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Oh those meddling Maloofs

We're still waiting for word on what is gonna happen with Tom Thibodeau.  But we are hearing that the process is getting bogged down by the Maloof brothers… who apparently are sticking their noses in where they said they wouldn't.

Whoever gets the Kings coaching job will
be the second choice. League sources contend that Eddie Jordan was
Geoff Petrie's first choice and that the Maloofs wanted to consider
other candidates and when word broke that Jordan was also talking with
the 76ers; the Maloofs had flashbacks of Stan Van Gundy standing in a
Sacramento Kinkos faxing his contract to Orlando and backed away,
fearful of being used as leverage to get Jordan his deal in Philadelphia.

The reluctance all but took the Kings out
of the Jordan race. Sources close to the situation said that Jordan
really wanted the Kings job because of his relationship with Petrie and
even went as far as giving the Kings a chance to make an offer before
accepting the 76ers deal. They declined.

What is it with Eddie Jordan that makes him everyone's first choice?  What am I missing? 

This report also says Dwyane Casey is the front-runner… while others say Paul Westphal is.  None has put Thibs in the serious contender mix.

(Via Sactown Royalty)

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  • Oh those poor Maloofs. They haven’t been able to put together a contendah since the JWill/CWebb days. Poor bastards. Well, at they least they have all that $. lol..

  • FSantos33

    Maloofs can do whatever the hell they want to do they own the team. It’s a bad situation in Sacramento I hope Tommy T doesn’t get the job. He deserves a better situation. Hope to see him on the Celtics bench next year. He’ll have multiple offers after we win it all next year.
    Off topic, did anyone catch the intro to ESPN Sports Center tonight? They already edited the Celtics champagne championship celebration and replaced it with the Lakers last title celebration. Wow, If that’s not an all time Jinx I don’t know what is!! Also, Sports Center studio moved to L.A. and they promote it before the show. Live from Los Angeles. It’s too much isn’t it. Obviously ESPN is rooting for L.A. just like last year. Move to Orlando next year! Go Orlando!

  • Anon

    Princeton offense, always sticks up for his players, great guy in general. stats aren’t always accurate on how good a coach is. Look at phil jackson.

  • zauer

    Did you guys read what also KG told Wyc? He guaranteed the championship in 2010 and in 2011!!! He must be eager for come back, it means all good for this team

  • Good point. Nevermind the fact he had to deal with the Wizards who still believe the Arenas-Jamison-Butler trio are enough to “make some noise” in the East. It’s also hard to make any sort of roster change when you’re giving 150 million to Arenas who gets hurt every season. It cripples the team from making any real moves.

  • I did not hear about those quotes zauer…Where did you read that information? Thx.

  • zauer