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Sacto decision “sooner rather than later”

RedsArmyAdmin June 9, 2009 Uncategorized Comments Off on Sacto decision “sooner rather than later”

I've heard the "decision will be made soon" thing before… but King's GM Geoff Petrie is singing it again.  This time, we're hearing potential contract details.

Sources with knowledge of the situation said the team's hypothetical
offer that Westphal already agreed to would apply to Rambis as well:
two seasons guaranteed at $1.5 million with a third-year team option
worth $1.75 million. Incentives were likely in both cases to increase
the salary based on the team's improvement, but it remains unclear
whether Rambis, who is believed to be the front-runner, will accept
those terms. It is not known whether those terms have been discussed
with Thibodeau.

The way I see it… they could have had Thibodeau by now with that offer.  If they really wanted him, he'd be hired and working on the draft by now.  Wouldn't you want your top choice for the head job to in on the workouts?  I would. 

Makes me think either Rambis is their guy, or Westphal is holding out for more cash.   Then again, I've been proven to not know squat a million times before… and I don't trust guys named Jeff who spell it "Geoff"… so we'll see.

(via SacTown Royalty)

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