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Rumors: TA for Willie Green; Memphis #2 Pick

The Celtics have surfaced as potential suitors for Memphis' #2 pick in the draft:

As the rumor mill churns, the Griz have been approached by several
teams about acquiring the second overall pick. Boston, Houston and New
York are said to be among the most recent suitors.

Boston and Houston would likely have to offer an established NBA player or two, given that neither team owns a first-round pick.

Not sure why the Celtics would want the #2 pick, unless there's interest in Haseem Thabeet. He's the only guy who could help them win a title. But do we have anything Memphis would want?

There are rumors and then there are rumors. We found this one on the RealGM message boards, posted by someone with a reputation for having inside information. I'll need a shower after posting this, but here it is:

Boston offered us tony allen and Jr Giddens for (Willie) Green verbally…not sure what that does for us. Probably nothing.

For those wondering, Willie Green is a 6-3 swingman who averaged 8 ppg last season. Other than that, I don't know much about his game.

(hat tip to Celtics Blog on the Memphis rumor, and Papa Irish on the TA rumor)

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  • Willie Green he better then tony allen? i dont know, thats how bad he sucks
    as for the #2 pick…why? and how is hasheem thabeet going to help us win a title now? really? dount that

  • UNLESS…..
    There is more to the Ray and Rondo noise and they try to draft Rubio.
    Probably not… but I figured I’d throw it out there.

  • I say sign and trade Big Baby for the highest pick you can get.
    Just a thought

  • Danno

    Why would we sign and trade Big Baby for the #2 pick, if we can get it for TA?

  • BigMck

    I think you are combining the two rumors. No one is talking about TA for the pick.

  • illantari

    Who in the world would ever give us anything of value for TA? Oh wait it’s Memphis…

  • Danno

    Didn’t they give LA Pau Gasol and the Rights to Marc Gasol for a bag of balls and a coupon for 50% a McDonalds Happy Meal?
    Really though, is Rubio worth trading Big Baby for?

  • In my opinion absolutely. I wasn’t even implying that Big Baby could get us the 2nd pick. I think it would take much more.
    I was thinking like a pick anywhere from 7-12 or something if we could get that for Big Baby.
    I was just throwing it out there because I really don’t think we need to pay Big Baby a huge amount to be a back-up.

  • Lol the semi-colon is the key to the sentence.

  • Danno

    The awful headline font used on this board makes that supposed to be semi-colon look like a colon.

  • Willie Green? Not really much better than T.A. A bit more experienced and doesn’t have the injury history, but that’s about it. I’m sure this is just one of many rumors that we’ll hear as the draft gets closer to starting and the season gets closer to ending…

  • The TA rumour has nothing to do with the #2 pick or memphis…the TA rumour is him for willie green….who sucks, and its just a latteral move at best

  • willie green has an injury history actually, and with his kness..has only 1more year then TA…which whatever, this move Like i said above would be a latteral one…it wouldnt take us to another level or anything, thats for sure…but maybe it would be addition by subtraction if anything…willie green is an all around easier person to root for

  • What we’d need the most right now is a substitute for Pierce… which is nowhere to be seen in this draft, and obviously isn’t Willie Green.
    #2 pick is no use for us anyway. Even Rubio would be useless, we alrady have Rondo, plus he has a HUGE buyout from Joventud.

  • I know its a weak draft in all but i just dont see who we could give up to get the number 2 overall pick, im not sure teams would want it if we offered our entire bench for just the pick
    but then again this is the same chris wallace who gave pau gasol to LA for nothing so who knows anything is possible
    and the weird thing about us acquiring the 2cd pick is that there doesnt seem to be exactly what we need at the top of this draft, unless thabeet is able to come in and be a defensive presence right away we really wouldnt benefit all that much from it

  • all the reports i have read are that rubio is going to be responsible for paying his own buyout, thats why he is currently pushing so hard to get the buyout lessoned, and that some experts have speculated that it could take two years until you see rubio in the NBA

  • If we got the #2 pick and didn’t take Rubio, I would be upset. He seems like the perfect player to add to this team.

  • Bill

    Please god, I know you don’t exist, but please give us Hasheem Thabeet.

  • BigMck

    I with you Bill – I want a 7-2 center who can block shots and fill the defensive void when Perk is out of the game.
    Screw Rubio. I watched him a bit during the Olympics…not impressed (yes, I know he was going up against the best in the world).

  • Willie green aint bad. He has played well in recent 76er playoff games and he’s made the C’s suffer once or twice in the past when Iguodala finally gave him the rock. But really the only trade rumor that needs to pick up legs is the Sheed wallace talk. Perfect fit for the C’s and the only move necessary for banner 18..aside from unloading mikki moore and TA and maybe pruitt


    2 words for green 18 to happen MATT BARNES a better version of james posey… What a great player..I’ll take him over Posey Pietrus or Trevor Ariza who are all comparable player. He would be a tremendous fit. Maybe we could bring in Mcdyess and then either Dahntay Jones or Von Wafer to help keep Pierce and Allen fresh..That would completely remake the bench..Just pick a good backup PG also, Maybe Marbury will fit.

  • Lakerhater

    Make that three of us, this kid would fit nicely as would his rookie salary.

  • zippittyay

    How about Tony Allen for their Mascot? That would take care of 2 of our most immediate needs….