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Top of my free agent list: Marcin Gortat

It's time to be real here.  Kevin Garnett has a lot of miles on his legs.  He's not fragile, but after a while, things start to break down.  And we're getting to a point where a stiff breeze can hurt Kendrick Perkins' shoulder.  We need a solid big man who can come in, bang, rebound and block shots, and occasionally score when he gets the ball 5 feet from the hoop.

We need Marcin Gortat.

He's just about 7 feet tall.  He's a strong guy who is aggressive around the hoop.  He's got better hands than you might expect and he's fairly athletic for a big guy.  He can give you a good 20+ minutes off the bench so you can rest KG for an extra 5 minutes a game… and he can start if one of the other bigs goes down.

The problem is… I see someone somewhere overpaying this guy.  It's hard to find a decent 7-footer out there.  I think he's worth about $2 million… and I'd be willing to go up to $3 million to get him.  I'm afraid someone is going to get desperate and give him more than that.

Does this mean we say goodbye to someone like Big Baby?  Maybe it does.  We can sign him with no cap ramifications, but the question is will the Celtics pony up the luxury tax to go out and get someone and keep Baby around?  Even if they don't… I think I'd rather go after Gortat.  I love Baby. I want to keep him here.  But in the end, it's easier to find a guy like Big Baby than it is to find a decent 7 footer.  And we could always resign Leon Powe, who will be much cheaper. He's come off knee injuries before and been fine. 

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  • FSantos33

    Gortat sounds good to me. Like you said someone will try to overpay this guy and leave us in the dust. Who else is on the free agent market list? What about Grant Hill? Hill has been healthy the last two years maybe he has one or two years of good ball left. Get Tony Allen the hell out of town, tired of him. Hill might give Doc Rivers bad flashbacks from his days in Orlando though… Sign Gortat, Hill, Baby and Powe… extend House and Rondo then we are set!! Wishful thinking huh…

  • he’d be great but, any offer we make the magic can match, and there are plenty of teams that are going to be willing t overpay for him, and give him a chance to start
    to get him we’d have to give him a ridiculous full MLE for 5 years, it all goes back to the posey philosophy, do you sign a guy that will ultimately hurt you down the road? i say no, and thats not even calculating in the fact that we probably can’t get him
    i think a guy like rasho nesterovic could be the answer for us at backup center, or go after mcdyess, or someone else we could get for relatively cheap

  • I wouldn’t mind seeing Gortat in a C’s uni at all.. But you bring up a good point. $$.. I believe he gets overpaid by someone as well because he’s a rarity in this day and age.

  • FSantos33

    Unofficial 2009 Free Agent list – I am not sure how accurate this is but take a look.
    Bibby and R. Sheeeeeed in green!? LOL

  • FSantos33

    Employee #8? I know Chuck likes that one. Kidding Kidding..

  • zauer

    I wrote it before, but under old post and i don’t think somebody read it…
    Gortat would be perfect fit as a backup. He’s big, he’s tough, he’s double double machine, he competes on defense, and he’s a warrior. With him we would have 4-guy rotation under the basket with KG, Perk Big Baby and Gortat and it equals another season with the best rebounding diferential. But there is one problem. He leaves Orlando only in case they want to keep Turkoglu and don’t have enough money to sign both of them. It’s said that there are teams interested in him, willing to give him solid contract and he wants to play more than 5 minutes when Howard rests. What i’m trying to say is that if Orlando doesn’t have enough money to keep Gortat, so do we. With 57mln $$ locked up in B3 Danny will look for a vet with minimum salary. So generaly bringing Gortat is unlikely but it doesn’t change my mind – if there’s any opportunity – bring this guy to boston.

  • 11rings

    I don’t think Ainge is going to keep Baby. Baby is a good scorer and hustles but what we need most of all from our back-up bigs is defensive rebounding, shot-blocking, and solid, well-rounded defense. Baby just doesn’t fit those needs. He’s a below average defense rebounder and shot-blocker for a big and his defense has holes – he can be exploited by quicker 4’s. I think he will continue to get better and may improve his weaknesses but right now he doesn’t fit our needs, especially considering that our defensive scheme funnels to the bigs. The bigs have to be able to block shots. Baby is good at taking charges but you can’t rely solely on taking charges to defend your basket. Often the call goes against you.
    I don’t know that much about sign-and-trades but if the Celtics want a non-free agent could they sign Baby and trade Baby for them?

  • I hope they don’t chase after Baby. Grab a guy like Gortat, and then grab someone similar to Gortat’s status at the guard position, then get healthy and call it a summer.

  • Ronnie Artest to Boston for the midlevel.. lock down D and coming off the bench to spell Pierce/Allen.. Love it. Bring the circus to Boston. He’ll behave himself within the great leadership of this organization and be a good boy for a year. Then get him out of here. He said he’d consider the mid-level if the opportunity was right

  • Someone else will pony up big $ for him and next year at this time we’ll be saying; “Do you believe Gortat is making ____dollars this year..?” I’ll be the minority on this, but I think Baby is only going to get better with age/time. Hold on to him. As for Perk’s shoulder being susceptible to injury by a “stiff breeze”, c’mon..Perk’s a tough dude-give him a little more credit/respect than that.

  • I don’t see Leon Powe being the offensive player Big Baby is. He averaged 15 and 5 in the playoffs and hit numerous clutch shots. With KG back, Baby becomes the leader of the second unit.
    As long as Perk is here, Gortat will always be a backup. Baby will eventually be a starter.

  • FSantos33

    Here is a list of free agent players who I think could be potential candidates to wear green next year – Guys we maybe able to afford. We need a Big Vet and a scorer.
    Guards: Bibby, Crawford, Bogans, Barnes, Hill, Bobby Jackson, and Knight.
    Forwards/Center: Gortat, Gooden, Birdman, R. Wallace, Artest, Foster, and Ariza.
    Your thoughts

  • If I were Danny,
    1. i would resign Baby at 3 to 4 mil for 4 years
    2. get rid of tony, gabe, bill, and maybe JR for whatever you can get, and im not talking about players either im talking WHATEVER you can get just to get them off the team
    3. sign the cheapest combination of any two of these players: Matt Barnes, Linus Kleiza, Grant Hill, Anthony Parker, Von Wafer, Morris Almond, Hakim Warrick, dahntey jones and Charlie Villanuva; if i had my pick it would be Morris Almond for real cheap and then one of the bigger names like charlie V, barnes, klieza, or warrick for around hopefully 1 to 2 mil
    4. Spend the Rest of your MLE on a big man- Rasho, Mcdyess, gortat(no chance, if we think we can get him we might as well go after the birdman too) mihm, stromile swift- bottom line is with the exception of the first couple of guys, the free agent forward/centers class is extremely weak- i might be inclined to go back and sign two cheap options for the 2/3 role such as almond and parker or hill if he is willing to take vets min and then offer near max MLE to sheed
    but i am inclined not to so i come out of free agency with something like kleiza, almond, and mcdyess or barnes, parker, and rasho, or almond charlie V, and mcdyess, basically whatever combination i think i can get to be the cheapest and most effective
    5. I do what i do in the draft, and that means owning the second round
    in the draft i look to move into the late first/early second round or buy a pick in the mid second and pick up a combination of players from the group of aj price, pat mills, jerel mcneal, josh heytvelt, danny green, jonas jerebko, darren collison i strongly look at some of the points to see if i can add a backup from the draft
    the players i would select obviously depend on my activity in free agency
    6. resign leon for a hometown/torn acl discount
    end up with a team with a roster that would ideally (realistically speaking) look like this
    pg: Rondo, price
    sg:Allen, house, almond
    sf:Pierce, Kleiza, Giddens
    pf: KG, baby, powe
    C:Perk, Rasho, Heytfelt
    or some variation of that

  • foster and crawford are not going to be free agents

  • oh and scal, that gives us 15

  • A dam

    Danny and managment have a lot of things to think about – no doubt!
    Every single mix of free agents and trades has to be well-considered – no doubt!
    But I stay with the title of that post – Gortat should be on the top of the list!
    Only idea that Danny with squad have to have in mind is to avoid a Mikki/Steph/Tonny situation that made us play in playoffs against justBEAT CELTICS teams with 7/8 players. Unacceptable!!
    To make it, they should look for a real, not wishful, bigpotential guys who are able to give solid minutes, not a dissapointing ones.
    And Gortat fits here – no doubt!
    So they better try!

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Sheed, Artest, or Kleiza would be a good fit for the team next year. They all have size, toughness and can shoot the outside shot. I guess Sheed would work the best as he can play backup center. It’s not about building for the future, we need another ring in the next 2 years.
    Keeping the starters plus Powe, Baby and House would be ideal. Get rid of the rest of the bench and the 58th pick and next years pick, add Sheed/Artest or even Barnes and a cheap backup PG (or use Gabe), and if we are lucky enough to keep the injury bug away, banner 18 goes up in 2010.
    Guards-Rondo, Allen, House, Pruitt and Barnes?
    Forwards-Pierce, KG, BBD, Powe, and Walker?
    Center-Perk, Sheed

  • zauer

    I read once that Sheed is possible because of his close relationship with KG (see Cassell, Marbury)
    You guys sain “get rid of tony, scal, gabe, JR”. It’s not that simple. You can’t just say goodbay to one and sign another, when you release player you loose money. You can only trade them but who wants tony allen or Scal.