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Are the Celtics Really Shopping Rondo?


Via HoopsWorld:

Off the record, we have several sources telling
us that Ray Allen is, indeed, on the block. It's easy to make the leap,
as the Celtics have managed to develop some nice young talent around
their Big Three while also managing to win a championship. They might
have even repeated had Kevin Garnett been healthy. It's not a stretch
to say the Celtics would part with Allen, who has an ending contract
next season, if they could add another top young player to the mix.

On the record we have an added wrinkle
– one that we thought to be highly unlikely until we found it reported
with a quote attributed to Celtics GM Danny Ainge. It seems the Celtics
are willing to package Rajon Rondo with Allen to make the right deal

Let's address the trade speculation first, and then we'll get to that Ainge quote and HoopsWorld's shady reporting.

We all understand why Ray is trade bait; he's got an expiring contract and he's 33 years old.

But Rondo? He's a superstar in the making. Have we already forgotten the 19 ppg, 11 apg and 9 rpg he averaged in the Bulls series? He's made tremendous strides in the last two seasons and is still just 23-years-old.

I've come up with two potential reasons why the Celtics would trade Rondo:

  1. He has a crappy attitude 
  2. He wants max money

The HoopsWorld article expounds on Rondo's attitude. In fact, they use it as support for the trade rumor:

"He's stubborn," Ainge told ESPN's Jackie MacMullen.
"He doesn't always take direction well. He's very bright and knows what
he needs to do to be successful. But sometimes he doesn't understand
what the team needs to be successful."

Doc Rivers expressed similar sentiments, which he directed at Rondo himself earlier this season.

"Do you know your teammates hate playing with
you? … The point guard has to be the guy that brings energy to the
team. You can't be the guy that sucks it away. Your moodiness is
affecting us. Change it."

This is a big stretch in my opinion. First of all, Ainge's quote is part of an article praising Rondo as the new team leader. And I've listened to Ainge many times on WEEI throughout the season and he repeatedly heaps praise upon Rondo. To take one quote and assume that is a team's position on a player is flat out wrong and irresponsible.

As for the Doc quotes, just because a coach is hard on a player, doesn't mean that player is being traded. I could dig up some of Doc's criticism of Paul Pierce and attach it to a trade rumor. Will that validate the rumor? No.

Update: An unnamed Celtics official tells Sam Amico (who?) of (what?) that the team is not longer to trade Rondo and there's been minor discussion about Ray Allen.

(Thanks to ToTheRuins for the link)

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  • The quotes from doc werent from last year, so the author of this article can slit his wrists….those were quotes from rondos ROOKIE SEASON.. , and what bad attitude exactly are we talking about? KG gets praised for taunting, pounding his chest and cussing at the crowd every single game of his career…and rondo has a bad attitude? Pierce has had several moments throughout his career where he has looked selfish, not doing whats right for the team, etc etc…..where is the evidence of rondo doing this…cause I dont see it
    a pass first PG who constantly gets his teammates involved before shooting, is unselfish to a fault at times, will do whatever it takes to help his team win…. where the fuck are these quotes derived from? someones ass?
    And I flat out dont understand why these supposed flaws or attitude problems would be cured by bringing in AMARE STOUDEMIRE
    And if it so happens, I will not root for the amare stoudemire celtics sorry

  • Unless that young player is Deron Williams, Chris Paul, or Kevin Durant this is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard.
    Also, those quotes about Rondo were from his rookie season if anybody actually read the article you’d see that quote being pulled way out of context and used to portray a feeling that the Celtics no longer have towards Rondo.
    That aside, these rumors are starting to frighten me.

  • So “HoopsWorld’s” on the record quote from Danny Ainge is from 3 years ago? Not only that but he was only quoted to contrast how well Rondo is now emerging as a leader of the team.

  • FSantos33

    All quotes and articles aside for a second. For example: You guys wouldn’t go for Ray & Rondo for Chris Paul trade? WTF is hoopsworld doing bringing up stuff from Rondo’s rookie season…

  • The Ainge quote is from April.

  • Those Doc quotes are from his rookie season? That’s horrible reporting. You have the link?

  • I understand the Ray Allen thing but how would added Rondo go into this equation whatsoever. If were trading someone like Rondo who is the FUTURE of this team, then Ainge has lost it. Personally, I feel Rondo is one of the guys in this league you just can’t trade. Unlike someone like Ray Allen, you don’t know how Rondo could improve in the next couple years. Allens not bringing anything new to the table, but Rondo has a chance to be the best pure point guard in the East for the next decade. If we offer Allen and Rondo in a deal, it has to be one of the best players in the league.
    I know Ainge brought us a title and brought KG and Ray Ray to boston, but besides that year he has made too many mistakes during his tenure. I thought our 1st round pick (potentially Brandon Roy) for Telfair was bad, but if a deal is made involving both these guys, I’ll be very upset.
    Nevermind the fact that we’ll be a Top 3 team in the league again next season.

  • Read the article Chuck. It’s about him in his rookie year.

  • Exactly. But the real question is Ainge trying to go for a few solid players (i.e Amare and Barbosa) or attract a young superstar. Either way, I don’t see any of those guys you wrote being traded.

  • Listen Telfair is putting up solid numbers in Minnasoata. That trade also unleashed Raef LaFrentz’ contract which ultimately allowed for the acquistion of the Big 3.
    But I agree with everything else

  • The Doc quotes are from the rookie season, but I don’t think the Ainge quote is. And yes Tim, I’ve read the article.

  • Yes those quotes are from rondos rookie season, I dont know if i can find a link – but I remember very vividly they did a special on rondo during the postseason on halftime or pregame (whatever) and they were discussing how far rondo has come, and gave those quotes from doc FROM HIS ROOKIE SEASON – that his teammates didnt like playing with him, because of his cockiness and what not, if a teammate didnt catch his pass he would role his eyes, etc…doc had nothing but praise for rondo this season…those quotes are a joke and they are a grasping at straws to give a logical reason to trade rondo – which there isnt one

  • My bad, I skimmed over the Doc stuff.

  • The Ainge quote sounds like from this year but I can’t even really relate that quote to these trade rumors. They took one quote from an entire article praising Rondo.

  • Yup, that link works
    This article makes it seem doc said it this season, and it couldnt be further from the truth.
    That wasn’t always true. Two seasons ago, before the banners and the plaudits and applause, when Rondo was in charge of a team that won just 24 games, he’d throw a no-look bullet and when it was dropped out of bounds he’d roll his eyes in exasperation. If he set up a shooter for the open jumper and it clanged off the rim, the shooter was subjected to the Rondo stare, a look steeped in disdain and aggravation.
    Rivers hauled his supposed floor leader into his office and asked him, “Do you know your teammates hate playing with you?”
    Rondo displayed no emotion, but his coach’s comments left him struggling to breathe.
    “The point guard has to be the guy that brings energy to the team,” Rivers chided him. “You can’t be the guy that sucks it away. Your moodiness is affecting us. Change it.”
    Rondo retreated to his apartment to process Rivers’ rebuke.
    “It was a reality check,” Rondo admitted. “I wasn’t positive. If I threw a pass they didn’t catch, instead of saying, ‘Let’s get the next one,’ I’d make a face. It wasn’t what I said. It was more my body language.”
    ..and even in this quote from the article Tim supplied (thanks) ….since when was rondo in charge of that 24 win team? lmao

  • What player could the C’s possibly get back to validate giving up rondo and allen?
    not too many, are we getting back chris paul? derron williams? kevin durant? lebron james? thats doubtful, so i dont see the c’s giving up both of them, it makes no sense

  • they player they gave up in the telfair, ratliff trade was rand foye not brandon roy
    they actually picked foye and traded him to portland who then traded foye to minnesota for roy

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    If Ainge was really shopping Rondo, why would he say anything negative about his attitude?

  • is it just me, or does rondo have the best attitude on the entire team? always keeps his compusure, very professional on and off the court

  • Ya so if we kept the pick there was a good chance Sota would’ve picked Foye at #6 and then Brandon Roy wouldve been at #7 for us to take. Thats why I said potentially.
    Looking back at it, the draft in 2006 wasnt suppose to be good and out of it came Rondo,Roy,Aldrige as well as guys like Ronnie Brewer Ty Thomas and Rudy Gay

  • CFH

    Danny Ainge has had a fixation on Rondo since Rondo was in high school. All of Ainge’s predictions about Rondo have come true.
    So I don’t see him shopping Rondo merely because Rondo is “stubborn.” Rondo’s stubbornness, like KG’s intensity or Ray’s obsessiveness or Pierce’s confidence-arrogance, is a strength more than a weakness. It takes stubborness to keep practicing and improving. It takes stubborness to stare down 3 many-time all-stars and say “this is my offense, I’m running it.” It takes stubborness to get up and drive the lane again after getting knocked down repeatedly by the other team’s defenders.
    And as for not taking direction, does anyone want a starting point guard to check with the coach every time down the floor? Even super-coachable Steve Nash publicly admits that sometimes he ignored Mike d’Antoni’s directions if he thought d’Antoni was wrong.
    I only see Danny being willing to trade arguably his most successful pet project if it’s for a huge name, and we all know the Hornets can’t afford Chris Paul.
    Trader Danny will talk to anyone about anything. It doesn’t mean he’d pull the trigger.

  • Lakerhater

    What these trade rumors really signify is that no one really gives a sh#t about the Lakers series so they are forced to invent news to generate interest. Wag the dog NBA style.
    And ruins is right on the vintage of Doc’s quote. Rondo’s not going anywhere, and I doubt Ray is either. Look for the C’s to BUY some BENCH talent out of free agency.

  • FSantos33

    Who has a twitter account? Someone twit Pierce or Marbury see if they will respond to this trade rumor. 95% odds they won’t respond but you never know till you try.

  • G4L

    Rondo is the future.. the guy Ainge has been looking for ever since he took over so he’s not going anywhere & Ray Allen is also staying put because he gives us the best chance of winning it next year plus when he comes off the books the C’s will use that money towards Rondo, Perk & free agents or maybe even Ray Ray with a pay cut.

  • I don’t know if it is as much ‘get rid of Rondo’ as ‘see if we can get’ xxxx. If xxxx is Derron Williams or Chris Paul I think it would be short sighted of Ainge not to explore it.
    Previously posted that Amare/Barbosa would be a bad ROI.

  • and powe

  • It seems to me that people have forgotten about the great season that he just had, and the two biggest reasons why he wasnt as effective as he should have been against Orlando
    First of all he was playing through an issue that was bothering him with his hamstring, and second neither him nor pierce had a reliable backup all year so there minutes were forced to be up ALL year, and especially in the playoffs when they played essentially 15 games in little over 2 weeks
    a shooters legs are vital for him to be effective, does any one even remotely wonder why ray, playing basically without rest, and through a hamstring injury was not able to be effective? NOT ME, because the same thing happened to pierce, who had a great season, followed by a disappointing postseason individually for him to say the least
    its no accident why rondo, perk, and baby played such a key part in this postseason for us, they had to pick up the slack for not only KG and powe who were out, but also for a rundown pierce and allen
    thats where danny’s biggest mistake was in not signing a reliable wing last year, and if he repeats that mistake it will only be magnified in years to come

    Rumors that Rajon Rondo was put on the block by the Boston Celtics seemed to be message board fodder and sources say the report is not true.
    “Can he be frustrating at times? Absolutely. But no one is ready to give up on him,” a Celtics source said.
    “Whoever put the Rondo rumors out there obviously works for someone other than the Celtics.”
    Okay, so out of this quote right here, I want to know, still….why rondo can be frustrating at times? because hes too confident? never complains? is a class act on and off the court?
    Can I get a list of players on the celtics right now, that cant be frustrating at times? all this is ridicoulous, every single last player on this roster can be frustrating at time – AS CAN EVERY PLAYER IN THE NBA..
    Anyways, I hope the overall message from this source is correct, rondo better not be on the block, and I think losing ray would be a gut punch as well, even if ray is cold, he spaces the floor for pierce/kg/rondo as good as anyone in the league could…I dont know, could we trade him back to his original team for Michael redd?

  • oh and this source probably doesnt work for the celtics either (what the hell is going on)
    Why in gods name would the celtics even say they arent ready to give up on him…WHY WOULD THEY GIVE UP ON A 23 YR OLD PG WHO CONTINUES TO IMPROVE?
    Losing Al Jefferson was a slap in the face, and if they turn around and do the same thing with rondo…um kill me

  • Losing Al Jefferson was a slap in the face???
    Are you kidding me?
    If we didn’t give him up that would have been a slap in the face.
    He’s a great player, but no way we win a championship with him.

  • I’m with most others on this one: the only way those 2 would go would be for a Chris Paul type, or a 1st round pick (top 5 or so) and another impact 2 guard who is 28 or younger…you get my point.

  • Uncle Leo

    Look, Rondo does have a bad attitude and he’s way too immature and emotional(in a bad way) on the court to be the leader of this team anytime soon. The problem is he probably thinks he’s already a superstar and has the right to act like he’s the untradable shit aka stephon marbury in his bad years. Hopefully this isn’t the case but all the information and instinct about situations such as these suggests that its not. Whatever happens hopefully we can get a decent replacement and a deeper bench.

  • Uncle Leo

    suggests that it is*
    is what i meant

  • AMP

    I cannot think of 1 player I’d prefer to Allen and Rondo…and it is hard to think of 2 players I’d prefer to Allen and Rondo. It would have to be a pretty big trade for me to accept this on…1 superstar veteran, 1 reliable veteran, 2 promising rookies, a really good draft pick + ???. Seriously, people are screaming for more veterans. This would make no sense for next year or the future.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Alright! Some Celtic Love!

  • What are you even talking about? rondo has a bad attitude? what the fuck are you talking about? he is way too immature? again, what the fuck are you talking about, hes 23 years old, and besides ray allen probably the most mature player on the celtics….. when is he acting like hes untradable? where does he say hes a superstar? you just pulled a whole lot of shit out of your ass

  • Uncle Leo

    Pretty sure you learn not to throw other guys into tables back in high school. The league would’ve crucified him if hienrich got injured somehow.
    He acts like he’s untradable when the game isn’t going well and he just disappears and literally stops playing, it was marbury who came off the bench and sparked the comeback. He doesn’t need to say shit everything about him you can see on the court.

  • lmao
    He doesnt act like hes untrabable, and your comment overall is just confusing…in 1 game marbury sparked a comeback… 1 GAME!!! god damn kid, other then that he sucked and was nothing, I dont see your point.
    rondo doesnt purposely dissapear, and he really never does, even if he isnt scoring he makes his impact in some way.
    the thing with hinrich is overblown, it was both of them getting tangled up in a highly emotional series, for crying out loud kid.

  • Uncle Leo

    Doesn’t matter what you say, he quit on the Orlando series and everyone who saw those games and has also seen him play at his best can easily say that.

  • JD

    Uncle Leo, were you possibly smoking crack during the Orlando series? If Rondo quit in the Orlando series, then Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Big Baby, etc, etc, quit as well, becaue none of those guys tried any harder than Rondo. But I think it was just a simple case of being extremely tired. The Celtics starting five were in the top six for playoff minutes in the first two rounds. Rondo and Ray Allen were the top two. Not to mention the fact that Pierce, Perk, Ray and Rondo were all hampered by injuries. They played their asses off, but they are only human.

  • CB

    Seriously? You think he gave up?!? He was tired. Did you see all the minutes he played. Everyone was tired during the Orlando series. Maybe rondo didn’t do too good but neither did anyone else. They were all tired and nobody “gave up.” THey had all had trouble with injuries this season. Pierce had trouble with his knee, ray had trouble with his elbow, rondo with his ankle, perk with his shoulder; everyone was tired and they didn’t give up. It was hard to play against the magic without garnett.

  • CB

    This makes no sense. Why would they trade Rondo? He is 23! After how much he has improved during the playoffs, why would they trade him? Who know how much more he can improve over the next few years. I just don’t understand why anyone would think of trading Rondo right now. He’s young and has a long way to go. Trading Rondo would be a big mistake. And so what if he has a little attitude now and then. Who hasn’t? Rondo has become a great leader and has done a great job so far. “He is selfish” Where did that come from? Actually during this playoff series pierce was more of a ballhog than anyone else; no offense to him. But before Rondo takes a shot himself he always looks to see if anyone is open. Whatever. I just hope that they aren’t stupid and I hope Rondo stays with the Celtics.