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Doc on PTI, and other assorted stuff

If you read this before 5:30 pm, The C's just announced that Doc Rivers will be on PTI tonight.  Should be interesting to hear what he says.

Other assorted stuff out there to check out:

Brian Scalabrine had a big pizza party with some local school kids.

Tommy Heinsohn won the NBA's first ever lifetime achievement award… which is named after Chuck Daly.  I'm gonna give him a Johnny point for that.

LOSCY has a long look at Rajon Rondo… including his attitude

John Hollinger says the Lakers are the NBA's #1 all time franchise.  It's some kind of whacky point system. I've got a point system for him:  17 > 14.  The goal in the NBA is simple: win the title.  The Celtics have done it more than any other team.  Ergo ipso facto… we the best.

Paul Pierce is #7 on Dime Magazine's list of top "bad" shot shooters.  You know… the guys who take bad shots… but still make them?
Pierce contested
And finally… if you'd like to listen to last night's call in show… just visit our show page. You can listen to it there, or you can download it… memorize it… and recite it back to us word-for-word if you ever meet us.  Just once I'd like to have that happen to me… instead of me always doing it to famous people.

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  • Someone please tell Hollinger to stop making fun of himself… quoted from the Lakers page:
    Endless stream of superstars — on the court and in the seats.
    Do storms of superstars in the front seat help you winning any title? Definitely not. Did Kobe, Malone, Payton and Shaq help the Lakers in winning the 2004 title? No.
    The rest of the article is a joke too – that just reminds me why I never go to ESPN’s site.

  • Doc was good on PTI…… Leon out till mid year not good though Magic by 8

  • 7-0 when this little girl sings

  • Bill

    Pierce also is tops on the list of players who get hacked, mauled and raped getting to the hold but don’t get the call…tops by a mile.
    Did redsarmy basketball happen yet?

  • That writer of that bad shot list prisoner of the moment much? I agree hedo should be somewhere on the list…but #1? i dunno

  • brain dead

    lady ga-ga-sol is such a bitch. cant stand those faker bitch boys…

  • Too bad for the magic….they were right there and if they can make 2 game winners, this series could easily be 3-1 for them (same excuses cavs were using) buttt…all a moot point, lakers are your 2009 champs
    Derek Fisher the closer

  • Give Gasoft credit. he’s the only Pastry chef in Madrid who is going to have a ring. God what a pussy.

  • Oh…and I honestly believe playing nelson fucked the magic in this series…he was and is abysmal, and he couldnt stay with or defend fisher (or anybody, hes a stub) his shot isnt falling, and I have absolutely no idea why hes getting the minutes in the finals after being out 4 months, and the PG rotation they used throughout the playoffs worked…
    why was this bum on the floor for so long in the 2nd half tonight? I mustve asked myself this 30 times when watching tonights game

  • Nelson, Boogaloo, Howard there’s plenty enough blame to go around.

  • The funniest thing about hollinger’s rankings are that he knocks the celtics for winning in the 60’s but doesn’t take any points for the 5 championships that the lakers won before the 70s
    and he gives the lakers points for adding “stars” like wilt at the end of there careers but not the celtics for having guys like pistol pete, walton and nique ending there careers in boston
    and he fails to mention the catastrophes that have struck the boston franchise like len bias that caused some of the droughts they have had

  • No I dont think nelson deserves the blame…hes actually trying to be a warrior…its the entire magic organzation making the decision to bring him back for the finals and cutting anthony johnson (who was playing very good btw) out of the rotation, and destroy rafer alstons confidence by overplaying a guy who hasnt played in 4 months, has no conditioning, timing (etc etc etc)
    I mean it makes absolutely NO SENSE. game 3 they finally go back to playing rafer more important minutes, and then tonight jameer is in the entire 2nd half? why? he couldnt even guard Derek fisher, and dude cant even both fishers (who isnt even tall) jumpshot…are you kidding me? why the hell was jameer even in on that defensive possesion? nevermind the whole 2nd half and overtime

  • Actually this is pretty much a misconception at this point…dudes an awesome player and has been manning up on dwight howard for crying out loud, doing the best job on him on the lakers…as I say last years celtics made everyone look soft, and because KG and the boys beat up on him in 1 series he gets tagged soft…well hes really not