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Maybe the Lakers winning is a good thing

Kobe game 2 Maybe I'm romanticizing the past a little bit.  But to me, basketball was at its absolute peak in the 80's.  The play was great.  There were so many great players and good teams.  We had classic individual performances (71 points by David Robinson), classic All Star weekend performances (Bird's "who's finishing 2nd three-point contest win, the Jordan/Nique dunk battles), and classic playoff performances (Bird vs. Nique, Jordan's 63 at the Garden).  And so many of those classic playoff matchups involved the Celtics and Lakers.  Part of what made it great is that both teams won.  Each team could lay claim to being the best.  Each team got its shots in.

So maybe Kobe Bryant's seemingly inevitable championship is GOOD for us Celtics fans.  As much as most of us hate him and that laundry he wears, as much as we'd relish him losing… it's just going to add fuel to our collective fires.

If the Celtics beat LA in their first meeting next year, C's fans will say "see… you can't beat us when we're healthy."  And Lakers fans will probably give us the finger.  The media will go nuts for the "2008 champs vs. 2009 champs."  Kobe will be even more hate-able to us… and more love-able to Lakers fans.  And depending on each team's offseason moves, next year's premier… borderline nauseating… Finals matchup will be Boston-LA rather than LeBron-Kobe (will they make a Pierce puppet?  Probably not).

Trust me, I'd be in all my Laker-hating glory if the Magic come back to win this series.  But watching Kobe fake-cry and fake-like his teammates and fake-share the spotlight will only make me want to beat him more.  And that's what being in a rivalry is all about.  Winning and watching your rivals win.  It's like a great fight.  If each opponent is getting shots in, then the whole thing is exciting. 

So maybe a Lakers victory is for the best.  Maybe a Lakers victory will teach some of the younger Celtics fans what a real rivalry is all about.  Celtics-Lakers used to be one of the best in all of sports.  So maybe the thing we least want to see will remind us why that was the case.

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  • plus it will make it that much sweeter when we beat them next year for banner number 18

  • Jp

    I see what you’re doing here, but after you sober up let’s see you say it’s good to have the Lakers win.

  • YokesonYou

    Now it’s ok? This has got to be the most pathetic display of stupidity I have ever seen. LMAO!

  • Do you read the post… or just the headline?

  • Laker fan’s get easily distracted. I liked the post. I watched that 71 point game where Robinson yanked the scoring title away for Shaq-fu. Good times.

  • Uncle Leo

    I see a 2010 finals rematch extremely unlikely. East is going to be a battleground next season. Bulls getting Deng back and maturing, Orlando getting better and are going to be a force in the playoffs for years to come, Lebron is gonna demand a big man on the Cavs, and who knows how well KG will recover after his first major surgery coming this late in his career. It won’t be the same cakewalk like in 2008, just saying hopefully the celts don’t slack off this offseason because they’ll be feeling the consequences of this one for years.
    Meanwhile Lakers are gonna be sitting pretty in a fairly deteroriating east.

  • KB24forLiFE

    if the lakers win, they are probably going to repeat with a full recovered and game ready andrew bynum.

  • Don’t hold your breath for Bynum, he’s good for 6 fouls a game and that’s it.

  • DRJ

    The Lakers winning should be what everybody here wants. Not only for the reasons enumerated in this article, but also because of the well-documented difficulty of repeating… for which there are many reasons, including psychological ones for the winning team (loss of fire, complacency, overweening hubris, etc.), and those involving the rest of the league (everybody brings their A game when playing the reigning champs, as the Cs found out).
    So if you want to maximize the probability of the Cs winning vs. the Lakers in a Finals matchup next year, you should be rooting for the Lakers to win this year.
    Besides, they’re obviously a great team… much, much better than Orlando.

  • Why do you keep changing your screename?

  • KobeWearsAPurpleThong

    I have to agree on some levels. I also have to agree that NBA basketball has become watered-down. Those years (before the L stopped every 7′ high-school kid who could windmill from entering the draft) gave us alot of D-Leaguers. I truly believe w/a healthy KG this team repeats-easily. But that’s moot. Looking forward to next year, and seeing the Magic win in 7 this year.

  • the lakers have some decisions to make, they have odom, ariza, brown all becoming free agents this offseason and its not going to be cheap to keep them
    you cant just say that the east will be better than the west next year, the east is still extremely top heavy, and orlando could possibly lose hedu
    last year would you have said that the 4 teams in the conference finals would include orlando and denver? no, i remember close to this time last year denver traded away marcus camby for no one, and george carl’s job was in severe jeapordy, and melo was close to being traded to the pistons
    things change

  • this bynum obsession you lakers fans have baffles me, he hasnt played well when he has been healthy, he is a decent big man with good height, not a dominating presence
    it would be like C’s fans saying “once tony allen gets healthy we are set, he is gonna be an all star”

  • T Diggs

    The Admiral’s 71 points was in 1995…

  • T Diggs

    or it may have been 1994…

  • I predicted they would win this series beforehand, just like I picked the magic in 6 over the cavs, and said we would lose game 7 after blowing game 6…even though I saw it coming I was hoping I was wrong, and watching the lakers win sucks

  • I’ll 2nd that. Watching them win that game against us on Christmas was awful and I remember thinking, “God, you’d think they just won the title”
    I’d rather not see that reality.

  • lol there are celtics fans out there that would probably say that…for whatever reason there are still tony allen fans


    As long as the Suckdics don’t win any championships, all will be well in the NBA. Ahh, priot to last year, it was great. Not a peep from the Suckdic fans, except when they cheered MVP, MVP for Kobe Bryant, a LAKER!

  • The suckdics..GREAT.

  • He’s about 85th Laker Idiot to use it. or the same Laker idiot with 85 monikers.

  • 85 monikers…

  • I can only hope it’s the same person and that they’re 14 years old at the most (and they’re Ritalin refill has been delayed).

  • CelDicks

    well u did see that reality of the Lakers winning the 09 title didn’t you? u fucking gay ass celtic lover

  • CelDicks

    hahaha Celtics fans did chant mvp for kobe in their building, i forgot all about that LMAO