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Denver literally caught a bad break

Nene I'm not so sure this changed much, but it didn't help Denver in last night's shellacking at the hands of the Lakers.  Nene broke his arm in the fourth quarter.  I'll go ahead and make the joke…

… hey Nene… if you didn't hack the crap out of everyone every chance you got, maybe you wouldn't have broken your arm.

Now that I think about it.. I'm going to amend my first line.  It wouldn't have changed anything last night.  Denver never really answered the bell in the elimination game… and every time they tried to make a run in the 4th quarter, Kobe stepped up and put an end to that. 

So now the Lakers are in.  The question is… do I continue to root for Orlando so I don't have to hear that damn "Kobe vs. Lebron" hype any more… or do I root for Cleveland because they have a better chance at beating LA.

Overhyped or not… I need the Lakers to lose.  LA would have to face a team with Satan and resurrected Hitler for me to root FOR the Lakers… and even then I'd have to think about it.

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  • Denver folded worse than any team I’ve ever seen.
    Carmelo should be embarrassed.
    Their effort was pathetic.
    The sad part is, they are certainly just as talented as the Lakers. Maybe more. They’re just a dumb team that doesn’t even put out anything close to 100% effort. Especially when things don’t go their way.

  • Uncle Leo

    The cavs are one miracle shot away from being swept and they suddenly have a better shot vs LA? I’d say they have a better chance of getting swept. LA’s front court and post play will just obliterate the Cavs, Duncan did it by himself two years ago. If any team could stop LA it’s Orlando.
    Do you even watch the games?

  • FOr me it would take Satan, Hitler, and Chuck to even think about it.

  • Yeah, I watch the games. Orlando provides a matchup problem for Cleveland that doens’t exist in the same way for LA.
    The problem for Cleveland is they’ve got Varejao, Wallace and Ilagauskas trying to run around on guys like Lewis and Turkoglu. LA can sit Bynum on the bench and start Odom and Trevor Ariza to match up with those guys. I’m not so sure the match up problems exist in the same way for LA as they do for Cleveland.
    Don’t just sit there and say “this team beat that team…. therefore they have a better chance.” It’s not always that simple.


    ya, wow. Igo and Zaravejo will match up really well against Gasol, Odom and Bynum. really well. jesus, my grandma can post up Igo. He is the only 7 footer who wants to fall away for an 18 ft jump shot.
    the lakers would kill cleveland.

  • John, by doing that LA is gonna be the same soft team they were in the finals last year. Look Bynum may not be tearing the world up, and he sure as hell wouldn’t have been the difference last year, but there defense is so much better with him out on the court.
    The way the Lakers offense has been looking kind of scares me. I’m rooting for Cleveland to win it all now, but its going to be tough. Unfortunately.

  • Sorry..who the hell are lgo and Zaravejo..? I take it you mean Varajeo..?

  • Orlando has a better shot at beating LA actually….Orlando played better against elite teams all year(swept LA), have a dominant big man and a well balanced attack from the perimter, and hedo can drive and kick very well…when theyre on, they are impossible to defend and they got guys like pietrus to throw at kobe. Cleveland on the other hand has no chance against the lakers, the lakers easily dominated them in the regular season, and were the only team to beat the cavs in cleveland with lebron in the starting lineup…Kobe also had the flu in that game…and I flat out dont see Kobe losing to lebron in the finals

  • BTW..I hear Hitler has a nasty mid-range jumper.

  • As far as denver…I knew it all along…that and its a well excepted fact that carmelo anthony is better then paul pierce, when in fact theyre in the same wave length, and pierce, even at 32 is better then carmelo at 25…carmelo bombed last night, his defense was awful, as was his offense(his defense was overrated all season, JR smiths was probably better).
    and for all the people who criticize rondo for being inconsistent, just look at billups in that series…very inconsistent – it happens to everybody.
    One must wonder if it just happens to be the lakers year, look at the rockets series…it went 7, but the rockets lost yao ming half way thru the series…what mightve been?
    denver is an extremly, extremly flawed team that just isnt ready, and for all the talk about them coming back next year…dont expect it (2002 celtics, last years hornets, etc etc etc) there future is hyped right now, but dont buy it

  • Uncle Leo

    The matchup problems for Cleveland with the Lakers are even worse. Not only will they guard Lebron much better(avg 19 pts both losses) but their post offense is just going to run over the Cavs. Dwight is dominating literally by himself even with Lebron coming to help, its going to be a slaugher with Gasol/Odom/Bynum moving the ball down low.
    The bottom line is Lebron will never win a championship without a very good big man and he definitely won’t be winning against teams that do have one.

  • Uncle Leo

    Melo’s been playing with a sprained knee ever since game 2. I’m surprised no one else is watching him hobbling after every play and jumping up awkwardly, and he has surpassed pierce this year make no mistake.

  • How has he suprassed Pierce? this is exactly what im talking about… no, in fact, hell no.
    And whether melo has been playing injured or not….um so was pierce, just so ya know.
    Opinion is opninon, ours differ, but in reality theyre like 2a and 2b of small forwards

  • Uncle Leo

    When’s the last time you saw pierce drive by a guy or score in transition?
    Carmelo drives to the hoop twice as fast and twice as strong as Pierce and he’s as good or maybe better shooter. Pierce is still great but let’s not be delusional.

  • Carmelo is a scorer and not a leader. If the Cav’s can win this series and I think they can they have a better chance of beating the Lakers. The Magic are not mentally tough enough, which means those 3’s won’t be falling.

  • When’s the last time I saw Pierce drive by a guy?????
    Um, probably game 7 vs. Orlando.
    And Carmelo is nowhere near two times as strong as Pierce. And even if he is a little bigger in the weight room, Pierce uses his weight much better. I can’t believe you’re trying to make that point.
    And Pierce doesn’t quit on his team in game 7’s like Carmelo did last night. His defense was atrocious. I lost all respect for him…. and I was starting to have a lot of respect for him. But what he did last night was an embarrassment.

  • Carmelo may be younger and quicker, but to say Pierce doesn’t drive by anyone anymore is ignorant and just not true. Did you think you would say something like that on a Celtics fan-site and not hear about it..? lol…

  • Gritty Gutty Scotty Skiles ARmy????

  • Skiles is not a part of ‘Lando anymore though. I like Battie’s Army-he’s a former Celtic and he saved P2’s life….

  • welp, my Magic in 6 prediction holds true…man they dominated the cavs!!!

  • lol @ celtics without KG playing 10x better against the magic then the cavs

  • Actually, I believe that boston series made orlando very mentally tough – I mean give them credit, they were down 3-2 and ended up winning a game 7 on our court, and then went into cleveland and got a game.

  • I hope your right. They are now my favorite team.

  • Sal

    Can this be Nick Anderson’s Army now?

  • FSantos33


  • i would say either superman’s army, seeing as it pertains to the two most recognizable players the magic have ever had- shaq and dwight, or ron jeremy’s army to honor his coaching throughout the playoffs
    but if we do a penny’s army we could bring back the little puppet in the commercials, endless possibilities

  • Tim (FD)

    Yeah I was just about to say Penny’s army….. or Lil’ Penny’s army.

  • KB

    Actually the Suckdics folded worse than anyone when they got their a**es beat down by the magic in that f’d up city called, Boston, HAHAHAHAHA Suckdic losers