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“I saw KG this morning, he’s feeling great”

The Celtics tweet the KG update from Wyc:

"I saw KG this morning, he's feeling great and he's the most fired up he's ever been. For KG, that's saying something."

So there, some good Celtics news.  Savor the flavor.

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  • KG more fired up? haha did wyc have to observe behind bullet proof glass?
    also i saw It has been reported that Portland would be willing to sell the 24th pick in the draft to the highest bidder, well the Celtics should be the highest bidder
    one of the things that this team could desperately use is an injection of youth, and from the looks of it giddens, pruitt, and walker aren’t going to get the job done anytime soon, so why not go after a late first round pick, it worked with rajon rondo
    the celtics need a backup small forward, center, and point guard why not trying to fill one of the voids through the draft
    take a high potential guy and let him play early next year, worst case scenario he proves to be too young and too raw, but now you still have a high potential guy to package in a trade with the expiring contracts you have
    whether you get a guy that can help you or not your only gonna better yourself buy buying into the 1st round
    sam young has been compared to james posey,if young can defend and play the three he would be good, or if a guy like terrance williams, bj mullins, earl clarke, or austin daye fell to 24 i would look strongly at them and even a guy like chase budinger would be an excellent pickup for this club

  • Good stuff Papa. I was saying the same thing myself about some youth last week and got mixed results from the masses. But I agree. Good news on the KG front. I really hope he stays healthy next year & has a good season. Speaking of youth, I think Bill Walker should either be traded or used a bit more next year. I’d hate to see this kid just ride the pine behind Paul Pierce for another 3 or 4 years. Walker is going to be a good player.

  • I don’t believe anything they say about KG and I won’t believe it until #5 starts head butting before a game. It’s just too painful.
    It’s a weak draft isn’t it? I have no idea, just what I hear
    Last three #24 picks:
    Serge Ibaka ’08
    Rudy Fernandez ’07
    Kyle Lowry in ’06

  • I don’t know, there’s some hidden gem in this weak draft. For instance, we could pick Tyler Hansborough at 24th if he’s still available, in case Baby or Leon go away.

  • If they have a specific player in mind, make a move for him once he’s picked.
    There’s no guarantee their gem would still be there at #24 and if not they may be left picking over the table scraps this year.

  • FSantos33

    I am with you there bantam – I won’t believe it until I see #5 pound his chest and screams F’ bombs for 38 minutes.

  • FSantos33

    GuyOverTheOcean – Are you serious? Hansborough? Tell me why you think he can be good in the NBA. I don’t see it.

  • Well, he can be a decent player… just like Big Baby.

  • Minnesota said they might be willing to sell one of their first rounders as well

  • players that could be available late 1st round that could help the C’s (in no particular order)
    chase budinger, wayne elington, terrance williams, taj gibson, damien james, earl clarke, bj mullins, tyler smith, derrick brown, ty lawson, eric maynor, darren collison, dajuan summers, sam young
    and in the second round id look at some of those guys that might fall and guys like danny green, aj price, jonas jerenbko, dionte christmas, josh hytvelt and some others

  • also maybe nick calethes draft stock plummets because he decided to play in europe for a year, it might be wise to take him and let him develop a little overseas

  • FSantos33

    P. Irish – You have good knowledge about NCAA guys, I lack in that department. My friends and I joke around and say which one of our teams will be unlucky picking Tyler Hansbrough. What’s your take on T.H. He seems like a hard worker but I can’t see him big enough to bang with the big boys unless he can develop a consistent 15 to 18 ft J like BBD did. Just curious because usually UNC and Duke products turn out to be lemons in the NBA.

  • I’d say pick Jerebko if he’s still available… but then, I’m too biased 🙂

  • Its hard to bet against hansbrough, id be willing to bet he is the most determined guy in the draft and one of the hardest workers. He got the name psycho T for a reason, he has the intensity and work ethic to rival KG, he is just not blessed with the size or talent. I am skeptical he will be able to develop a reliable jump shot because he has such poor form on his shot, but then again maybe an nba coach is able to shape it or fix it into reliable threat for him. As i mentioned, I am sure he would be willing to put in the time to totally revamp or simply correct his shot. His free throw percentages (averaged somewhere in the 80 percentiles for his career) do lead one to believe that he would be able to improve his shooting.
    I’m not on board with the C’s trading up for Hansbrough, but only because i prefer for us to keep big baby and powe and add a guy with some size to the frontcourt. Hansbrough’s size and athleticism are the biggest knocks on him. Though recent success of guys such as big baby, powe, chuck hayes, carl landry. josh powell, paul millsap etc. do prove that there are places for smaller frontcourt players in the nba.
    A lot of scouts i have heard question whether hansbrough can defend a NBA power forward, he does not have good leaping ability or a long wingspan which would present a problem for him when guarding gus who are bigger and have any sort of polished post game.
    Right now i would compare him loosely to leon powe, while he does not have quite the athleticism that leon does they are similar in some other ways. Such as there ability to get to the free throw line; both have excellent foot work in the post and have a knack for getting “cheap” baskets and finding there way to the charity stripe. They also have to play similar defensive styles to get onto the court. Hansbrough will need to bulk up a little to bang in the post, but could learn from the way powe effectively plays D. Hansbrough is not going to block many shots, for him to be successful he will have to continue to draw charges, something he did extremely well in college.
    All in all I see him as an asset to an upper level NBA team, as sort of 4th post option, much like powe is with us, that could benefit greatly playing alongside an elite shot blocker. I believe the perfect fit for him might be orlando (assuming stan van doesn’t have the same hate for tarheels as he does dukies, ahem jj) He could come off the bench and guard the smaller post alongside marcin or dwight, and provide somewhat of an inside threat, maximum effort, and solid defense. Also i think Orlando could use his great intensity to mesh with howard’s extreme laxness and rashard lewis’ apparent complacence.
    If we draft him, that almost assuredly spells the end for big baby or powe, there is no way to carry three maybe four if you count scal undersized power forwards on one team

  • I wouldn’t be opposed to taking jonas, but in the second round. I like the defensive stopper mentality that he displays and his willingness to embrace his future as a role player, willing to do whatever benefits the team. I also like his size at 6’8, if he is able to improve his three point shooting there is some speculation that he can be a version of james posey.

  • FSantos33

    Thanks for the explanation P. Irish – If the Celtics move up in draft and get Psycho T I would have to agree that spells the departure of either BBD or Powe. I would rather the Celtics (Wyc) bunny up dead presidents and sign two legit free agents, that would be awesome. In my opinion we shouldn’t give up hope on Giddens and Walker yet. Give the two guys one more year to proof themselves. That is if Doc would give them playing time. I am holding my breath about what Ainge is planning to do with Ray Ray’s expiring contract. Will he unload him? I sure hope not. If it wasn’t for Ray we would not have won the title last year and the Bulls probably would’ve knocked us off in the first round. This is going to be an interesting off season.

  • if it was me i’d like to see danny extend ray’s and paul’s contract to end the same year as KG’s, that way we could be huge players at making a run at an elite free agent that year, as one of the only teams with cap space, and still look at keeping all three potentially at a significantly lesser price

  • And while i agree that normally i would say give giddens and walker another year, i just dont feel like we have the time or they are the type of players worth waiting for, in that neither of them is really going to be more than a role player in the peak of ether’s career, so why not get rid of them and add a player that is more suited to be a role player right now, and fits what this team needs
    that being said i’d like to see the C’s explore adding through free agency AND the draft, in a perfect world the C’s would get a wing such as matt barnes, linus kleiza, anthony parker, etc. that can shoot the three and defend the 2,3,4 positions, pick up a center with size that can rotate and play help D in our system and block shots, for cheap i might add, and add a guy or two with high potential through the draft