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Welcome to “Pat’s Army”


There have been a lot of suggestions about what to call ourselves in our continued war against anything "Lakers."  I appreciate all of them, but I'm going to go a different route.  I'm sticking with the theme of naming the site after a key historical figure.  And who's more key to Orlando's history than Pat Williams?  The first time Orlando became relevant at all was when they won back-to-back draft lotteries in 1992 and 1993.  They got Shaq and Penny (in a draft day trade after picking Chris Webber first) and became a legitimate franchise.  To me, the image of Pat Williams holding up the two ping pong balls is really one of the first enduring images of the Orlando Magic franchise.  

So for the duration of this series, we're gonna go by "Pat's Army".  We will root for the Magic almost as hard as we root for our own Celtics.  Hell, I'll even call Domino's myself to have Hedo Turkoglu's pre-game pizza delivered.  We'll stop calling attention to the fact that Dwight Howard has no real offensive game… to how overpaid Rashard Lewis is… and to Stan Van Gundy's stunning resemblance to Ron Jeremy.  

No… we will unite with you under the old "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" rule.  Besides, it'll make losing to Orlando a bit easier to swallow.  At least we will have lost to the champs… so there's no shame in that.  

And fear not, Magic fans… we're not jumping on the bandwagon to celebrate your championship.  That victory will be yours and yours alone to savor.  We are jumping on the bandwagon simply to celebrate a Lakers loss.  We're not pretending to be Magic fans… we're simply being blatant Laker-haters.

So to Orlando I say simply… BEAT LA!  BEAT LA!  BEAT LA!

And to our readers I say, follow the jump to Orlando Magic dancer photos!


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  • Ok..ok..Pat’s Army..I’ll go with it. I am really rooting for Tony Battie to get a ring. He was with us for all those absolutely horrible years. I believe he really has payed his dues and should get a ring. The fact that he pretty much saved Paul Pierce’s life is etched in my mind as well. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, this explains it: http://www.bostonherald.com/sports/basketball/celtics/view.bg?articleid=1136170

  • CFH

    LOL! Good thing the Celtics didn’t lose in the first round… that header would have gotten pretty messy if there had been four different armies.

  • but we could have gone with hakeem’s army, calvin murphy’s army, rudy T’s army, houston would have presented a lot more options than orlando

  • I have met Pat Williams a couple of times. He was the speaker twice at a teacher’s convention I attended in Orlando. He is a very classy guy. I have always had a soft spot for the Magic since they are my “home team” so to speak. Whenever they aren’t playing the Celtics I root for them. Now that they are playing the Lakers that goes double! There are good reasons to cheer for the Magic. The Celtics as depleted as they were give them all they could handle. Second I agree that I would love to see Tony Battie get a ring. He was a good Celtic and even saved Pierce’s life. Third, they are the underdogs. Just like last year all the “experts” (except Sir Charles) are jumping on the Lakers’ bandwagon. And last, they are playing the Lakers. That alone is reason enough to cheer them on! Go Magic, Beat LA.

  • Wowzers…pretty funny, but the hatred for LA must be pretty deep if youre changing the theme to a team that blew us out on our home floor in a game 7

  • It is a pretty deep hatred.
    But like I said in the post… It’s easier to take losing to the Magic if they win it all. I’d rather lose to the eventual champion because you know that no one else could beat them either.

  • It’s pretty simple: you root for whoever is playing the Lakers-point blank. If you have trouble rooting for the Magic, just justify it by rooting for Tony Battie. Jeez…

  • P.I…that “The Celtics” picture rocks. Where can I find it..? Thx.

  • bigmck

    If you watched the Celtics vs Lakers in the 80s, then there’s no escaping the deep hatred.

  • Junior

    i cant wait to see boston in the finals next year. the lakers are going to whip you guys. the magic stand no chance. you really think kobe is going to allow a carbon copy of SHAQ beat him in the finals? you must be kidding me. shaq couldnt win a title in orlando at 23, nor will dwight. fuck boston !

  • bostonBLEEDSPURPLEandGOLD24/7

    Okay, all I want to say is and give all you SUCKDICK fans is a BIG FFFFF UUUUU CCCCC KKKKK YYYY OOOO UUUU!!!! It clearly shows that you people do not have anything to say or do regarding the Boston Suckdicks aka celtics…how sad!

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Layqueer fan, trust me. You would know the hatred if you were a Celtic fan. Just come clean, support your team. Better yet, go away.

  • Would this queer quit attacking my fanhood? hey buddy, shut the fuck up. Im a celtics fan, but I was born in 1986, so no the laker rivalry doesnt mean shit to me, and my sports livlyhood isnt consumed by the lakers losing, although I am pulling for the magic, theyre a likeable team

  • G4L

    Typical Laker fans response “Suckdicks”

  • Pathetic response, but I agree with boston seeming to care to much about the lakers…but im pretty sure youre on a celtics blog right now worrying about celtics fans, and were all year.

  • yeah thats hilarious

  • celt r pathetic

    Same thing goes for the Celtics, “Fakers”??

  • I hate the west and the Lakers go Magic!!!

  • No disrespect, but you may want to go to YouTube or Amazon.com and order the Celtics boxed dvd’s of the 80’s Championships. There is so much history between the C’s and Lakers that you don’t understand. It’s not your fault, I agree with your point that you were born in the middle of it, but if you are going to be a C’s fan, it’s almost required viewing. Yes-it is that much of a rivalry. Just a suggestion…Here’s a taste: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7r6vXeOfyQ

  • KB

    God, you Suckdics fans are pathetic. You’re season is over. Quit watching the NBA. You guys are as significant now as you were during the years of 1988 thrue 2007. HAHAHAHHA. Those were the greatest 22 years – NO SUCKDICS!!!

  • rod

    didnt work against the nuggets so i dont know why it would work this time. anyways, caught any good fish yet celtic fans?

  • No offense, but I have watched every minute of e them very finals the celtics have been on, on NBA Classics….but when you arent watching them in the moment, no hate develops, just appreciation for how great both teams were, and admiration for the legends.

  • No offense, but I have watched every minute of every finals the celtics have been in

  • Orb

    That’s the most I’ve enjoyed Reggie Miller since he became a broadcaster.

  • I hear ya’…



  • Nate H

    how old are these guys? im picturing a few 13 year old punks in LA wishing their balls would drop… i can almost hear the high pitched voices through the computer screen when i read their comments

  • Kevin

    You Celtics fans are priceless. Or is it classless? Whatever the case, its incredibly funny to me how you guys on this site are so biased. I understand to be little biased, but to continuously post things like this is funny. You guys are the best.

  • Hal

    Then we coulda played some RISK!

  • I bleed purple and gold! Go Lakers! Fuck you all!