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Call in show Wednesday

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There are a lot of questions with the C's this offseason.  So let's talk about them.  Chuck and I are firing up the Chat-tronic 5000 and doing a call in show.  This Wednesday, 9-9:30 pm.  You can find all the details on our Blog Talk Radio show page

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  • Been a lot of Rondo talk around town. CelticsBlog had a nice piece on him. Hopefully this will be a topic on the show??
    Wait, did you say you wanted mt 2 cents on the stupid arguments against Rondo’s immaturity and attitude? Ok!
    I’d argue he’s a top 5 point guard in the league because of all of the myriad of skills he has. Athletically, he is a gifted point guard whose on the court vision has improved. I want to chalk up the ineptitude of his play to the fact that he’s 23– the maturation for Perk has taken some time… but it’s there. It took even longer for Pierce, but it’s there. Rondo will get there too… it is way too soon to say his attitude won’t improve. Part of his confidence and swagger is also the same reason he is capable on the court: the dude truly believes he is better than most other point guards int he league and so when he plays against a Tony Parker or a Devin Harris or a Chris Paul, he’s get a chip on his shoulder and a point to prove.
    I want to see him sign something in the 5yr, $72 million range but I know that probably won’t happen…

  • The part in that article on the walker and giddens show about either of them being able to play a small four is totally false
    there is no way that a guy built like either of them at 6’6′ and 6’5 can adequately play post, if you remember walker having to play the 4 by default on st patty’s day, you know exactly what im talking about
    he allowed brad miller to get like 15 offensive boards in the last 5 minutes- absolutely killed us
    what i would do is decide which one of them i wanted to keep and then get rid of the other one and add a true small forward through the draft or free agency

  • Well the point was that if we wanted to play them both we could play small– Walker play the 4 like he did a little bit in the season. Not ideal by any means, but def. possible when other teams go small as well. He obviously can’t post against bigger guys, but could play against smaller second unit 4s in the league.
    I think that at some point one of them will be packaged up. I’d like to see both of get some playing time, NBA teams see the potential in either, and accept the deal with a bigger player to get something valuable in return.
    Again, I like TA and Scal getting packaged together this summer for a veteran big ($6 million combined salary). What about the combo of JR Giddens, Ray Allen, maybe Gabe for an actual game changer?

  • hammered right now but i will call in god Bless you