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KG Guarantees Titles in 2010, 2011


Via the Globe:

"I talked to [Garnett] and he guaranteed the championship in 2010 and
in 2011," Grousbeck said. "He was as fired up as he's ever been."

Not shocked that KG would spout off like that.

What's interesting though, is that Wyc failed to mention the guarantees when his comments were first sent out via the Celtics Twitter page. Unless the Celtics PR people weren't keen on the media attention the guarantees might create and censored edited their owner's words.

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  • Uncle Leo

    ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • G4L

    I like guarantees!

  • We better add a backup center and small forward or two if we want to win it all

  • Derek Orlando

    anybody but bron & kobe…..lets play keep away

  • Well, if he says so, Im confident we can squeeze at least another title out of him…Oh god, I watched game 4 of last years finals, and my god what a differnce!!!! last years team was so good and I miss watching KG play so much.

  • But the differences in last years playoff team and this years is obviously like night and day, first of all rondo and perkins sucked compared to what they were this year, KG was obviously hurt, but even earlier in the season he wasnt playing at the level he was at in 2008, and pierce looked literally 10 steps slower in this years playoffs. lol and BBD was twice as fat and just a cheerleader from the bench

  • I bleed green in L.A. and dislike ToTheRuins

    Hey Papa, I’ve heard you say this before, and I like all the information you provide, but do we really need another small forward? Powe, BBD, Scal, Walker, all undersized backup power forwards? Maybe another true power forward if we lose BBD…maybe Gooden? The backup center is a must, Chandler is being shopped around or get Sheed and have Perk as the backup.

  • i meant another wing, someone who can play the 2 and 3 positions, who can basically relieve allen and pierce
    not another small forward as in a undersized post, we definitely don’t need another one of those

  • HAhahahahhahahahahahahahha.
    I love the name. THat is amazing. I might have to borrow that from you at some point.

  • lol @ starting sheed instead of perkins
    Hows LA treating ya big guy?

  • Nora

    There were a ton of injuries this year, Ruin. They had an off year like most teams that have woin the championship the year before.