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No Confidence in the Magic


While I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Orlando Magic manhandle the Cavaliers, deep down, minus all the talk about x's and o's, I doubt their ability to beat the Lakers on the biggest stage in basketball. You can't underestimate just how bad Kobe Bryant wants to redeem himself after last year's embarrassing performance.

As for the match-ups, it will be interesting to see how the Lakers defend Orlando. Who can Pau Gasol cover? Dwight Howard? Not without a double team. Rashard Lewis or Hedu Turkoglu? Gasol might be more effective than the Cleveland bigs in that high-screen set, but he's not quick enough to stay with either in any other formation.

The wildcard for Los Angeles is Lamar Odom, who can cover both Lewis and Turkoglu. So can the 6-8 Trevor Ariza and Bryant. Phil Jackson certainly has more options than Mike Brown (has he been fired yet?).

Despite a gritty, gutty win over the Celtics in 7, and the annihilation of the Cavs, I'm still reluctant to pick Orlando in this series (Yes, I know they beat LA 2-0 in the regular season). I fear they'll end up like the 2006-07 Cavs (swept 4-0), the 2003-04 Lakers (beaten 4-1) or the 2001-02 Nets (swept 4-0).

As for Celtics news, Marc Spears has these tidbits in his Sunday column:

Free agent guard Stephon Marbury displayed his
interest in re-signing with the Celtics by keeping his Waltham
apartment near the practice facility. He was at the facility, shooting,
a day after the team's season ended. Swingman J.R. Giddens also stayed in town and is doing two-a-day workouts in Waltham.

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  • thebleeptruth

    IMO the Magic have a better chance in beating LA. Compared to the Cavs, they beat the Lakers twice, beat the best team (Cavs) during the regular season AND embarrassed them in the playoffs, eliminated the undermanned but resilient defending champions with a Game 7 blowout on the road, and they pretty much match up quite well with the Lakers as opposed to the one-man team of the Cavs. More importantly the Magic are very much playoff tested. Unfortunately the Rockets and Nuggets brought some toughness and urgency to the Lakers as well. This could be a great matchup and far far more interesting than an overhyped Lebron-Kobe Finals. I’ll be rooting for the Magic all the way of course. I see it going as far as 6 or 7 games, but I have this bad feeling that the Lakers will come out the victor when it all ends.

  • Why would anyone doubt the magic at this point? NO, really?
    They came back and beat us after being down 3-2, and blew us out in a game 7 on our floor, noone expected them to do that.
    They then went into cleveland, a series, in which everbody thought they would lose in 5, stole homecourt and dominated the series, clinching game dwight howard has 40 pts and they knock down 12 3s, after the game noone on that team said they were content or over celebrated.
    They clearly have a much better chance then the 1 man band cavaliers, they have great balance and a dominany big man. if they play there best, they will beat the lakers
    BUT, like ive been saying for a while, neither the cavs or the magic will ultimately beat the very hungry lakers

  • srm90

    If you guys had Garnett it would’ve been a whole different story, but you didn’t. That’s why the game 7 win in Boston doesn’t mean that much to me as far as I’m concerned. Nobody had been able to eliminate you guys with Garnett on the floor. And lets face it, without that Big Baby jumper they would’ve been down 2-3 heading into game 6. If you guys were at full strength there is no doubt in my mind we’d be looking at a Boston-LA rematch right now.

  • KB

    As long as the Suckdics don’t win, then all is well in the NBA.