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Doc’s Take, Antoine and More…


Bill Burt of the Eagle Tribune recently spent 30 minutes with Doc Rivers.

Here's Doc on the bench:

Q: The one thing the Celtics hit on last year was bench guys you
brought in, including James Posey, P.J. Brown and Sam Cassell. Is it
safe to assume that the Celtics have to do a better job at filling
those roles in 2009-10?

DOC: "Absolutely. We have to hit on backup
positions. That's the key to our season, the subtle moves we make. One
mistake we made was our locker room and our bench got too young too
quickly. I think it made Rondo and Perkins younger. When guys had
questions in the locker room, you had Sam, P.J. and Posey, plus the Big

"It's more difficult when nobody is there in the second group. And when
Kevin (Garnett) went down it really came down to the Big Two and now
those are the two old guys, minus Scal (Brian Scalabrine). That's way
too young." 

On the playoff series with the Magic:

Q: What was most frustrating about the loss to Orlando?

DOC: "Game 6 was the game we gave away. We had it won. Game 7 Orlando
simply played better. You could argue they were the better team and let
it go pretty easy. But it was frustrating at the time."

Doc also talks about KG, Ray and Danny Ainge. There are no surprises in the interview, but it's worth your time.

The Globe's Marc Spears has the following tidbits in his column:

Despite rumors to the contrary, an NBA executive said there has been "zero" trade discussion regarding Ray Allen,
who will be a free agent in 2010, and that such talk is "preposterous."
Another NBA executive said, "I'm not really hearing that. But I would
expect that kind of rumor. They didn't win without KG [Kevin Garnett], he was hot and cold in the [playoffs], and he's a last-year guy. Upgrade if you can. It would make some type of sense."

An NBA source said ex-Celtics forward Antoine Walker is
in his best shape in years, as he hopes to return to the NBA after
being cut by the Grizzlies last season without playing a game. The
source also said veteran free agent Tim Thomas, 32, is quietly expressing interest in the Celtics.

I'd say there's zero chance Antoine returns to Boston, and I'm praying Danny can do better than Tim Thomas.

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  • Agreed with Doc about giving game 6 away in orlando…ugh its annoying to even think about…orlando deserves the credit, obviously…but we had them right where we wanted them to close them out in 6 games, and just didnt execute down the stetch…now orlando is in the finals.
    Neither antoine or tim thomas thrill me as far as free agents…thats for sure

  • Oh, and unless we are getting dwyane wade and chris paul…trading anyone in the starting 5 is a panic move, a desperation move, and a move that will not work…. there is nothing wrong with our starting 5…they won it there first year. had a great second year just got beat up along the way….Im extremly excited about having them get another go round at it, hopefully with a better bench

  • I say bring on employee Numba 8 he bring scoring and that what need off the bench kevin can keep his ego in Check. I like the Idea

  • huh?
    kevin keep his ego in check? what are you talking about?
    bring in antoine?

  • Shawn-cvd

    Walker would be fine here. Get #8 to back up KG, sign and trade Baby to get a serviceable big and/or wing and/or PG. Use the MLE to fill in the missing component(s)
    A bench of Walker, House, Scal plus three of the guys Uncle Leo (Barnes, Barbosa, Kleiza, Birdman, Haywood, One of the Johnsons) has been talking about would be very deep and would provide a balanced puch of offense and defense.

  • Kevin can keep walker in check

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Bringing Walker off the bench would be fine, can’t be any worse than Moore this year or Pollard last year, or even Scal for that matter. That would be just one piece, a solid big man, backup PG or wing player would still be a must.
    We have all the pieces now to win, just need to stay healthy. The Celtics would be giving the Flakers a run for their money if KG and Powe were healthy, even Ray and Tony were a little dinged up.

  • Oh, I gotcha, I misunderstood that..I thought you mean kevin would have to keep his own ego in check..
    Anyways, Antoine walker is just a bad idea, celtics fans still bring him up every year….I dont see it happeneing, and nor should it…christ tim thomas would be a better option

  • Walker Brings nothing we need, I dont see him being solid in any way, and I also doubt hes even in the best shape hes been in a while. I understand people still consider walker as binky so to speak, but in all reality – NO

  • Antoine Walker is done-that would be a lateral move, at best. F nostalgia-we want Banner18. BTW, is that hot blonde to the right Doc’s wife..??

  • Yup…
    Found those photos on – a bunch of pics of Doc and his family at his Orlando mansion…I think there were from a few years back.

  • Yeah-I Googled

  • Okay, so you clearly know im not a laker fan, yet you continue to call me one…I want the anti laker propaganda down, because it isnt working…Im clearly rooting for the magic in the finals, and am pissed they blew lasts night games, and in doing so, the series.
    Im not trying to get props from a lakers fan, seriously if you actually paid closer attention you would know a laker fan is congratulating and thanking you for wanting all this anti laker stuff up, im sorry but if anything its having a jinx effect on the teams playing the lakers not named the celtics, and I am sick of looking at anything to do with the lakers…time to move on to the offseason, and forget about anti lakers crap, and just hope the magic can pull it out