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Thibs not Kings top choice

Wow… for a guy who is supposedly such a lock to be a head coach, Tom Thibodeau sure is striking out this summer.  Word is, the Kings are leaning towards Paul Westphal or Kurt Rambis ahead of Thibs.

SacTown Royalty's Tom Ziller is clearly not wowed by this.  I, however, an thrilled.  We've got one more year in our "Big 3" window… and I want Thibs around for it.  I am very curious, though, about why he's failing in his interviews.  Does he just sit there twirling his championship ring around his middle finger?  Cuz that's what I would do and I think that would really work.

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  • Weird…he must not be a very good interview or something….Kurt Rambis? seriously? lol
    Hey, the 76ers and Kings dumb decisions in not hiring thibs ASAP could help us get him back