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Tony Battie is better than Ray Allen

I actually love lists like this. It's from the Wages of Wins Journal… and it's a ranking of EVERY Celtic since 1977… according to wins produced with the Celtics (via CelticsBlog).  Wins produced (explained here) is clearly not the be-all end-all statistic on which to rank players.  It can produce some weird results.  But it is an interesting topic.  The highlights.

  • Larry Bird has produced, by far, the most wins for the Celtics since 1977.  Please note, players before 1977 are not on the list… so no comments about "Where's Bill Russell" or "What about Cousy." 
  • Pierce is 3rd on the list
  • Danny Ainge is 6th 
  • Rajon Rondo is 7th!
  • Players above Ray Allen on this list: Dee Brown, Rick Fox, Antoine Walker, Ed Pinkney
  • Last on the list, at 223, is… Brian Scalabrine.  Sorry Scal.

So while I had some fun with the headline, this list clearly doesn't tell you "this player is better than that player."  Ray's only been here a couple of years, and some of his "wins produced" are being spread between KG, Pierce and Rondo.  Dee Brown was a Celtic for 6 more years than Ray, and he only managed to produce 8 more wins. 

And while this list should absolutely NOT be interpreted as a ranking of players from best to worst, it should show how productive some guys are.  The fact that Rajon Rondo is 7th shows how much he does.  And keep in mind, you can pretty much toss out his first year because he was splitting time with Delonte West and he wasn't really running this team.  Also, Pierce at third should be further affirmation of his place in Celtics history. 

And what about Danny at 6?  Think he was a little more than a shooter? 

Quick update on Tom Thibodeau.  He's interviewing the Sacramento Kings today.  Danny has a contract waiting for Thibs if the Kings pass.

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  • this is Stupid………… example come on anyone watch b-all in the 80’s
    209 Junior Burrough
    219 Scott Wedman
    Nuff said

  • Ya know what sucks? what a wasted season this was…I generally took it well when we were eliminated, but now that the lakers sit and wait in the finals, I would want nothing more then to beat there ass…..and then you realize what a damn wasted season this was, we friggin started 27-2, the best start ever? and gradually got worse from that point, gradually wore down from that point, and it was just awful to lose KG and all hopes for a repeat, and a lost year with this big 3….blows

  • I just don’t have the time or patience for alot of these hybrid stats. I think without using a calculator, most regular visitors to this site can sum it up like this: In the 80’s, Bird was the guy. In the 90’s, we sucked 90% of the time, in the 2000’s, P2 is the guy. Anyone have any predictions for tonight? I think it’s going to be a dogfight with Orlando winning by 3. The keys will be each team’s X-factors. Pietrus will need to hit some shots, and DWest or Gibson for Cleveland.

  • I said Magic in 6 all along, so Im gonna stick with it…
    I dont see anyone beating the lakers though, as jeff van gundy said last night, theres gonna be no celtics of last year to stop them, and Ive been saying it for a while…there isnt a good enough defense left to stop the lakers and kobe bryant for a 7 game series

  • It will be tough to beat L.A. & I think Orlando poses worse matchup problems..

  • Yeah, I agree…..The one thing with orlando is, I dont know if theyre ready to win the championship, or like the 1995 magic will be happy just to get there….I know for a fact the lakers are ready

  • My only doubt is that Howard may not be serious enough yet. He still just doesn’t seem quite as intense as he could be playing for the O’Brien trophy.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Why do you come here Fakers fan?

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    TotheRuins is a closet Flaker fan

  • Actually no Im not at all actually, Im just not a flaming homer who snorts green fairy dust…I cant have objective basketball anyalysis without being ”fakers’ fan?…God damn youre hopeless

  • And by the way, I will be rooting for whoever comes out of the east, but by actually watching the games and not just being a deadbeat homer about it, Its my opinion the lakers are the best team remaining, and the magic nor the cavs have a defense then can shut them down for the duration of a 7 game series like our beloved celtics of last season

  • Says the guy living in LA LA land…
    Yeah, grow up buddy…It would take a blind man not to see who was the best team remaining

  • cavs by 6 bet the farm on this

  • It will be tight-that I know. If Orlando loses tonight, they are D-O-N-E.

  • Hrvoje

    Kobe seems like an angel compared to LeDick
    and yeah, Tony A. is… 28th on that list?
    yeah haters