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Second interview for Thibs?

Sactown Royalty has the scoop, via the Sacramento Bee.

According to two sources with knowledge of the situation, neither
[Kurt] Rambis nor his representative has negotiated potential terms of
an offer. And while the Kings appear poised to do so, those potential
discussions might not occur until the series against Orlando ends. In
the interim, fellow candidates Paul Westphal (former Phoenix and
Seattle head coach) and Tom Thibodeau (Boston associate head coach)
might be brought in for a second interview.

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  • Good luck Thibs..I think..

  • Quick trade idea:
    The celtics need a backup center, whether they resign big baby and powe or not, they are still desperate to find someone with some height to come in off the bench behind perkins
    They can search in free agency but this years class basically only has two true centers that could help them next year, and that they have a realistic shot at getting (that counts out birdman and gortat)
    those two guys are rasho nesterovic and rasheed wallace, it would take the full MLE to get sheed for sure, its not quite sure what it would take to get rasho, or if he would even be of benefit to the C’s next year
    anyways if you are not able to land one of those two than your basically left with signing or taking a power forward in the draft, now this would not be all bad as there are some guys like mycdess, joe smith, etc. that could help them but i would still prefer that the C’s at least explore the possibility of adding another true center, one way to do this is through a trade
    So my proposed trade is that the Celtics give up: Scal(hopefully in a deal where he is bought out and returns) Tony Allen, and Bill Walker
    For Brendan Haywood of the washington wizards
    now in this trade the C’s would be able (and willing im sure) to give up pruitt and giddens as well if need be
    I know a lot of you are big bill walker fans, and there are even some gabe pruitt lovers too, but this trade would be too good to pass up as it would fill our backup center need, get rid of tony allen, and free up some roster spots, while still preserving are MLE

  • Yup, theres now a source saying that trading ray allen is preposterous…which it is imo… you cant just buy or trade chemistry…not to mention ray allen was great this season….woo we didnt win the championship…well that was because KG wasnt healthy, should we trade him too? and what about paul pierce?
    I dont want anyone in our current starting 5 traded…and if they are I will be pissed..they definetly deserve another go round at this… noone on the bench is untradeable or even uncuttable at this point though

  • Shawn-cvd

    Good proposal but will Washington want back Walker who they sold to us onlast year’s draft night?

  • Shawn-cvd

    Big Baby is uncuttable. House is uncuttable. Your right though everyone on the bench is totally tradable.