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This is surprising: Tony Allen had surgery

Tony allen
"I didn't know I needed surgery either"

Maybe this is why Tony was so awful late in the season… and why Doc barely used him in the playoffs.  He had ankle surgery today.

The Boston Celtics announced today that guard Tony Allen underwent
successful arthroscopic right ankle surgery and posterior tibial tendon
repair today at the New England Baptist Hospital.

I never heard a single thing about his ankle… so I'm totally surprised by this news. 

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  • FSantos33

    Don’t know what to say about TA anymore – Lose Lose situation with this guy. If he had one ounce of trade value left, now that’s gone too. Damaged goods we are stuck with for another year.

  • Ditto to FSantos-Don’t know anymore. I just feel that T.A. is quick and explosive, but also still tentitive and indecisive at certain, crucial moments. I really feel that the combination of injuries and riding the pine have just killed this kid. The only thing that may “save” him or get him to where he should be potential-wise is consistent p.t. He’s just not going to get consistent playing time here. I really think it’s time for him to move on. What else can we do? He can maybe play summer league somewhere this summer, but then what??

  • BigMck

    He’ll be playing for his next contract…maybe that will motivate him.

  • great pic

  • the only thing that could help tony is tony learning how to improve his basketball iq and shooting
    i dont see that happening anytime soon…ever

  • thetitleisours

    Good Point!

  • Yeah, he just lacks the basketball intellect to succeed in this league. It’s time to either package him in an expiring contract package or release him. He’s of no use to a championship contender.

  • Amen to that. Sorry T.A. , but Amen to that…

  • Anyone else notice the lady in the backround offering the same hand gesture as tony? and the gesture multiple of us celtics fans have made while watching Tony play?
    I dont want him on this team anymore – Im done with him, and im pretty sure doc rivers is done with him too. I dont care if hes playing for contract, let him do it elsewhere

  • Yes-that lady is saying: “T.A….WTF man!!!”

  • Jimbo

    And he has played so great in 2010….