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The Celtics lied about KG… and I’m OK with it

This most certainly will spark some debate.  Wyc Grousbeck revealed yesterday that the Celtics were being coy… or as he put it… "Belichickian" about KG's injury.

“There was no mystery about the problem,” he said. “The only mystery
was how (Garnett) was going to be able to do something on it. We just
didn’t feel like sharing that with the media at the time.

“It was just a matter of declining to comment on it. I mean, he did
come back to play four (regular-season) games, and I believe that he
might have tried to play against Cleveland if we had made it that far.

“But this all threw our opponents into some confusion about what was happening.”

Obviously, it wasn't a series-changing tactic.  But do you care that the Celtics lied about what was really going on?  CelticsBlog does.

In the meantime, Doc and Danny repeatedly lied to the fans.  Wyc may
distinguish this by saying that the team misled the "media", but that's
semantics; he was deliberately misleading the fan base, many of whom
live and die with the team.

I get this reaction.  A lot of you will have it too.  But fans sometimes have an irrational expectation of their teams.  The team isn't obligated to tell us the truth about a player's injury.  If the Celtics could get ANY advantage by forcing the other team to spend practice time on something that's not going to happen… then why SHOULDN'T they do it?  It doesn't change anything in the locker room.  It didn't change how the Celtics practiced.  Yes, we weren't sure what was going to happen… but would you rather know everything about the situation and give the other team an advantage?

I will say this about their approach: they didn't pull it off very well.  I think Wyc was being generous when he said they were being "Belichickian".  Bill keeps everything shrouded in mystery.  They lie on the injury report and then say nothing about it to the media.  The C's were like a poker player laughing and joking when he's got a crappy hand in an effort to throw his opponents off.  The Pats have the best poker face in the world.  Just a note to the C's brass.  Next time, let US handle the wild speculation.

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  • Completely agree, I think it would be more disrespectful towards the fans to give our opponents information they could use, than to keep it from us. Of course we all hated being uncertain, but would we have felt better if we lost bigger?

  • BigMck

    I am still confused. All along the Celtics knew KG wasn’t going to play?

  • CFH

    Agreed, I’m 100% fine with this. I want the Celtics to take every advantage they can, and that includes mind games with opponents even if fans get caught in the crossfire.
    But after months of “this is wrong with his knee, no that is, no there are two related problems, no there are two unrelated problems, this is career-threatening, this is treatable, he could play if he wanted to, he would play if he could, it only needs rest, surgery could fix it right away, actually we lied about everything and for all you know we’re lying now about whether we lied,” I now have no idea whether KG will even play again. And that is kind of irritating.

  • Theyre still talking out of there ass about it….It will be intersting to see if hes even back to normal next season.
    and no they really arent being bellichickian about (or whatever he calls) Bellichick wont say anything, he doesnt lie, fib a little or release false information or false hope, he says no comment

  • Jp

    Being in the dark as a fan: I couldn’t care less about that. I chose to follow them, they don’t “owe” me anything.
    Knowing the team openly lied: I kinda have a problem with that. I know it’s naive and unrealistic, but I’d like to think the team I love is above lying as a means of gaining competitive edge.
    In the end though, meh, who cares?!

  • Danno

    “But fans sometimes have an irrational expectation of their teams.”
    This describes well more than half the people who post in the comments here on some days. dont’ get me wrong, I love this site, and John & Chuck bringing us the important news and commentary. But ever since KG went down in February, and things took a turn for the negative, it’s been like watching a bunch of retards doing sports commentary karaoke around here. There are some painfully stupid, embarrassingly selfish posters here, with a ridiculous sense of entitlement to their mostly uninformed opinions.
    And no, I’m not talking about Lakers fans, or trolls from other teams. I’m talking about people who call themselves Celtics fans, but then go on to be constantly negative and do nothing but criticize the team for every little they they do (right or wrong). It’s like Peter Vescey is channeling through some of you guys all day every day.

  •…they ban anyone with a real opinion

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    They ban Flaker fans like you thats all.
    This pretty much sums you up ToTheRuins:
    “I’m talking about people who call themselves Celtics fans, but then go on to be constantly negative and do nothing but criticize the team for every little they they do (right or wrong).”
    Just go away, please.

  • BigMck

    “retards doing sports commentary karaoke around here. There are some painfully stupid, embarrassingly selfish posters here, with a ridiculous sense of entitlement to their mostly uninformed opinions”
    Wow. Tim (FD) is going to be pissed once he realizes you just called him out.

  • ya know, youre a piece of shit, delusional fucking homer?
    Im not a lakers fan, but because I have an opinion that they are going to win it all this season? hey faggot, thats called being an objective basketball fan. I dont like the lakers, but I also didnt grow up with the rivalry and my life isny consumed by the lakers…I dont care
    And no they dont ban all lakers fans, they ban trolls, they ban people who cuss, they ban just about anyone
    This piece of shit loser breathing the smog out in LA has the audacity to question my fanhood over and over, youre lucky your on the other side of the country, in laker land. faggot

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Wow, a little touchy on the subject huh?
    Methinks thou doest protest too much…
    Me also thinks your opinions are anti-celtic and belong on a Fakerfan website.
    You got banned from the #2 or #3 celtic fan website, and I hope you get banned from the #1, so I don’t have to deal with another Flakerfan. Get lost purple and gold lover, your colors don’t fly here.

  • I got banned? I did?
    No, no i didnt.
    And for the final time, Im not a laker fan, masybe its all that smog your breathing in LA thats not letting you get that through your thick head.
    My comments are pro-celtic, I dont know why that would belong on quote on quote faker (what are you 12?) blog

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Maysbe it is, but I live around enough stupid Flaker fans to know when I’m dealing with one. I don’t even care that you are, I just don’t want you posting here like your an innocent troll. You try to disguise your posts to be slightly pro-Celtic, but I read between the lines as do most of the posters here, and it’s so easy to spot your purple and gold stripes. Get lost.

  • Dude…we love your enthusiasm and support but you gotta clean up the comments. I’m starting to get complaints about the language. Unfortunately I don’t have the power to edit your comments. If it continues, they’ll end up in the spam filter.
    And this applies to everyone.

  • BigMck

    Oops. I accidentally deleted a comment on this post. Not sure who it was from. If it was yours, feel free to re-post.

  • Sorry about that, but maybe you should tell that guy breathing the LA smog to quit questioning my fanhood.
    I do apoligize with all the cussing, I realize I went overboard with that one

  • Well, your supposed reading through the lines is flawed. I am in no way shape or form a lakers fan, period. I live in Boston, and have been a celtic fan my entire life, and am also an objective NBA fan who is openly rooting for the magic in the finals…I think they have a good shot, but I ultimately see the lakers winning. I guess this makes me a laker fan? how?

  • Let’s just be clear on something here: We’re very permissive here. We’re ok with cursing and taking a few shots at one another. But we’re not ok with it going overboard.
    So just keep it in check is all we’re saying… and we’re saying it to everyone, not just one person in particular. We all don’t have to like one another… but we can conduct ourselves with a little more restraint.

  • AMP

    Thanks Chuck!

  • EFlatt

    My objection isn’t what they ‘owed me’ throughout the season. I’m a happy season-ticket-owning fan who loves to watch basketball and loves to watch the Celtics. As far as I’m concerned, the season was actually amazing – what they did w/ what they had was a privilege to watch. Further, we got our candy last year…. wouldn’t trade that for anything.
    But as to this misinformation effort, I did sort of object to the “gamesmanship” (I hesitate to call it that b/c that implies actual leverage) b/c it did amount to a bait and switch into buying post-season tickets.
    I don’t know that they thought about it that way, they certainly owed me no explanation, and I’d suspected the truth was that we wouldn’t see KG for anything but a game 7 if that, but, it assuredly was a lesson I won’t forget next time should there be one.

  • I’m thinking the Belichickian plan went out the window though once Doc blurted out “KG is done for the season!” at a point when it would’ve been a lot scarier for the opponent if he had just kept his mouth shut. I love the Celtics, but Wyc… “I served with Bill Belichick: I knew Bill Belichick; Bill Belichick was a friend of mine. Wyc, you’re no Bill Belichick.”