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Rajon Rondo’s Look-a-Way Trip?

From Peter Vecsey's column in the NY Post:

Attempting to justify his role as a Bruce Lee, er, Bowen clone, Dahntay Jones
is demonstrating to Karl that he is prepared to do whatever it takes to
stay a starter. As best I can tell, Mr. Donuts is not giving the
impression he's unhappy with his labor.

Bowen's blueprint look-a-way trip has fathered at least two copycat
culprits in the after-party. Whereas Rajon Rondo has it perfected (refs
and the league office believe it's unintentional), Jones still needs
some practice.

Rajon Rondo's look-a-way trip? This is the first time I've heard of such a thing. Then again, with Vecsey as the source there's a 75% chance it's false.

Despite averaging close to a triple-double, Rondo's reputation took a major hit in the Chicago series because of the hard foul on Brad Miller and his dust up with Kirk Hinrich. He also catches flak for exaggerating reactions after contact (something I call "the LeBron). Guess that's what happens when you become a top 5 point guard. Haters crawl out of the woodwork.

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  • I don’t know why Vescy still has a job.

  • lol….yeah this is something ive been hearing alot…rajon rondo is as dirty as they come, blah, blah blah…. couldnt be further from the truth
    1 theres was no trip
    and the dust up with hinrich was just as much hinrich as rondo, period end of story
    The foul on miller, I dont think he even meant to hit miller in the face to be honest, if he did, so be it, 1 dirty play does not make you a dirty player

  • Oh, and I guess hard nosed defender who want to win are dirty players ? okay, so Ill take dirty players up and down my roster, I dont want anything but dirty players if this is the case

  • Jeff

    The LeBaby.

  • NineSevenEight

    Wow…a new complaint about a Boston athlete! What. A. Surprise. Let’s see, make up a story without facts/proof/citation to support your argument, fill in the blanks around it and it gets published. Sounds familiar, what’s that called again? Oh yeah! TABLOID=ny post. I’m sure this column was in the “hard news” section.
    Rondo can’t just be fast enough to get ahead of his man on defense, he’s an intentional tripper. I feel like I’m back in middle school. Although, Vescey writes like he’s still in middle school so how surprised should I be?

  • FSantos33

    Poor Pete he must be senile and an early case of dementia – Time for your medication Mr. Vecsey – Take Twice a day with food okay. Good boy

  • rcry

    As long as Boston fans don’t turn against him, it’s all good.

  • Peter is still mad that the NBA on NBC is gone. Man the Nuggets just can’t get close tonight. Looks like we will have to count on Orlando or Cleveland.

  • FSantos33

    What do you mean by as long as Boston Fans don’t turn against him? Does he have super powers?

  • rcry

    I guess my “him” in “don’t turn against him” was ambiguous. I was talking about Rondo. The whole nation can hate Rondo, but as long as Celtics fans support him, he’ll be fine.
    I’m just thinking about how his struggles at UK may have been exacerbated by UK fans turning against him.

  • FSantos33

    Oh Okay, that makes sense. I thought you were talking about Vecsey. Rondo will be fine as long as he stays a Celtic.