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Live Celtics Games on the Web?


Via the Herald:

Boston Celtics [team stats]
fans could soon have another way to watch their team play – online. The
NBA franchise is in talks with Comcast to stream games live, and free,
on the Web next season.

(President Rich) Gotham said details of the deal with Comcast SportsNet have yet to
be worked out. But he expects the agreement to be signed in time for
the season opener this fall.

“We haven’t worked through all the specifics of the model,” he said.

The key words in that first paragraph are live and free. This is very cool news. I'm surprised the league is allowing this to happen, quite frankly. If there's a lot of interest (and I think there will be), expect the team to eventually stream all their games on for a fee.

And the AP is reporting that Comcast will add NBA TV to its digital tier of service before the start of next season. This is similar to the deal reached with the NFL Network. What does this mean for me? More sports options on my current cable package. My wife is thrilled.

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  • you can pretty much already find all celtics games streamed on the net on various sites..but obviously if they got a deal done to do it legally, the quality would be much better

  • rvr

    how is this possible with selling access to live streaming games? i would assume they have all media rights locked up. why would the let the celtics do this, when it cuts into that revenue stream?

  • Under the current agreement, if you live in New England, you cannot watch Celtics games via the League Pass Broadband. Here’s the blackout restrictions:
    Blackouts take place when a game is televised locally in your area via a regional sports network or an over-the-air station. If a game is blacked out on NBA League Pass in your local area, you should tune to your local station to see the game. Games appearing on national television are not available on League Pass.
    This applies to games being televised on ABC, ESPN, TNT, and NBA TV. You may view these games simply by switching to the designated channel.

    Since all Celtics games are on Comcast or network, you’d never be able to watch online.

  • This is great news! The only problem is that being in Atlanta, and not on Comcast (though CSN is available on different providers), I won’t be able to get these for free.
    If not, there’s always League Pass Broadband.

    All sites i watched celtics streams all year long for free

  • I’ve tried myp2p to watch Steelers games and never had any luck.
    The streams are always spotty at best.

  • Exactly-we wouldn’t be able to see it in Boston, Same thing with RedSox-NESN has exclusive rights. Otehr channels aren’t even allowed to show highlights while the game is still in progress. (ridiculous)Comcast would have to allow local fans to watch online…

  • Would you have to be on comcast? I would imagine it would be on

  • But you’re not obnoxious enough to be a Stillers fan Chuck????

  • Ha. I think a lot of people on this site would say I am.

  • Alvaro Mendez

    Will this work for people outside the US???
    I live in Panama and I can only see the ESPN TNT ABC games plus games on YES FSN OHIO FSN OAKLAND FSN FLORIDA (vs nets, cavs, magic or GS)
    Justin tv doesnt always have a Celtic feed