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Tony Parker’s Summer Vacation


Who the hell would want to play in the Finals with a wife like this?

Another pic….after the jump.

(Via Barstool Sports)


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  • Who would even leave the room with a wife like that?
    * Side note, what’s with the Suton picture in the NESN ad, did I miss something?

  • The writer says Suton would be a good pick for the Celtics at #58.

  • maybe we can make believe he his gortat

  • dom1020

    Girl gets her vitamins.

  • Nice-could use a little in the A-cup department though.

  • Still gotta tell me where you found that “The Celtics” pic

  • G4L

    This might be the best post ever made.

  • BigMck

    Which pic?

  • No particular pic-she is flat chested

  • With an ass like that who cares about her chest.