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Et tu, Larry?

RedsArmyAdmin June 5, 2009 Uncategorized 22 Comments on Et tu, Larry?
Larry bird

You know, I'm having a hard enough time coping with Kobe Bryant's seemingly eventual championship (and the onslaught of Laker trolls that will hit this site)… the last thing I needed was to hear Larry Bird's current favorite player is a Laker.

Johnson: Larry Bird told me that Kobe Bryant is his favorite player. How do you respond to that?

Bryant: You know what? That makes me feel, that
makes me feel great. You know, I hated Larry growing up. I did, I hated
his guts. But I loved him as a player and his work ethic and his
intensity, his tenacity and I wanted to be that way. And the funny
thing is, I’ve never actually met Larry Bird.

I'm just going to assume that Magic is making things up for TV.  The last thing I want to consider is Larry Bird saying positive things about Kobe… especially the morning after he drops 40 on Orlando in a 100-75 game 1 win.

Orlando came out great last night, and they seemed to get a boost from Jameer Nelson's return.  But the Lakers clamped down a bit on D, Orlando went cold, and the blowout was on.  One thing I saw, though, was how easy Dwight Howard was backing Andrew Bynum down, and how easily he could spin past Pau Gasol (and how we never saw him do that when Perk was on him).  He was gettting double and tripled teamed and hacked to death… but he needs to be a little more involved in the offense.  He took 6 shots… which sounds worse than it was.  He did take 16 free throws (making 10) but he still didn't get enough touches. 

One adjustment I'd make is to tell Dwight to make his move as soon as he touches the ball.  The longer he holds it, the easier he makes it to double him.  If he catches and makes his move immediately, he can get cleaner looks, and the fouls won't be the kind that prevent him from getting a good shot off.  It's a small adjustment, but it will make the defense work harder.  And it could open up some of his teammates on the perimeter because it would force the Lakers rotations to move more quickly… which would make it more likely they'll be out of position.

Going down 0-1 isn't a big deal for the Magic.  They only need to win 1 in LA right now.  But going down 0-2 is death.

By the way… the running theme in these Finals is "Kobe Bryant wants this too much… he's going to make it happen."  Which is something I thought we already knew about Kobe Bryant.

Like a kid hitting puberty at 15, it took David Stern a little longer than usual to grow a set of balls and fine LeBron James $25,000 for skipping the media session.  Way to go David.  It took what, a week for you to make that happen?  Also out there:  Chad Finn doesn't like Charles Barkley's on air expletives.  And Chris Bosh is planning his exit strategy from Toronto.

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  • the magic had a look we certainly havent seen the rest of the playoffs, I thought from the way they talked after beating the cavs they would be ready..obviously not.
    one big thing when playing the lakers, is you cannot be a fan of kobe bryant, you can have no respect for him at all, its too bad the magic have a rookie guarding him, and probably his number 1 fan in pietrus. cant happen…thats why last years celtics dominated him…they cant stand kobe bryant, ray allen despises him and has always stepped up when playing kobe, pierce honestly thinks hes better then kobe (even though hes not its good he feels this way) and I dont think Kevin Garnett cares much for him, and im pretty the rest of our team flat out cant stand him..they arent his fans, and they arent wearing his shoes or watching in awe when playing against him..they couldnt care less about him being the supposed best player on the planet.
    the magic cant defend kobe, so this series is pretty much over

  • the weirdest part about this is how the magic seemed to play the cavs with no regard for lebron, like they didnt even notice or care how good lebron played, they had the utmost confidence they could beat him…well they need this attitude back ASAP
    also the layoff clearly effected there shooting, which was dreadful
    and as far as larry bird saying kobe bryant is his favorite player, eh I think ive heard that before..and Its simply because kobe is the best overall talent we have in the NBA…Magic Johnson should just shut hus trap already

  • rod

    catch any good fish yet?

  • Wow. Good one. Dont you have something better to do?
    Its not offensive at all to ask us about fishing, its rather immature and annoying.
    Anyone else think the magic possibly should not have brought jameer nelson back? they got there without him, and now hes cutting into rafer alstons minutes and anthony johnson (whos played very well) isnt even playing
    this is so stupid it should be a sin. they overplayed a guy who isnt in game shape and hasnt played in months.

  • FSantos33

    I had no problem Bird saying Kobe is his favorite player. Bird sees in Kobe the intensity and the drive to want to win and to always want to get better just like he sees it in himself. This was no worse then when Bird said former Laker Michael Cooper was the best defender that EVER guarded him in his career. (Bird made this comments during his retirement speech, ugh) I never heard the end of that one because my best friend is die hard Coop/Lakers fan.
    Orlando took a big dump in L.A. last night. Game 2 should be treated like Game 7 for the Magic. If they can’t match Kobe/Lakers intensity then say goodbye. Game 2 should be a closer game. Looks to me J. Nelson’s return affected Alston’s performance. Maybe it’s just me.

  • BigMck

    Kobe Bryant was magnificent last night. I give the guy a ton of credit for seizing and dominating that game.
    Stop sticking out your lower jaw and teeth. It doesn’t make you look angry, just stupid.

  • FSantos33

    It’s his new look – “I mean business now, the new serious, mean, and tough Kobe.” So, Hollywood. Props for his new act, apparently it’s working.

  • 11rings

    I’m surprised Bird said that about Bryant. Bryant wants to win, sure, but not enough to keep playing with O’Neal, the league’s most dominant center at the time and one of the best centers of all time. Imagine if Bird played with Olajuwon, the best center of his era, but the two didn’t get along. I think Bird would have made it work on the court and keep racking up ring after ring. I think Bryant wants to win, but on his own terms. I think Bird, on the other hand, just wanted to win.

  • This is off-topic Red’s, but’s “Truth & Rumors” section is reporting that the C’s are indeed shopping Ray Allen AND….Rondo. yes-and the source on this story is supposedly D.Ainge himself. Interesting….

  • Uncle Leo

    The magic played their worst game of the playoffs so far. It’s sad but apparently the Dan marino story that van gundy told them at the meetings didn’t sink in. I actually equally blame the loss on the poor shooting and stan, the lakers came in with a very simple and effective plan and he just couldn’t make the adjustments. Hopefully they’ll make for a more competitive game 2.

  • Yeah, that article is complete and utter Bullshit…
    if they trade rondo, my fanhood will be in serious jeopardy has an article on it, that makes no sense, they pull quotes out of there ass and the whole entire article is bs

  • NineSevenEight

    It looks so contrived, almost like it was practiced in the mirror.

  • FSantos33

    What’s your take on it Kwapt? If we can get Chris Paul.. Shoot, pull the trigger Danny Ainge.

  • FSantos33

    “And the Oscar goes to…..”

  • IdiotCelticsFan

    Isnt it funny that when KG does his pussy screams or talking shit, hes intense? yet when kobe does it, it makes him look stupid? Stop contradicting yourself.

  • Chris Paul for Rajon & SugarRay? Wouldn’t happen, but hell ya!!!

  • Most likely-for that duo, Ray & Rajon, we’d have to get top 5 pick & another star PG or 2 guard…

  • FSantos33

    I didn’t call Kobe stupid – It’s just funny this new Oscar winning look started only three games ago vs. Denver (Game 5). KG’s antics started since day one as a rookie. Maybe he thinks Spike Lee is filming “Kobe Doin’ Work II”. Not contradicting myself just calling it how I see it man. Props to the intensity act it seems to be working.

  • R

    Laker troll here, as requested. :0)
    Honestly, why wouldn’t Larry Bird find his favorite player is Kobe?

  • Exactly! Bird and McHale had their MAJOR differences. They set them aside though to win championships!

  • Go Lakers. Celtics suck! Laker Nation runs deep!