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We can thank Clifford Ray for Dwight Howard

Clifford ray
Photo from reader Jesse Haley's parade photos on Flickr

Clifford Ray and Robert Parish run a big man camp every year… and one of Cliff's former pupils is Dwight Howard.  With Dwight now in the spotlight and about to lead his team to a sweep of the Lakers (hey, I can dream), Cliff has reason to brag.  But he won't… and he's trying to pass that attitude on to Dwight.

"He's totally excited," said Ray. "I also talked to his mom and his
dad. He's worked hard. I've told him to stay humble. Humility is
everything. He deserves this."

Dwight still has work to do… but he's only 23 years old.  In a couple of years, this kid is gonna come up with a couple of offensive moves and it will be game over.  He's so damn quick for his size, if he can harness that and not focus on trying to overpower everyone every time, he'll be unstoppable.

Staying with the Magic, this whole mess with Jameer Nelson possibly (or according to the players, probably) playing in the Finals is getting nuts.  It's sounding a LOT like the Celtics and the games they were playing with KG and his injury situation.  How a guy can miss half the season and then suddenly slid into the rotation in the NBA finals is beyond me.

Elsewhere, David Stern says he's upset with LeBron skipping the postgame media session after getting bounced by Orlando.  Funny, he's not upset enough to fine him… which the league has a history of doing.  Maybe LeBron will come out and blame the growth that was just removed from his mouth next.

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  • Has anyone else noticed there is no way dwight howard is a legit 7 feet? hes as tall as rashard lewis, 6 10ish

  • BigMck

    I believe Nelson could spell Johnson at the backup point position. 10-12 minutes per game…why the hell not?

  • Well, he’s listed at 6-11, so I don’t think anyone has said he’s a 7-footer.

  • I think making any changes at this point would be a bad idea. Bad idea…It would just mess up the chemistry. I know Nelson is better offensively than Alston, but just a dangerous move. If anything, something like BigMck said, but that would be about it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  • where there is a will, there is a way