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Thibs’ job hunt will end soon

Tom-thibodeau Sacramento is reportedly ready to make a decision on a head coach pretty soon.  They interviewed Kurt Rambis yesterday, but all signs apparently lead to Paul Westphal.  As Jess Camerato notes in that link, Sacto is looking for some head coaching success… and Thibs hasn't had a head job yet.

I still say his time with the C's is limited, but I don't think he's getting a job this offseason.  Danny has an open invitation for him to come back… and it's looking more like he will. 

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  • In re: “Wyc willing to spend” Okur would be a nice addition, but he doesn’t really take it to the hole much for a 6’11” guy. I have also heard Andre Miller’s name thrown out there. I don’t think Miller fits though. Rondo is this team’s PG for a while and Miller is just not a bench guy. Anyone else heard any possible names the C’s may go after..?

  • nothing officially. Probably won’t until after the Finals.

  • Yeah, probably not. I guess we’re all just jonesing for anything
    Celtics right now! This time a year blows when we’re not in Finals.The
    one big trade rumor that is being thrown around I read at just
    now: The Suns are “rumored” to be considering sending STAT to the Wiz
    for A.Jamison, Mike James & Washington’s 1st rd pick (5th overall).