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Gortat gets more awesome by the day

I've made no secret about it… I want Marcin Gortat on the Celtics.  Don't get me wrong… I'm not pretending that he's going to come here and give us 20 and 10.  He's a good back up that can give us some quality minutes. 

But the legend of Marcin Gortat continues to grow.  The latest awesomeness comes from Gortat basically laughing in the face of his shoe company, Reebok, when they asked him to cover the Michael Jordan tattoo on his leg.

"They called and said I had to do something about it, but that
ain't going to happen,'' Gortat said after Tuesday morning's workout.

"I've been wearing it 4-5 years now, and it helped me get to the NBA,"
said Gortat. "They didn't say anything about it when I signed the
contract, so it's not going anywhere. I don't think they are paying me
enough to take it off.''

"I've heard from other people that even other players, if they don't
know my name, they know I'm the big white guy with the Jordan tattoo,''
he said. "I like that. Reebok will have to get used to that.'

That's just fantastic.  However, from Reebok's perspective, it can't feel good to get clowned by a guy few people have heard of before this season.  What are they gonna do?  Drop him?  That's even WORSE PR.  Looks like they really are going to have to get used to that.

BUT… I am openly for sale.  So if Reebok wants to make me the first blogger with a shoe deal, I'll rip Gortat to shreds for… well… I'll think of something.

The ball's in your court, Reebok. 

(Via BallDon'tLie)

Brandon Jennings is back from Europe… and HIS shoe deal is with Under Armour.  Here's a look at his "Young Money" prototypes.  They're not bad.  I can't help but think Under Armour is heading down the same road And 1 did.  And 1's foray into shoes and away from just apparel seemed to be the company's undoing.  And I liked the And 1 gear.

By the way, Orlando might have won last night's game, But I'm not encourage for a huge comeback by the Magic.  They shot a ridiculous percentage (62.5%), Kobe Bryant shot 11-25, missed a key late free throw and turned the ball over a couple of times down the stretch, and the Magic still only won by 4 at home.  Part of Kobe's problem was Courtney Lee, who is quickly making a pretty good name for himself.  but I'm not exactly counting on a rookie, no matter how big his balls are, to keep Kobe in check for 3 or 4 more games in a row.

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  • BigMck

    Whatever Reebok is paying Gortat, it’s too much. Does every guy in the NBA have a shoe deal?
    And shouldn’t a big, bruising center have a Bill Russell or Shaq tat?

  • LA_Native_Celts_Fan

    Agree on the Magic. One thing I noticed last night and Jeff Van Gundy mentioned was that LA was getting all those 50-50 plays. Loose balls, long rebounds etc. Orlando doesn’t seem composed down the stretch either. Saw a lot of bad shots too early in the shot clock and once again turned it over down the stretch. They managed to pull it out but those will come back to haunt them.

  • why do people make so much, or take anything negative from the magic shooting such a high % and the lakers still having a chance to win?
    #1 Lakers played great, and shot over 50% as well
    #2 they did what they to do, and win…who cares what % they shot, this game has no indication on the next game, every game is different.
    #3 they shot 41% to the lakers 46% in game 2 and were a missed alley oop layup away from being up 2-1 right now
    Id be greatly encouraged if i were orlando or an orlando fan. this series could esentially be over, but the magic gutted it out, fought hard and won, game 3 is over with, only thing on there mind now should be game 4, and not what theyre % was last night.. neither team is going to shoot the same percentage, just like everyone knew the magic wouldnt shoot 29% again after game 1.
    lol, I would love marcin gortat on the celtics as well by the way, hell I would take tony battie before the backup bigs we had this season

  • and, why is anyone suprised that kobe missed big shots or free throws last night? this is the absolute worst part of these finals, that he is getting glorified beyond belief…that was the real kobe bryant last night…I was more suprised in game 1 with his highest finals scoring output in his career…
    I am so sick of hearing how hes the greatest closer, and if he doesnt close people act shocked
    Game 1, he tried playing hero and making faces when they were up 20
    game 2, odom and gasol closed the game while kobe turned it over and tried to shoot over triple teams, and almost got burned by courtney lee on the inbounds after getting blocked by turkoglu
    and last night he certainly didnt close.
    and it wasnt courtney lee who stopped kobe last night…lol he did play good for some stetches defensivly, but the traps, double teams and throwing different guys at him gave him troubles

  • I want Gortat in green too. I liked the way he played against the Celtics in the Semis. When Howard would get in his usual foul trouble I’d be like “oh good, this goofy white guys not gonna do too much…” and every time he played vERy well.
    Regarding the Finals and FG percentage… WHERE IS THE DEFENSE??? It’s a total embarressment to both teams to allow such a high field goal percentage! OMG!!!
    The key to the Orlando victory was Pietrus (18pts) off the bench and the return of Rafer Alston.
    Lastly, ABC should be changed to KBC. ‘Kobe Broadcast Company’. It happens every year!
    Last year Mark Jackson was calling Bryant a “better player then Jordan,” this year Van Gundy called Bryant ‘The best Laker of all time… maybe,” Breen thinks (or pretends) the Knicks are playing.
    They are the three stooges. They are absolutely the worst broadcast team EVER essembled!!! EVER!!!
    All morning sportscenter has been saying that “Odom and Gasol need to rebound more,” that their rebound totals were “terrible”. Sure, a combined five rebounds is not a good stat but the Magic shot 62.5 percent! they only missed 20 shots! they only had 5 offensive boards so it’s not like the LAker bigs weren’t defending the boards. Hell, the Lakers were only out-rebounded by two boards.
    give me a break ESPN/ABC!

  • Danno

    Actually, I’d be ok with the Celtics picking up Tony Battie as a back-up big man, PJ Brown style. Gortat is decent, but he’s going to demand much more than he’s worth and will end up becoming another Scal.

  • another scal? hmmm
    theyre practically polar-opposites

  • Danno

    Yes, another Scal. A mediocre bench big man who is going to demand way more money than he’s worth because his team made the Finals, and he’ll probably get it, and then spend most of the next 4-5 years riding the pine on a team that doesn’t need him.

  • Disagree….hes nothing like scalabrine and plenty of teams, including us could use his services more then the magic

  • Gortat is a scrub. Zero offensive game, not particularly skilled on the defensive end and no semblance of a mid range jump shot. He is a big body and can shoot free throws alright gotta give him that. I liken him and his tattoos to a poor mans brad miller. overhyped…get off his nut sack

  • Danno

    If anything, I’d keep Scal over this guy because he can shoot.

  • Antoine! Antoine! Antoine! Antoine!
    It’s only right for Antoine to come back to Boston and finish his career by winning back to back to back championships with the team that he came originally created his legendary legacy with.
    I can see it now…. 6 or 7 years from now number 8 and number 34 will hang next to each other high above the garden floor right where they belong.

  • Outside of playing styles…. Danno is exactly right.
    But on the court, they are very different.

  • overhyped? noone thinks hes a superstar…hes about as good a backup center you could get in the NBA…and why wouldnt want that?
    And you would take scal because he can shoot? lol, thats not all there is to basketball…marcin gortat could help the celtics more then veal

  • Legendary legacy?
    wow dude, still love antoine, huh?
    No thanks..

  • Uncle Leo

    You do realize he was the reason they weren’t down by 20 after the first half? Kinda weird when people clearly have like personal grudges against players.
    And 75% shooting in a half is ridiculous, it became ridiculous when a Pietrus lost control of the ball on a fast break and it floated into the basket on it’s own. Very exciting game though.

  • Right on.. I was thinking the same about Battie. He isn’t a savior but he’d be a lot better on the parquet than Mikki was on the bench and he’s a vet in the locker room.

  • lol…I dont hate kobe half as much as most around here, I know hes a fantastic ball player…hes still overrated…I am somewhat stunned by peoples stunned reactions at him failing to close that game out….have they watched him since 2003?
    and its ridicoulosus to shoot 75% in a half, but why lakers fans would take solace in that, is retarded…that was one game – a game that is now over, it he no implications on game 4, where the magic could shoot 40% and win…

  • Uncle Leo

    Mandlebaum! Mandlebaum! Mandlebaum!