zu haben! Liebt sie alle, die gut und attraktiv für sie sind? Wenn es nicht so ist, warum sind alle, die gut sind, unattraktiv z. B., für sie? Das alles weiss ich nicht. Tut eigentlich echt leid.