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The Knicks COULD get their coveted free agent

Gortat It looks like the New York Knicks could get the free agent they're dying for

All this fuss has been about Marcin Gortat, right? 

What?  LeBron who?  What a funny name that is.  Must be made up.

It's looking like the market for Marcin is gonna be a good one.  I'm starting to think this will be a long shot for us.

Who we should sign is just one of the topics we'll be talking about Wednesday night… when we do our call in show!  Remember… it's a half hour… starting at 9pm.

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  • FSantos33

    Let the Knicks over pay G – Hammer. He isn’t worth that kind of dead Presidents. Totally overrated and over glorifing his value. I have faith in Ainge to get something done on the 25th and possiblly signing free agents. Ainge has an ego too and I am sure he wants to redeim himself after a C- GM performace.

  • Speaking of the NBA..Does anyone else wonder about this little tidbit. Why do they have a full 2 days off between games in L.A., then when they go from LA to Orlando, they only have 1 day off..?? WTF.

  • Hey guys,
    On my basketball website I just wrote an article called “Offseason Report: Boston Celtics”, you guys should check it out!

  • Someone is going to overpay for Marcin and if Isiah was in charge of the Knicks they would be the odds-on favorite to make the deal. Having said that he would be a good pick up for the mid-level exception (or a part of the exception) for the Knicks. I could also see the Bucks making a play (set to lose CV31 at least) and he would fit in well there.