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Mike Brown on the way out in Cleveland?

"I'm just gonna go pack my stuff now"

Back on May 27th, in the midst of the Cavs/Magic series, I said this:

There's no doubt in my mind that if Cleveland loses, Mike Brown is gone

Turns out, I might be right.

The Cavaliers' front office has
reportedly been in disarray since the team was bounced by Orlando in
the Eastern Conference finals — despite finishing with a league-best
record of 66-16 and possessing NBA MVP LeBron James.

Some key members of the organization feel Brown was badly
out-coached by Orlando's Stan Van Gundy, according to sources. One
source said Cavs management wasn't only disappointed in the losses,
"but equally disappointed in the (two) wins" in a series that went six

It gets better:

None of the sources would allow their names to be used, and only one agreed to be quoted.

The latter referred to Brown's game plan as "junk," and used that
word several times to describe the offensive philosophy in Game 5 of
the East finals — a 112-102 Cavs victory.

Brown is the Coach of the Year… but I'm sure many people don't exactly consider him as the best coach in the NBA for the 2008-09 season.  This boils down to one thing:  Does LeBron want him back?

By the way: Dolph Schayes is the only Coach of the Year to be fired (1965-66 76'ers).  Philly went on to win the title the next year… so maybe Cleveland is hoping lightning can strike twice.

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  • During the Magic series, late in one of the games during a timeout, I noticed Brown standing on the perimeter of the huddle as one of his assistant coaches explained some plays.
    I understand delegating, but during a critical moment of the conference finals, the HEAD COACH should be drawing up the plays. If he can’t, then he doesn’t deserve to be head coach.

  • AMP

    Brown is clearly the problem. I could coach that team to the Finals. So many things can happen in the finals, and I never like blaming the coach alone, but when a team has the best record, best player, a relatively healthy team, and get ousted by the Magic, there problem is deeper then the players’ performance. I feel he is too reliant on James and has mediocre back-up plans. They win because of James and never because of strategy. It is a shame because they have so many talented players that could do so much more.

  • Pat Riley’s name has been floating around as a possible replacement… Jeff Van Gundy’s name too.
    The only way they are going to toss Mike Brown is if the Cavs can lock up a superstar, proven coach who can win. Riley and Van Gundy fit the bill– maybe Pat Rile more because he almost won with the Knicks and because he did win with what started as a nothing Miami Heat team when he first joined the organization.
    But that coach will only come if Lebron stays… and Lebron would only stay if they got a superstar coach and side kick with playoff balls.
    Shaq… ?
    Just sayin… we could see a HUGE overhaul of that Cavs team.

  • Penthouse to doghouse I think the saying goes?

  • Uncle Leo

    Cavs will unload some expiring contracts and a couple picks for stoudemaire if they know whats good for them.
    And Brown disgraced anyone who ever won coach of the year and should be fired. The lack of gameplan and adjustment over the series was just pitiful.

  • Curse of the coach of the year award
    although. that would be moronic to fire him after getting 66 wins, and sweeping the first 2 rounds….

  • have you followed people who have won coach of the year award? mike brown had a better year then most of them, including doc rivers when he won it
    Its actually been jokingly called a curse…a ton of people have been fired after recieving the award….but how can anyone really think mike brown deserves it? 66 wins, 2 first round sweeps, who cares if he gets outcoached by van gundy…happens