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Two States Like Orlando’s Chances Tonight


Via ESPN's SportsNation Poll – Which Team will win Game 1 of the NBA Finals?

Go Magic!!!!

I'm working on the New Hampshire vote.

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  • This is one of the best posts you’ve ever made Chuck.
    That’s awesome.

  • G4L

    Haha.. Classic!

  • If that doesn’t highlight the Laker hate… nothing does.

  • High praise from my harshest critic.

  • Alex

    I lol’d so hard when I saw Massachusetts in red. Ahahahaha.

  • Lakerhater

    I’m demanding a recount in Washington State, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t hate the Flakers.
    GO MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!

  • Two-Buck Chuck


  • 11rings

    Pill Jackson and Kome will be beaten in this series, by a team that plays team basketball. Appropriately. Red coached team basketball. Whatever the Zen-Flaker coaches, it’s not team basketball, and he will not surpass Red.

  • I lol’d! Great post!

  • CFH

    LMAO! The only time you’ll ever see MA in red while most of the rest of the country is in blue.

  • It was just something about they way you put together this post that had me literally on the floor laughing.

  • Ya know what I just realized? they named the finals MVP after Bill russel this season.
    a goddamn laker better not get it for the first time, please magic

  • F$%& the mother f%$#ing Fakers. GO MAGIC.

  • Jameer Nelson came back and looks good

  • lol@ the media hyping the lakers at halftime ,calling the 10 pts lakers lead a huge margin, and discussing why they dominated the cavs and are down 10 to the lakers (tottally forgetting they were down much more then that in game 1 at halftime vs the cavs) chodes, theyre acting like its over after 1 half

  • okay, so the magic offically look like a dear in headlights

  • SuperSoftMan

    I’d like to thank you for rooting for the Magic cause you apparently played a huge part in the Lakers Blowout Win tonight. Everyone you’ve picked to root for this year turned out to suck balls. Good Looking Out!

  • I bleed green in L.A.


  • Uncle Leo

    lol kobe getting the bill russell trophy in it’s first year. Man that’s gonna sting if he’s the one to hand it to him

  • rod

    hey celdick fan check the final score

  • bostonBLEEDSPURPLEandGOLD24/7

    Hey suckdicks fans (aka celtic fans)….hurry up and tell your boys garbage man garnett, drama queen pierce, and ugly ass ray allen to HURRY UP and do a very good job on shinning that Larry O’Brien trophy cause it will be heading back to LOS ANGELES, CALI!!! oh, and other thing….update that map to>>>> <<<<<

  • 11rings

    Please accept my congratulations on the Lakers’ game one victory. I missed the trophy presentation after the game. How did it go? Is there gonna be a parade in LA tomorrow?

  • hey celdick fan
    Hey suckdicks fan
    Man Laker fan sure brings their A game don’t they? I’d hate to see their C game.

  • rod

    catch any good fish yet?

  • 131-92

  • truth

    remove that pat’s army thing. is bad karma (?)


    i like how the ads on this site have kobe, your most hated athlete. how ironic! although you guys are celtic fans, i always come here an read. you guys got some funny shit on this site! good articles. but GO LAKERS!!!

  • You can’t really be a Laker fan. No insults, no “clever” respelling of Celtics just a post where you show your love for your team with out insults. Shocked.

  • dom1020

    QUOTE ” bostonBLEEDSPURPLEandGOLD24/7 said…
    Hey suckdicks fans (aka celtic fans)….hurry up and tell your boys garbage man garnett, drama queen pierce, and ugly ass ray allen to HURRY UP and do a very good job on shinning that Larry O’Brien trophy cause it will be heading back to LOS ANGELES, CALI!!! oh, and other thing….update that map to>>>> <<<<< *****************GO LAKERS********************** " OHHHH SNAP OWNED.

  • lol @ low life lakers fans…there team wins game 1 of the finals and they come directly to a celtics blog…roflmfao
    only thing is, the celtics arent even playing!!!!
    good to see the bitterness is still there.

  • Youre lucky to catch a team who looks like a deer in headlights buddy
    Oh. and the series isnt over after 1 game, if the magic steal game 2, they then have 3 games at home.
    and you do realize last years celtics would yet again dominate this pathetic lakers team? and that the celtics get to keep there trophy, the lakers will get a different one, moron?
    also, is this clown calling someone on the celtics ugly? lmao….the lakers are the ugliest team on the planet

  • Lakerhater

    Don’t be to harsh on the Faker trolls, most of their blogs hsve been shut down for child porn – they really don’t have anywhere else to go.

  • Yessss! THELAKESHOW, even thou this is the boston SuckDicks shitty site, it is ironic that WE (THE LAKER NATION) are ALWAYS able to find stuff to read and laugh at about our LAKERS even thou alot are negative, it is still FUN! Hey LAKESHOW you would not find these shit at ANY of our LAKERS BLOGS! NEVER! We can see that REDSARMY is all on the LAKERS NUTTS!!! That’s why I say to you redsarmy and staff: THESE NUTTS IN YALL MOUTH!!! and those basketBALLS on this front shitty sites, you guys choke on those balls, those LAKER BALLS!!! ha ha ha

  • Key word: “IF”…..luv it!!!!!

  • THIS IS OUR BLOG!!!! WE OWNED THIS SHIT TOO!!! tell me idots, what do you most see on this blog…..LAKERS…..KOBE MVP….LAMAR THE CANDYMAN….BOM BOM PAU…..ANDREW BYNUM AND his playbunnies….come on stop living in denial…after sunday, 6/7/09….count on it….LAKERS LAKERS LAKERS LAKERS LAKERS LAKERS LAKERS LAKERS LAKERS LAKERS LAKERS…ha ha ha….WE OWNED THIS SHIT!!!!

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  • dom1020

    dayyum all true. go lakersnations though those fucks banned me for no reason what so ever