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You wanted rumors: Rondo, Ray to Phoenix

Rajon ray

We were asked earlier today if we had heard any rumors or anything about potential moves the Celtics will make.  Well, we just got a pretty wild one. 

Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo for Amare Stoudemire, Leandro Barbosa, and the 14th overall pick.

That comes to us via… which says Phoenix radio station KTAR reported the rumor.  I'd link to the KTAR website, but the rumor isn't on the website.  Their hosts just said Boston initiated the conversation.

I think this is total BS… and I think it's a laughable proposal.  It makes no sense player wise and it makes no sense salary-wise as Amare is on the books for $16.3 mil next year with a 2010 ETO… and Barbosa is due $6.6 and $7.1 over the next two years before his ETO.  And this year's draft sucks… so why they'd want the 14th pick is beyond me.

It makes no sense… and is almost not worth reporting.  But you wanted Celtics rumors… so you got Celtics rumors. 

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  • Danno

    Why would we want another underachieving young big with shoulder problems?

  • AMP

    This is not true.

  • NineSevenEight

    You don’t even have to be an avid Celtics fan to see right through this. Any sane Suns fan would believe this to be bogus as well. Trade away Rondo just as he’s made a name for himself on the national level and catipulted himself to All-Star consideration? Laughable. The Suns wish they kept Rondo.

  • Right on Danno. He’s soft and has shoulder + attitude problems to boot.
    I was in Portland for work and the Suns were in town his rookie year. We got great seats to see the game and made a point to keep an eye on him. Kid was an absolute phenom. I am consistently disappointed when I see him now, he hasn’t progressed and if anything is less aggressive now.

  • FSantos33

    What a joke! I agree with your comments about Amare – Also don’t forget he has a major eye issue too. Damaged goods with an attitude problem. If he couldn’t blend in well with Steve Nash then who else can he get along with right? Rondo is a future all star there’s no way this will happen. Steve Kerr is trying to become the second coming of Rick Pitino as GM.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Point Guards are too important in this league now a days and the celtics know it. Rondo is a rare commodity and they will hold on to him no matter what.
    Don’t be surprised to hear more trade talk with Ray Allen though, I am sure they are shopping him

  • Danno

    I tel you what I’d like to see:
    Sign & Trade Big Baby & Mikki Moore & either a draft pick or Giddens to Detroit for Sheed.
    Re-sign Marbury, Eddie, Leon.
    Scal & TA to Phx for Leandro Barbosa.
    Get healthy.
    Sign another free agent vet Small forward to back up Paul.

  • What do you mean by “another underachieving young big with shoulder problems”…
    I don’t think Perkins is an underachiever at all…and that’s what this comment implies.

  • Trying to figure out the potential logic behind this.
    It makes sense salary wise to swap Ray for Amare. Ray’s contract is up and Stoudemire will opt out so both will be free agents.
    Barbosa and Rondo are both point guards (value and talent aside) – so that part of it makes sense.
    But it would be an odd experiment. How would Amare, KG and Perkins all play together?

  • Why would you guys disgrace your most iconic figure’s name and picture(Red Auerbach) by putting some no-name jokes? Just to show your hate for the Lakers? Thats a disgrace to Celtic fans every where, believe me i hate the Celtics more than anything but i would never put down Red. As Celtic fans i thought you would have more respect for the coach that brought you all those Championships.

  • Uncle Leo

    What a dumb rumor.
    Both teams would double up on positions that already filled with a star; Nash and Rondo, KG and Amare. Afterwards neither team would have replacements for either in their lineup.

    I would cry

  • Yeah, def. not happening.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing TA and Scal traded to a team looking for depth off the bench and some additional role players. TA and Scal could be packaged together to help a team defensively. In our system, TA can’t get 8-10 touches to put up 12 points in a game and be a reliable perimeter defender; but somewhere else, in another system, TA could help improve a bench with his athleticism in an uptempo style game: Phoenix? Golden State? New York? Scal is the king of intangibles on the court: smart fouls on defense, taking charges, hustling for loose balls, guarding positions 3-5, and helping to stretch the court out a bit with his ability to knock down some outside shots. Packaged together, they can be very appealing to a team looking to dump one player earning $5-6 million: the total salary between Scal and TA.
    I’m pretty convinced that TA will be moved. After the whole Chicago fiasco of the death threats against him and his inability to stay healthy and him having a basketball IQ of a acorn, it’s time the Celts cut ties with him. We’ve given him time, but it’s time to walk away from the table. What should we get in return? How about a veteran point guard? Or a veteran center? Either one. Size would be preferable, but a decent back up for Rondo has to be found somewhere at some point. These are two roles we NEED to fill, and it would be great to see it taken care of by dumping TA and unfortunately saying goodbye to Scal. Let’s say we go with the size: we trade TA and Scal for a BIG. Done. Taken care of.

  • This is the dumbest rumor I have ever heard.
    Why the hell would the Suns want Rondo when they have Nash???
    Doesn’t make sense to me at all. And you could say they want Nash to pass the torch to Rondo, but the Suns need to construct a team that can win NEXT YEAR. They have Shaq and Nash who aren’t going to be around much longer, or at least playing at a high level.

  • Barbosa is more of a 2-guard in my opinion. If it was just Allen for Barbosa it would make more sense.

  • why would they want rondo? why not? he would be perfect in that system, and he would give them a PG who can actually defend

  • Angry Turk AKA ssshady35

    Rondo is as close to untouchable as anybody on our team. How long have we been looking for a PG for this team and now that we have a very good one we wanna trade him? I don’t think so!! We can trade anybody else on the team before we think of getting rid of Rondo, unless we get back another proven PG in return.

  • Yeah..ease up on Perk. Please.

  • Blame me guys. I put the “any rumors?” question out there. But be prepared for some change as Wyc and Danny will definitely be doing something this summer. I would say something a la Summer of ’07 with another 2 guard coming in and perhaps a big(Mikki’s gone) and another small forward (Bill Walker makes nice trade bait for some team desperate for a young body to jump in the rotation)

  • Dave

    if you want to float ridiculous rumors at least try one with some potential substance…for instance…
    Hornets are in deep financial trouble and might be looking to trade Chris Paul for the right combination of young players and cap space…
    Rondo and Ray ($18 million expiring salary) and a #1 for Chris Paul & Devin Brown.
    At least that makes some type of sense…

  • BigMck

    If you hate the Celtics so much, why are you on this site?

  • Because they’re two best players would play the same position.
    And how does Rondo fit perfect in that system?? He might have fit perfect in the Suns system two or three years ago, but not now. With Shaq always on the block, and no big man who’s gonna knock down a jump shot, the middle of the court is going to be clogged and it’s going to be harder for him to drive the paint. Most of Nash’s offense last year came from the jump shot for this very reason. Rondo is not a jump shooter.
    That, is why.

  • As the Rondo for Amare rumour originated in Phoenix, it’s safe to say that it’s somewhat less than ridiculous. The deal as laid out in the rumour makes a considerable amount of sense for both teams. The 2009 Draft is mostly a roleplayer draft, however the PG spot is pretty strong, so Boston would be using #14 on someone like Jeff Teague or Jrue Holiday to replace Rondo, solidifying their 4/5 spot to give them a leg up on Orlando, and adding a combo guard that can be pressed into duty at the 2 if they can’t find a swingman to add to the mix.
    Phoenix would be using #14 on a PG to replace Nash anyways, so for them the trade allows them to pick up Nash’s replacement in the form of a young vet rather than a mid first round pick. The move also clears the way for them to deal Jason Richardson for front court help (say to Cleveland for the soon to retire Ben Wallace and J.J. Hickson) and overall clear the decks for the 2010 free agent season. They could still trade Nash after. Amare isn’t returning to Phoenix so they’re looking to move on.
    As to how he fits in in Boston, the Celtics would like to keep Garnett under 30 minutes a game, Perkins is too foul prone to be counted on for more than thirty minutes a night, so there’s plenty of time available for STAT. Perkins probably comes in off the bench, but there’s no impediment in he form of time.
    As for any Chris Paul scenarios, they’re certainly very possible if Boston is willing to eat the deals of Chandler of Posey. But those scenarios are internet speculation, while the Phoenix situation is actually being reported as a legitimate possibility.

  • idaho_jim

    Last time I checked we won based on D. why would we change our philosophy when we lost in 7 to the eventual east champs? Perk to the pine….I doubt it

  • Because Garnett isn’t getting any younger, Rondo/Perkins isn’t a future, and the Celtics play in the same conference as Superman & the Dead President (LBJ). You need a top 10 player, Garnett’s days there are severely numbered, and no one on the roster is ever getting there again. No, not even unanimous first ballot hall-of-famer Rajon Rondo.

  • Danno

    Rondo/Perkins isn’t a future,
    WTF are you talking about?
    And secondly, even if the money worked, Rondo for Amare makes absolutely no sense, for either team.
    We don’t need a btarting Big like Amare, we need a bench Big. Amare won’t make bench money, so unless you’re planning on trading Garnett, he won’t be coming here.
    And PHX doesn’t need a starting point guard. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. It’d be like the Pats trading Brady to Buffalo for T.O. It makes absolutely no sense, on any level.

  • Ray Allen & & Leandro Barbosa would be included to make the salaries work per the rumour in Phoenix. Given Garnett’s age/mileage/injury concerns, and Perkins’ constant foul problems, there’s plenty of time available for STAT. Nash is on his last year, and Phoenix won’t be bringing him back, so yes, they do need a point guard for the future. And Boston definitely wants to be able to get past Cleveland and Orlando. I’m not sure why acquiring a top 10 player in his prime “makes absolutely no sense on any level”.

  • Coach Bo

    It makes no sense, unfortunately, because Rondo’s flawed game has been blown totally out of proportion by Celtic Fan, who’s busy dusting off a spot for him in Springfield.
    No question that Rondo’s game is improving. But he still can’t shoot from the perimeter, he still takes plays off on the defensive end where his defense is already overrated and his effort is spotty. The idea that Rondo has elevated his game to the level of CP3 or Williams has no basis in fact whatsoever.
    He can – and should be expected to – work those bugs out before he’s extended. Or if not, he should be shopped. People seem to forget the stories about his stubbornness, his inability to show up before the last minute for games, etc. Ever wonder if maybe Doc and Danny are fed up with that?
    This trade is nuts on a couple of fronts, but trading Rondo isn’t the craziest part of the puzzle. It’d kill, though, the Celtics fans who invest more of themselves in their favorite player – and thus distort his game beyond reality – than their favorite team.

  • You have a short memory. Or maybe you missed that entire series with the Bulls.

  • Quite the contrary. I saw a very erratic player whose defense hurt his club at times, in that series, when he was lit up on the defensive end by Derrick Rose, and throughout the playoffs.
    Rondo isn’t as great as some of you think he is – yet.

  • idaho_jim

    an erratic player averaging a triple double and walking away from the series with a win?
    is your head in the sand?

  • JD

    Yeah, players who average 17/10/10 in the playoffs are definitely overrated. Thats not a “basis in fact” to elevate him to the elite point guard level. Who needs triple doubles and defense anyway? We should trade him like we traded that overrated Billups guy. Who wants a great young point guard in the NBA anyway? (Insert sarcasm here).

  • JD

    Here’s not so sarcastic post:
    Coach Bo, to put it nicely: Shut the Fuck Up. You only look at what Rondo did wrong, rather than all the things he did right. Rondo outplayed Rose in that series while the national media was making Rose out to be a God. I don’t know what it is, but outside of Boston, people just seem to hate Rondo and all they do is focus on his weaknesses. Whenever Rondo takes a shot and it doesn’t go in people say, “See, he can’t shoot.” And when he does make that same shot later, its ignored like it was luck or something. You say Rondo was lit up by Rose occasionally, and you’re right… we Celtics fans have recognized Rondo’s mistakes if you actually read the blogs after games in which he underperforms. But Rondo lit up Rose right back, and pretty much averaged a triple double in the postseason. Thats an incredible feat, yet because Rondo did it, its not played up as much. Can you imagine if Rose or someone else put up the same numbers Rondo did? The national media would never stop talking about that player. The reason we Boston fans love Rondo so much is in part because he is an amazingly exciting player to watch, but also because he gets a bad rap from pretty much everywhere else.

  • Sigh. Someone else who thinks that a triple-double is a mark of greatness.
    Care to discuss how many points Rondo allowed at the defensive end? Care to discuss his lack of consistency moving the basketball off the dribble on the offensive end? Care to discuss a very uneven effort level?
    If you think that a triple-double is a definitive measure of a player’s performance, then obviously Rondo is great.
    Those of us who value defense and effort see his game quite differently. He is making progress, but until he plays every possession hard, defends every possession hard and develops an outside jumper, he has no claim to a seat at the table with CP3, Williams, etc.
    There’s a little more to this game than just offensive statistics.

  • Yawn. Another intellectual on this board who can’t express himself without profanity. Your mother must be so proud.
    I am entitled to my opinion, which is professional, and is going to continue to be expressed across Celtics blogs.
    And it never ceases to amaze me how many people care more about their favorite player than they do about the success of their team. Thank you, David Stern, for dumbing down NBA basketball.
    I really don’t care what you think about Rondo’s game, if you cannot express yourself intelligently.
    In the meantime, know that there are objective Celtics fans out there who understand the depth of the game and who see Rondo through a different prism than hero worship.

  • Well, if you wanna get real technical about it, it is rondo whos a good fit for the suns, and not shaq, which has already been proven over the course of 2 seasons. shaq ruined the suns style of play.
    The suns like to run and gun, and need a passing PG, and PG of the shaq

  • I know this is gonna sound crazy, because everyone loves chris paul…but no thanks…Id completly and utterly rather have rondo…wouldnt even trade rondo for paul straight up…call me crazy, I dont care

  • rondo/perkins isnt a future?
    Well, it most certainly is our rock of the future, there sir

  • Aw, step on your binky, did I?
    No one’s discounting Rondo’s offensive performance – in the Chicago series. He hurt the Celtics mightily in the Orlando series with his inability to shoot the basketball from outside.
    As for defense, the guy’s a lazy, ambivalent defender. He has the skills, but he thinks it’s cute, apparently, to turn his guy loose and gamble. Never mind the impact on the overall defensive scheme.
    That, plus the poor perimeter defense of Allen and Pierce, destroyed any chance the Celtics had to defend Orlando effectively.
    The lack of objectivity on this board about an improving – but clearly still flawed – player is shocking. Seems like Rondo and his mother have a lot of accounts here.

  • Danno

    Couple things:
    Amare is definitely NOT a top 10 player. Maybe top 20, maybe.
    We don’t need a top 20 player at Power Forward when we have KG. He’s #1, or if you want to be argumentative, Top 2 or 3.
    If KG’s injury had ended his career, sure. It didn’t. Amare would be a giant waste of a player sitting on the bench, and losing Rondo for it would add stupid on top of stupid.

  • Yeah, coach bo, to me, is a famous rondo hater
    he wants rondo to be perfect every second, of every game and have no flaws…and he will be quick to point out any of rondos miscues, at the same time tottally ignoring that, Pierce, Ray and everyone else on the celtics is wildly inconsistent, especially in the playoffs.
    He also doesnt seem to realize every single established PG in the NBA has flaws of there own.
    Chris Paul was terrible in the first round of the playoffs, you defend the pick and roll and hes useless, he gambles for steals and gets lost on defense, yet gets rewarded with the first team nod
    where was chauncey billups in the second half of the lakers series? the guy made a ton of dumb mistakes, bad passes and took bad shots out of the offense.

  • Coach Bos usual argument would be, he isnt at the level of chris paul or deron williams because of inconsistency, yet he was more consistent then either of those players in this years playoffs, without him the celtics probably get swept by the bulls…He likes to mention derrick roses good games against him, but doesnt realize, hmmm rose could have those games against anybody, and B. rose had double the miscues, double the turnovers, and double the lapses on defense

  • Since when are CP3 and Williams consistent night in night out?
    Oh yeah, they arent.
    Everyone gets scored on the NBA, apparently you only mark it down when its on rondo
    care to discuss pierces lack of consistency moving the basketball, his uneven effort level?
    How about ray allens complete and utter inconsistency? his ridicoulous passes and dumb turnovers? his careless ball handling and horrid defense?

  • Danno

    Did this idiot really just argue that Rondo had a bad series defending against Derrick Rose?
    Did you even watch any of these games, or did you just watch the highlights on Sportscenter?

  • Coach BO doesnt like rondo, its as simple as that
    Noone in the NBA is without flaws, but this guy will rag on rondo to no end about flaws
    what about amares flaws? care to discuss, or does he not have any?

  • Oh and he will write off rondos triple doubles, but praise rose?
    rose showed just as many flaws, and got burned even more by rondo then vice versa

  • idaho_jim

    so Scal’s 4reb and 6pts per are more impressive than rondo’s triple double because Scal is more consistent? Rondo got burned by Rose in game one, but no more than Rondo burned Rose in return. and as far as statistical references go, it’s a pretty fair way to judge a players performance. to dismiss the kids stats for the playoffs is not only laughable, but a sign of your true intelligence.

  • JD

    You seem to think every Celtic fan has a shrine devoted to Rondo and that all we do is talk about how great he is. Your idea of my view about Rondo is clearly misunderstood. The guy obviously has flaws, but its the dumbasses like you who seem to focus on ONLY his flaws, and downplay any of the strengths he has. His “gambling” is what makes the Celtics defense great, at least when KG and Perk are both on the floor. Those guys are great at helping out so Rondo can cause havoc. Obviously, it hurts the Celtics at times, but I’m much rather have Rondo being over-aggressive and harrassing the other team rather than timid and laying back.
    As for him being lazy and ambivalent, he logged the most minutes out of anyone in the playoffs through the first two rounds, on thrice sprained ankles. Rondo is not superman; he gets tired too. Was I pissed when he got beat by Anthony Johnson a couple times? Hell yeah, but I’m not going to say he’s not trying.
    His inablity to shoot has been well documented, and of course it hurts the Celtics. But you know what else hurts the Celtics? Wasting 15 seconds off the shot clock to get Ray Allen open because Doc Rivers is so caught up in trying to get Ray involved that it throws off any offensive rythym. Or how about Paul Pierce and the one million turnovers he seemed to have during the postseason. For all of Big Baby’s heroics, he also had way too many turnovers for a power forward because he tries to do too much. And forget the bench contributing on a consistent basis. Rondo’s inability to shoot seems to be the scapegoat for any Celtic failing on the offensive end, when there are numerous problems in play.
    We all know Rondo is flawed, but I’m not afraid of saying that he is a top 5 point guard right now in the NBA. No other point guard in the league can do what he did in the playoffs, and that includes Chris Paul.
    In the words of the immortal Tommy Heinson: “People said he (Rondo) can’t shoot. I say, ‘Who cares?'” He does so many other things so well that when he finally does start hitting J’s with any consistency, its over.

  • JD

    Wow, just go on click on Bo’s name and look at all the comments he’s made on this blog. Every single one in which Rondo is mentioned, he’s mentioned in a negative fashion. Its kind of amusing, because he’s clearly biased against Rondo even though he’s claiming we Celtic fans are blinded by our bias for Rondo. Coach Bo= hypocrite.

  • SydneyCeltic

    You have no idea what you’re talking about. Piss off.

  • JD

    I know you hate numbers but here’s one that will catch your eye;
    Derrick Rose: 35 playoff turnovers
    Rajon Rondo: 38 playoff turnovers
    So in twice the amount of games, Rondo had three more turnovers than Derrick “Jesus” Rose. Thats real erratic of ROndo, huh?
    Oh and Rondo had a 3.61 assit/turnover ration in the playoffs. Thats the highest of any player with over 40 assists in these playoffs; thats right, thats higher than Chauncey Billups (known as one of the most efficient PGs in the league), CP3 and D-Will. Your erratic comment makes no sense; sure he had bad games, but every player does, except for LeBron.

  • Okay, so I went to a suns blog (
    To see what they thought about this rumour, it turns out they hold rondo in regards higher then our very own!!! a team that witnessed 2 straight MVP seasons from steve nash (they realize that even there mvp is flawed, cant play defense and is inconsistent like anyone else)
    Theyre drooling over the potential to get rondo, some even saying his best is better then chris pauls..
    dundundun..who shows up? CoachBO, the now infamous rondo critic to basically spew the venom about rondo that he has consistently done all year.
    Coach BO cant even pull his head out of his ass and realize every single player involed in the rumour trade has flaws, inconsistencies, and in amares case stupidity, effort problems (much more severe then rondos supposed effort problems, lmao) Barbosa? this is probably the most inconsistent player in the league.
    Ray Allen? who the hell was more inconsistent then him in the playoffs? i love him and want to keep him…but some perspective would be nice

  • By the way, who struggles with consistent effort more then amare stoudemire? whos a dumber defensive PF in the league then Amare? who makes more mind boggingly stupid plays then amare? who has more injury problems then amare, tony allen?
    Amare is on the basketball IQ level of tony allen actually, and im sure coachbo considers him one of the best power forwards in the game, right? rondo averages nearly a triple double in the playoffs, and was more consistent then pierce or allen overall, and this douche will find any illogical reason to continually critique, meanwhile completely ignoring everyone else mistakes or flaws…what the fuck are you anyways, a robot?

  • Danno

    Someone get ToTheRuins a Valium or 10. Dude’s head is going to explode.

  • Sal

    Erm, I mean, I would not approve of such a deal whatsoever.

  • Love, love it!

  • Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.